Can You Help These Kids Win Some Computers For Their School?

Washington Elementary School needs your help getting computers for its students. The school is entered in a contest on that, according to the website, “will award $300,000 in grants to K-8 schools in California.” The deadline to vote is Friday.

“We are trying to win some computers for our kids,” Washington School Student Service Coordinator Angie Brenes said. “We are the only school in Eureka participating in this contest. We sorely need more than 30 computers for our 550 kiddos!”

Brenes said in order to vote for the school, voters should go to and type “Washington Eureka” into the search bar.

“Help us help them!” Brenes said.



  • I voted! Hope you do as well.

  • To save you a little time, Washington School is on page 7. Good Luck!

  • I voted. To find the school enter “Washington Elementary” and watch out for the similar name from LA.

  • Voted, thanks for the page number tip!

  • 1200 vs 9000 votes. Gunna need a lot more votes. Maybe set up a go fund me site or some more traditional methods such as bake sale, carwash, dinner feed. Good luck.

  • Did we all read the part about being able to vote EVERY DAY REMAINING? And only your first vote gathers data, from then on, it’s easy!
    One of my young relatives in Chinook Montana (really) graduated from a school which used this (type) of fund-raising to get their sports equipment.
    Go For It….EVERYDAY!

  • So…..yes? Dear Kym, will you keep this article refreshed at the top of the page until the kids win? We can do this! Vote now, vote tomorrow, and keep on voting as a daily act of charity…or whatever.

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