A Safe Reportedly Found in Roadway This Morning

Hwy 36 signAt first glance, the notation on the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page seemed to indicate just another traffic hazard at mile marker 9 on Hwy 36 reported at 8:09 a.m. However, after deciphering the shorthand known to dispatchers, the single line read,  “Per Calfire…there is a safe in the roadway here.”

What a mysterious beginning to a mystery novel this would be! On a remote rural highway, a safe is found in the middle of the road in a wooded area. Allow the intriguing possibilities of the contents to expand your imagination.

Most likely, there are no contents, of course. But take a moment on this Wednesday and wonder with us what might be the story behind this safe.

Caltrans has been requested to respond. We’ll try to find out what the story is.



  • Oh, it’s definitely mine. For sure. Especially if it’s full of cash.

  • I have a feeling someone doesn’t know they have been robbed yet

  • It more in likely the same safe that was sitting in the turn out at mile marker 9 😂😂😂

  • If there is a lucky penny in there, it’s mine.

  • There was something else about something being found or something happened around MM 9 just a couple of days ago, I’m wondering WTF it is now!!!??? All kinds of weird sh_uff going on on Hwy 36 lately!!! ;-\

  • Cletus: Y’all tied that there safe in good?

    Rufus: Huh? What safe?

  • Ten years ago in Valejo, some ripoffs went into a dispensary in the middle of the night to steal the safe. They used power tools to cut a hole in the wall and a refrigerator dolly to wheel the safe out. They slid the dolly into their truck and took off. The dolly had rollers on the back, it slid out of the truck in the middle of Tennessee st. When the cops picked up the safe, what did they find? The trucks license plate. Busted.

  • Nothing is safe around here anymore

  • Well who’s ever or whatever, I would sure like to hear the follow up on this one.😎

    • Me 3 Curiosity may have killed the Cat, but I’m told satisfaction brought it back!!! I’d be very satisfied to learn as Paul Harvey used to put it… “The Rest Of The Story”!!!

  • Someone once parked a lowbed trailer with a locked 20′ cargo container on my property for several days. I though it was one of my friends; called everyone I could think of and couldn`t find the owner. Someone came and hauled it off one night. I still wonder what was in it & why someone would park something like this on someone else`s property. This was a heavy duty trailer with air brakes also.

  • Could be a body in there like meat left in a broken fridge

  • Hahaha LMAO seriously Dan, when you said Paul Harvey’s famous one-liner I about fell out of my chair. 😂

  • I once found 2 totes of bud on the Perry meadow road… And the frantic dude who hadn’t secured his load not far behind… lol he got his herb back.

  • Guest Guestofferson

    Two words: trunk safe. Maintain a shitty car, put worldly goods in trunk, park car in shitty neighborhood/ back by the scrap pile if yer rural. Safer than the federal reserve.

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