After Being Spotted in Miranda, Murder Suspect, Zach Harrison Fled Into the Brush off Elk Creek Road; Residents Warned With Reverse 911

Zachary Cordell Harrison, zack harrison

Zachary Cordell Harrison

After a citizen spotted Zachary Harrison at the Miranda gas station today, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department, the California Highway Patrol, members of the SWAT team, and a K-9 officer spread out along the Avenue of the Giants to find the man suspected of fatally shooting 58-year-old Robert Holtsclaw in Alderpoint six months ago.

According to Lt. Mike Fridley, Harrison was seen getting gas for a stolen vehicle in Miranda. Law enforcement scrambled to the area with vehicles spreading out to search the several remote backroads that snake off the Avenue and back into the hill country.

One officer, Fridley said, spotted Harrison headed towards the Avenue on Elk Creek Road. Law enforcement gave chase. Harrison headed out Tsarnas Road. Eventually, Fridley said, “He ditched the car and ran off in the brush.”

A reverse 911 was sent to residents in the area that were in the system, Fridley explained, and officers have been scouring the area with no success.

Fridley said Harrison had dyed his hair a light color and was wearing a dark zip-up hoodie as well as dark pants. He may also wear sunglasses with white frames.

“I’m worried that he is out there still,” the lieutenant said. He cautioned residents to be alert. “He should be considered armed and dangerous. If anyone sees him call 911.”

Fridley said that Harrison has recently been seen in Alderpoint and the vehicle he was driving before fleeing on foot was stolen from the Kings Range.

“He’s all over the place,” Fridley warned and urged residents to be cautious.

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  • likely he will end up on cathy ranch or follow elk creek down to the avenue. Be careful people

  • Question Kym…………If a comment is ‘Awaiting Moderation’, is it visible to others? If it isn’t visible, why are many comments moderated in an hour or so; but a comment made over 5 hours earlier than those on the same article is still waiting for moderation? The awaiting comment has nothing insulting, violent, threatening, bad language or any other questionable content.

    • A comment awaiting moderation isn’t visible to anyone but me. I had a dentist appointment in Eureka and then came home to a homicide suspect on the loose in near Miranda and a bad accident so it has been many hours since I’ve been able to moderate. Some comments aren’t held for moderation.

  • A So-Hum Aaron Bassler in the making?

  • Any updates would be great. Thanks, Kim.

  • A description of the vehicle would help…….

  • You would think if he had any brains he would be long gone by now. Well somebody with brains wouldn’t be in his shoes anyways…….

    • Why would he leave, he knows this County like the back of his hand, all of our police officers seem to be inapt at their jobs. He would have a greater chance of being caught in a more populated area.

    • and money. Its hard to be on the run without any money.

  • He’s going to be wet and cold if he didn’t make it back to Myers Flat or Miranda. Means he has to break into somewhere in the area to stay alive. Locals should defiantly keep a eye out as he will be desperate.

  • Going to get beer in Miranda, passed sheriff on elk Creek then passed 8 or 10 more law on the avenue and the park rangers were with them

  • I’m sorry for his family. I went to school with his mom. She didn’t deserve this.

  • I don’t believe his mom went to school around here! If your referring to me, all is well!

  • We live right in the area. Heard a single shot down below on Tsarnas Rd about 45 minutes ago maybe 1.5 miles in from Elk Creek Rd. It is nerve-wracking and scary. Full dark now and we’re locked up tight. As a rule I despise the “shoot first” comments and the idea that any casual troll has the moral right to wish such ugliness. I hope everybody in my neighborhood ends up safe. I hope this young man is taken into custody. .. This person has committed a terrible crime, and still, his family and loved ones deserve respectful treatment, not hateful comments that equal the violence of the young man’s own actions. Anybody who wishes hell on him is just as violent, IMO. Scared of him being right here, but sick of the loathsome creeps brave enough to comment from a safe and anonymous distance, those slimy toads.

    • Thank you.
      A frightened; but compassionate voice. Many forget that the local criminals are LOCAL, and have family who may read all the comments. It hurts to the depths of the heart to have loved ones go off the rails.

      I hope he is caught soon. I hope his capture will bring his victims a step closer to justice. I know the pain never ends; but shifts over time.

      • Local does not mean anything except to people who think it does. I’m local cuz I am where I am and live where I live

      • Oh heaven forbid that we installed or maybe even hurt the feelings of the fleeing fugitives that just murdered somebody

    • Ya I’m the slimy toad, his only family left is his poor sister, he has been running around stealing everything he can get his hands on and terrorizing an entire community, threatening to kill friends of mine and putting everyone he is around at risk, the thought he might get out again in our fucked up system makes me sick and stand by my comment, if he shows up at someones house they better be careful, if I put my name on here I would probably be the next target, I don’t see your name on here either by the way.

    • sorry , but he is wanted for a crime, he has not been convicted, there by unless you saw the act it is all hearsay and baseless to be frightened.

  • Is it a fair question to ask-If he had killed a peace officer, would he of already been captured?

  • He is trying to crawl back to the REZ in AP. Everyone knows he hides under one of the old crappy camp trailers when the popo shows up. He has also been seen in Blocksburg at the burned out tweeker den. Chad Allender is probably picking him up right now. Their going to make a hasty retreat using the Casterlin school quarters they stole a couple of weeks ago. You liberal bleeding hearts will change your tune when he kicks your door in and robs and harms your families or robs your school. We must fight fire with fire. Don’t be stupid. He will hurt you too if given the opportunity. He has nothing to lose.

  • We need gun control, this would not happen. Hahahaha

  • Why is he running? It’s Humboldt County. Surrender, spend perhaps a half hour and jail. released, then stand before a Humboldt Judge and take your probation like a man.

  • SearchingforBobby

    I don’t understand why it takes so long to arrest a person. Six months of hiding in plain sight. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. His brother walked around for nearly nine years and was never arrested. Hope they catch him soon.

    Find Robert “Bobby” Tennison

  • hope they get him

    condoms prevent minivans, child leashes, and creatures like these!

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