4 Quakes in the Last 24 Hours! Last Two Roll in at 4.6 and 3.0

4 quakes

Four quakes off the coast of Humboldt today. [Image from USGS]

Four quakes have rolled out in the last 24 hours off the coast of Humboldt. The last two struck at approximately 8:10 p.m. annd 8:18 p.m. A number of residents are reporting feeling the jolts. According to the National Tsunami Warning Center, the 8:10 quake was 4.5 and occurred 35 miles southwest of Eureka. Then there was a 3.0 quake closer to shore.

A tsunami is not expected from either.




  • Finally felt one !! Im in Rancho too , by Alderpoint . So the 4.6 was a good rocker . And just now , another smaller one . Hardly Ever feel them here . Cool .

    • Joan Hollingsworth

      I was born and raised in the Bay Area. Like you, I used to think earthquakes were “cool”. That was before Loma Prieta. I hope you never feel one like that one. I was never afraid of earthquakes before that. Now even small ones like the last ones we had here are terrifying for me. People die in earthquakes. Not “cool”.

      • People die in sports car accidents, that doesn’t make sports cars uncool. Quite the contrary.

        Plate tectonics is cool. Geology is cool.

      • I was in Hollister for Loma Prieta, it was years before the washer completed a spin cycle without me diving under a table

      • I am SO with you! I use to think they were cool until the Loma Prieta when I’ve in San Francisco! It ruined earthquakes forever! I slept in m clothes. I had my backpack ready to go. I HATED the aftershocks because they went on for days and we’re VERY sudden and VERY strong! My roommate almost died in an after shock because an entire bookshelf, floor to ceiling, almost crushed him. As much as I hate them it’s good to hear from someone who is in my shoes.

  • Had a glass fall off a shelf here in whitethorn. Really hard shaker. Noisy also.

  • Felt the last one here in Eureka between the mall and Winco, good sharp jolt then rolling. Longer than the one this morning..

  • The 8:10 shook the house pretty good in Carlotta!

  • Felt only one quake out here in Carlotta .the 4.6

  • Eureka… bigger jolt… maybe a bigger movement than this mornings quake,
    but maybe not as long.

    Been through the ‘Triple 7’ quake back in the ’90’s… and the 7.1 night-time one back in the 70’s.
    Every time I feel the ground shake, I wonder if it’s gonna be the ‘big’ one.


  • Yep pretty good roll in redway!
    Get those kits ready! Read about the ring of fire, not to be scared just prepared.
    Sign up for the tsunami alerts, I get them texted to me and it alerts you to any quakes in the world that could send a tsunami our way.

  • Oh…I remember the 7.1 at night! I was little, maybe 5. It threw me out of my bunk bed and across the room. We were living in Valley West Arcata then. My grandmas cabinets were thrown open and she lost a lot of carnival glass and Campbells soup kids collectibles. I was a teen working at Tonis in Arcata when the triple 7 quakes hit. Had a grill topple over inside and was sure the sign was going to come down but it held. Don’t ever want to be in a 7+ earthquake again!

  • Shelter cove felt it pretty good

  • Felt the 8:10 one jolted n shook our whole house you could see the liquid in a cup n the tv both shaking

  • felt like a 4 pointer right under my house seely ck, sharp jolt short lived.thought it was a 5.6 somewhere else was shocked to learn it was a 4.5 or 3.0 not sure which diden’t check the clock.

  • Still in Key West this week. Felt nothing.

  • 0 for 4 quake wise in Ettersburg.

  • I remember those well
    In April of 92. Moved shortly thereafter. Funny thing is I moved to Reno and found out it has many faults.

    • Things that make you go hmm

      Ohh yeah, the 92s were during my senior year of high school and the biggest one was definitely not at night. I was at my girlfriends house in Rio Dell and they lost just about everything 😞 All the TV on the floor face down, All the cupboard open and dishes flying out everywhere.
      Thankfully we were just sitting on her bed listening to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers LoL 🤷 and our other friend who was a big girl just grabbed us and we ducked for cover together. We didn’t realize the full extent of what had happened until going outside… It was kinda like a war zone, no power, no water. Scary.

  • I felt 3 of them but not the fourth miraculously!!!! Not complaining a bit 3 is more than enough for one day!!!

  • Felt a little sway 10 miles up AP road from Bridgeville

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