[UPDATE 6:19 p.m.] Zach Harrison, Murder Suspect, Jumped in Eel River; Helicopter and Plane Brought in to Search

Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputy gathering gear before joining the search. [Photo provided by a reader]

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department is scouring the area near Alderpoint for fleeing murder suspect Zach Harrison.

“He is either naked or wearing shorts and a tank top,” explained Lt. Mike Fridley as numerous law enforcement officers search the river area near the small town for Harrison who was first spotted in Miranda yesterday afternoon.

According to Fridley, Harrison was seen running down 6th Street this afternoon and is believed to have jumped into the Eel River. “We saw something bobbing down the river,” Fridley said. “We couldn’t confirm it was him.”

The river is dangerously high now. The Lieutenant pointed out, “It’s bank to bank and brown.”

Fridley wants people in the area to be on the lookout for the suspect. “He’s tired and he’s probably hurt,” he said. He will likely be cold as he is wet and temperatures are expected to drop into the high 30’s tonight.

According to the scanner, a helicopter and a search plane are in the area searching for the suspect.

UPDATE 3:48 p.m.: The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department tweeted, “#activeinvestigation happening in Alderpoint area as deputies search for homicide suspect Zachary Harrison. CHP helicopter is assisting. Harrison is believed to be possibly naked, or wearing shorts and a tank top, and may have jumped into the Eel River. He is possibly injured.”

UPDATE 3:54 p.m.: Residents report seeing two aircraft searching.

Helicopter and plane searching for Harrison near Alderpoint

Helicopter and plane searching for Harrison near Alderpoint. [Photos provided by a reader]

UPDATE 4:26 p.m.: The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department posted on Facebook, ” A reverse-911 has been issued to residents in the Alderpoint area, asking residents to remain inside with doors secured…Jet skis are being deployed to search the river. Alderpoint/Southern Humboldt residents, if you see Harrison, call 911 immediately.

UPDATE 5:27 p.m: According to Sgt. Jesse Taylor of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department, the air search has concluded. “We are trying to get a boat in the water at Fort Seward,” he said.

UPDATE 5:35 p.m.:  A truck is being carried away from the Alderpoint property that Harrison is believed to have been located on earlier today at the behest of law enforcement.White truck being carried by a flatbed

UPDATE 6:15 p.m.: Scanner traffic indicates and a resident are reporting that the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department has located Harrison and are chasing him. A boat is being launched.

UPDATE 6:19 p.m.: “A K-9 is en route from Fortuna,” according to a dispatcher over the scanner.

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  • Chopper and plane circling the river out Steelhead Rd. In AP right now.

  • If he makes it through the night I will be super impressed with this guy. Against all odds! Go get em zach!

  • I hope that everyone stays safe.

  • Good luck Zach. Stay safe! “They’re not going to catch the midnight Rider”.

    • Some Beachcomber will probably find him in 3 months at the mouth of the eel, I can’t say that I have sympathy for him he has brought everything upon himself by himself.

  • Although I feel sorry for all his victims and he needs to be caught, this is turning into a possible good movie; if he lives to tell his day to day story from day 1.

  • This dude is toast. No way he’s coming out of that river alive. If by some miracle he does make it out, he will never survive the night or even a few hours. Doneski!

  • New him from school

    Good luck zac hope you don’t get caught and survive that cold ass water

  • Seems like fish and game would have a boat already in the water to look for him, airplane and helicopter not much good in my opinion, a boat could search the river bank.

  • That little meth head is half way up to rancho by now, or maybe he will end up in the same spot as his mom?

    • Wow really, his mom was a great mom

    • That’s a mean thing to say….alot of us remember the smart, funny, freshfaced Zach…many tried to surround him with love when he was young, because it does take a village. We have compassion and concern for Zach.

      • Sounds like your village failed

        • Yeah, seems like your village failed, too, for you to be making remarks like that. But it’s not really the fault of the village, if someone makes a choice. It’s a tragedy that this young man couldn’t escape the violence and addiction of his home. He’s still responsible for his actions, but he started out behind the 8 ball. What’s your excuse for being a troll?

    • That was VERY DISRESPECTFUL!!! You ought to be ashamed!!! Talking about ANYONES MOTHER!!!!

  • Why are you all defending him? What’s the story, did he kill someone you all hated anyway?

    Sounds like you guts have been hiding him, remember you can be charged for that.
    And from the outlaw angle hes pretty stupid to still be in the county! He must be feeling comfortable that someone will help him hide here.

    • No it doesn’t sound like any of that. It sounds like they are rooting for the underdog,who may likely die for his sins. I hope some of mine get washed away too.

      • Wow im truly amazed at your nonchalant attitude toward someone who shot an old man and left him to die on the side of the road. How is he an underdog????? Do you understand the term?
        Hes a white male which pops him into the top 3 most privileged type of people right off the bat.
        Did you say the same thing about the local man who tortured and killed the priest, did you consider him an underdog before his arrest?

        Are those the kind of sins you share that you hope are washed away for the same crime? Doesnt the bible say not to murder? I bet jesus wouldn’t be a fan of meth and murder.

        People have been hiding him and I hope theyre charged as accessory after the fact!

        • You need to look at all the facts before starting your mouth up. Do you know for a fact he killed someone. Was you there. From what I hear the guy who got shot had many people disliking him. How do you know it was Zac could’ve been anyone. There’s 2 sides to a story so until Zac talks your an idiot to Assume. I will wait to hear his side before judging

          • Sounds like you don’t know much. Funny, innocent people would rather risk their life jumping in the Eel in wintertime rather than try and prove their innocence . Problem is, Zach isn’t talking, is he?

    • Maybe if the LEO didn’t shoot from 5 ft away from him with a bean bag from a shotgun with his hands up surrendering they would’ve got him anybody would be scared at that point

  • Mike [edit], you know his mom was someone else’s mom too. Don’t speak of the dead like that. There are survivors from this family who have lost nearly their entire family you know. They are not all drug addicts and sister just turned 18.

    • Father, a murderer. Brother, a murderer. Mother, a druggie who disappeared but rumor is she was thrown off of AP bridge. Let’s not pretend this was a stand up family. I hope they catch his ass alive and he spends the rest of his life in jail.

      • Allison and Jim's old friend

        Well I am not rooting for Zack to get free but if you want to talk about facts, you really should check yours cuz they’re not right [edit].

    • It’s not speaking Ill of the dead to point out after they went “missing” in alderpoint during high flow of the river they were found downstream. As for his family, as insensitive as it seems I will not feel sorry for not being politically correct about a drug addict murderer who has threatened to kill more people in the area, stole from the community, and has endangered more lifes with his recent high speed pursuits. He obviously has no regard for anyone but himself, including his family.

      • Yes his dad shot somebody who later died in the hospital but only after being beaten have to death with the sharp end of a shovel and sorry but that is not murder that is called self-defense. He had cuts and bruises over his entire body and face and head severe concussion and both eyes swollen shut to the point he couldn’t see. He was hospitalized for two weeks. Also not every person who does drugs is a bad horrible person don’t talk shit about his mom you don’t know who she was she did not get thrown off the bridge she was missing and they did find her she was never in the river. You want to talk shit on Zach for supposedly killing somebody who was a known drug addict, not saying he deserved to die but who pulled his gun out on people on a regular basis, shot at someone in the past and sexually assaulted women that I know, and in the same sentence talk shit about his mom who somebody murdered in cold blood most likely. sorry but where I was raised you do not pull your gun out on somebody unless you expect to shoot them or if you’re protecting yourself. His brother was a good person loved by all who knew him on a personal level and is now dead also so again, bagging on dead people is fucked up. And just because he white, doesn’t mean he is “privileged” he lost his mom at 12 years old. Grew up with tweekers and around tweekers just too bad he didn’t break the cycle.

        • His mom was found on the river bank in McCann, which is downstream from Alderpoint. And I’m not going to bother correcting you on the rest of your statements which are also incorrect

          • Yes she was found near the river in summer, they determined she was placed there and the place was accessible by vehicle then walking a short distance. You aren’t going to correct any statements here because the are all true. I am close with the older sister who is NOT a fuck up. You are the one spreading false info. BTW the cops probably didn’t shoot him cause they know they don’t have a case to charge him and the guy was a bad guy who frequently pulled guns on people.

            • She was found at the high water mark and it was not accessible by walking a short distance, saying any different just proves that you really do t know what you are talking about.And he isn’t going to get away with this one if he hires OJ Simpsons legal team. He murdered someone in town, during the day, in front of witness, while the victim was unarmed. I don’t care if the victim was a bad guy, murder is murder, and Zach is a violent meth head who every person in that town who isn’t a druggie believes he is a complete waste of oxygen and has been for some time.

              • OJs legal team is dead BTW

              • Did you go to where she was found? Did you read the coroner report saying she was never in the water? Sounds like you are the one acting like hear say is fact… and I’m not saying Zach shouldn’t talk to the cops and take what’s dolled out, I’m saying don’t talk shit about someone’s mom who is dead and probably murdered as well. It’s like you are saying rob didn’t deserve to die even though he was a worthless tweeker but Zach, Chris and Leah’s mom was a worthless tweeker so her death doesn’t matter. What the fuck is wrong with you???!!!! “Mike” Shut your hateful mouth, talk all the shit you want about Zach, he’s made his choices but you are messed up to be spreading bullshit about someone who is not a worthless tweeker mom and dad and whole family, including dead family members. If Robert didn’t “deserve to die” neither did Chris and Allyson. What the F wrong with you!!!!????

    • When its true its not speaking ill its speaking truth and theres no need to sugar coat it.
      Plus stop throwing those stones from your glass house. Id bet a zillion dollars you’ve done the same about someone’s dead family member.
      This holier than thou attitude from all of you defending a murderer from a crappy family is mind boggling.

  • Whatever he has or has not done, please don’t kill him when arresting him

  • Listening to my scanner cops are giving up planes are landing ,so no luck catching him from what I hear on the scanner.

  • The legend of Zach h! The saga continues…..

  • I think if that man was outside last night, he must be hurting. Turn your self in dude.

  • It’s about time they hammered the Stillwells for harboring murderers. Awww, it that Mikes truck getting hauled away? Hahahahaha.

  • why is this truck being towed? just wondering

    • Stolen.

    • The truck is being towed because it is stolen. Like most everything at the REZ. Arrest them all for harboring this murdering little bastard. Every theft in AP area can be traced to that property. There is a bunch of tweekers living there. If LE could clean that pile of shit out it would do wonders for the entire county.

    • Longtimeobserver

      It is stolen months and months ago. They drove around and sold all the tools out of it like it was the thing to do. This shows how often law enforcement is in Alderpoint doing their job. Im surprised that they LEO went to the ‘res’ it for some reason has been on their don’t touch list for years. Even when Matt Brown was being hidden there And we see history repeating it self again. I believe the community is considering a celebration if LEO are really finally going to go into that nest of thieves and shake it to the ground.

      • Absolutely agree. Hopefully they will arrest and charge the residents there. Charge them with Obstruction,harboring a fugitive. You can bet there are drugs in every camp trailer there. Heard they were hiding him in a bunker under a trailer. Great job LEO. Also all the burned up vehicles beside AP road are burned by those assholes.

  • He is alive….sheriff talking to him…..across the river.

    • Did you have first hand account of this? Rumors he was shot, hoping to get verification someone other than cops saw him alive after he ran and supposedly jumped in the river/swam across… there are still people who care if he alive or dead.

  • What a waste of taxpayers money. Maybe it would be better if he didn’t come outta the river. Even in prison we will be footing the bill.

  • Are people really SERIOUS about supporting this murderer..? I was at the fire hall community fundraiser event the day he and the other guy were at before they left and shoot the guy, went to the store and acted like he hadn’t killed a man in cold blood…REALLY..?. This has always been the problem with AP and the ‘code of silence ‘ bullsh*t. People need to be held accountable for their actions and know there are consequences to your choices and actions. Whether the EEL river or law enforcement gets him.. Karma has been chasing him and is coming for him..Good ridence of this pestilence for the once peaceful town of Alderpoint..👍🏻

  • yeah, the rez has been tweekin and pulling this shit forever! A disrespect to Bev, rest his soul.

  • scanner says the saterleys are on quads with the cops coming down the service road and the more cops are heading up from the river. chopper is up looking now and Zach is runnin bare ass nakid. [edit] Then focus on Rancho. nothing but trouble since the 70s. Lots of property for sale in AP,, put in a sub station and give AP what they been whinning for. Nobody to take care of biz there any more. Give that some thought policemen.

    • I wish everyone would stop posting what they hear on the scanner. geez! its not helping matters at all. just like when people call and say when the police are coming over the hill. My god let the police do there job.

      • Actually scanners are great. I am all for the police doing their jobs and staying safe but knowledge is good if it’s correct info. In cases like this, it’s good for people to be informed and aware. I am praying all Law Enforcement and all people assisting with this pursuit stay safe!

      • don’t read the posts about scanner traffic guest…. lol… paranoia will destroy ya! and really.. when do police do their job ??? when its easy? keep your head in the sand. I mean really

        • I mean like really “gimmie a break” dude. I’m far from being paranoid. They do try and do there job. But when you have nosey people listening to the scanner and reporting it does not help our law inforcement. Get your head out of the sand!!! Do you need a shovel?????

          • The last report said he was naked in a river . I dong think he’s taking phone calls right now. You think his buddies are sending him smoke signals or something ?

  • The people who are rooting for this murderer are most likely un American low vibration scumbags with sisters for mothers….on speed and heroin….with stolen property in their houses. Too bad they look right past the fact that he shot someone dead. What inhuman animals…
    Just pretend that the person he murdered was someone you loved more than this POS . Losers.

  • naked and afraid!!! i hope they catch him!!!! Hope there are sheriffs posted at the Alderpoint bridge and cal fire station and along the Alderpoint road between fire camp and Alderpoint. Someone will be looking for him, to pick up…… mark my words.

  • SearchingforBobby

    Hope they catch him alive.

    Rip Robert “Bobby” Tennison

  • Many in the Community are helping.The only ones not helping are the Meth crowd .

  • As for the stolen truck we reported it 4 or 5 times years ago and reported it to bear river were it was stolen from .Law enforcement refused to do anything.Said it didnt match but guess what it was the stolen truck from bear river.

  • Boat with spotlight working upstream toward AP @ 8:30 p.m.

  • If there`s a nekkid meth tweaker running around, I wouldn`t want to be out there in the woods. Drop you hat & bend over to pick it up and who knows what might happen — get a surprise to be remembered.

  • How badly does someone have to behave before people are too embarassed to publicly defend them? Some complain about disrespect to the family but it’s hard to get more disrespectful than murdering someone. And helping him run away from his responsibility is pretty darn disrespectful in itself, family or not.

    • Maybe the guy he shot was a bad dude? Wouldn’t want to pay for Him to be in prison, either, now, would we?

  • Did this tweaker guy go to south Fork high? what year? or is he a transplant

  • Vehicle lights on the Eel River Bridge at Alderpoint, ambulance and number of vehicles at the Alderpoint Fire Dept. As of about 9 p.m. they do not seem to have caught him or found his body.

  • Run him into the woods and back off let him try to hunker down in some wet cover it’s gonna get cold tonight that aught to do it find him in the morning with some dogs

  • Just got all caught up on the comments here. From what I’m reading nobody actually saw him enter the river. Is it possible he never did?

    • At one point today they were talking to him , he was across the river, naked. He had to get to the other side somehow.

    • he just took his clothes off for no reason right, adam.

      • It was just a question guest. Sometimes Bugs Bunny isn’t where Elmer Fudd thinks he is. Were discarded clothes found somewhere? I must have missed that part.

  • Damn I need to get me some of that shit, Wreck your truck off a cliff in to freezing water 100miles from home? Just stick some meth up your ass (or however they do it) and run home like nothing 🤣

  • Now what’s the strategy here for going naked?

  • Are they getting warrants for the Stilwell property ( Aka the Rez)? where he was found today hiding in a bunker under a trailer. Look around you might find some more fugitives from justice. Zach is not the first one to be found there. If they have one bunker they probably have more. Rip that place apart or this shit is going to keep happening. Ironic fact he was found today not far from where he committed murder. He was probably jacked up on meth he bought at the Rez. Saw his nemesis and pulled the trigger. The Rez is full service jack you up and hide you out. No conciquences for the drug dealers it seems.

  • “It’s bank to bank and brown” did he see a turd floating down the river or what? Pretty sure the dude is white🤣

  • All of this word vomit going on here…. he is innocent until proven guilty!!! Right now this is a search and rescue!

  • He crossed the river, obviously kicked off pants and shoes in order to swim across. Luck yo have made it out alive at all. No clothes is better that wet clothes when warming up. They found him naked across the river and he ran from them again and those idiots let him get away 🙄. Now he is curled up somewhere trying not to freeze to death over the night I’m sure. Now their manhunt has turned into a search and rescue for someone trying not to be found. Wonder how long they will keep it up…

  • that kid is 1 crazy sum a b@#$%! jumping in the freezing eel, running naked back to the homestead is gonna be a tough go!

  • Peggy [edit] there were quite a few people that seen him fire that guy and that killed that man get your facts straight Peggy.

  • New him from school

    Pretty impressed he’s got away from how many cops? either way we always underestimated him or are cops really suck probably a little of both

  • And he is probably right back where you first spotted him on the Rez!!!!

  • Cold so Cold
    My Humanity says he needs rescued !!

  • Is there an update regarding Zack Harrison?

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