Rash of Car Burglaries Over the Last Week; Benbow, Myrtletown and McKinleyville All Hit

On the night of March 13, a number of vehicles in the Benbow area were gone through by a thief. One resident said, “They hit three on my street…[and] they got three or four houses on Benbow Drive.”

The resident said that most of the vehicles including his were unlocked.

Samantha Karges of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department said that they had had only one report of theft from vehicles in Benbow that evening. She explained that one resident reported two of his vehicles broken into. She said there was approximately “$1400 worth of items including credit cards and important documents” stolen.

“If others had their vehicles broken into,” Karges said, “we encourage them to make a report so that we can keep track of these types of crimes and hopefully be able to locate/return their stolen items.”

Karges added, “[W]e have been seeing a lot of car burglaries lately- this weekend especially in areas like Myrtletown and McKinleyville. However, many burglaries go unreported. The more reports made, even if it’s using our online platform, the better we are able to track and map problem areas.”

She offered a friendly reminder “to never leave valuables unattended in your vehicle for any amount of time, even if the vehicle is in your driveway or in front of your home.” She said, “Even if things are “hidden” and not in plain view, we recommend you take those things out overnight.”

In addition, Karges urged, “If you see a suspicious person in your neighborhood, report that to law enforcement. We’ll swing by, do a patrol check, and contact the suspicious party.”



  • I also leave my vehicle unlocked. However, the only thing valuable in it is the tire iron and jumper cables.

  • Sad to say I never leave my vehicles unlocked even in my driveway usually anymore. Also I can’t believe people leave important stuff in their cars these days. if some does get in my vehicle I might miss what they take but it’s all replaceable.

  • I got robbed in Benbow. I will be answering my door with a gun after dark. [edit]

  • Your car battery and other car parts as well as your tires can be taken if your car is unlocked. I live way up in the mts. I had to lock my vehicle because of the people living on my land! Desperate people do desperate things.

  • Seriously, What part of rampant criminal behavior in Humboldt does some people not understand? Unbelievable.

    • Uh take a look at other areas and realize that we are far frim the worst. The bay area crime is coming here, stealing pure bred dogs and car break ins. Carry some mace if you have a pure bred dog as thieves are using the tactic of following someine walking dog then they jump out, punch the person til they go down then steal the dog.
      The car breakins were so bad in SF the SFPD now has an entire unit just for these breakins. There are very few if any other places that have an entire unit for it.
      Thanks google and facebook! F’n techies are ruining everything with their elite gentrification. People have been pushed out of their jobs and homes in the bay and of course are feeling desperate.
      And p.s. I’ve seen, and heard about from teens, that they will walk up and down streets trying car door handles to see what’s open and then rummage through to see if anything they want. Hell I just watched that movie the bling ring with some teens which brought the subject up as the teens in the movie do that very thing.
      A true criminal would be breaking into every car, unlocked or not.

      • If some thug is stupid enough to try and steal dogs from people walking them I seriously hope they go after the wrong dog and get bit on an artery and bleed out right there on the sidewalk. They won’t be getting a 911 call for help from me.

      • Pure bred dogs? Where the fuck did that come from? And why would they be locked up in a car? Sheeesh

  • I am mystified why anyone would leave their vehicle unlocked anywhere, even in front of their house. And why they would leave credit cards and other valuables in an unlocked car. In this day and age, that is just plain dumb.

    These are not the good old days, folks.

  • Lock your damn cars and remove all valuables first or get exactly what you deserve.

    To believe your stuff is safe in your unlocked (or even locked) car is the absolute pinnacle of stupidity.

    • Yeah victim blaming, totally cool

      • In this case the victim is a total idiot and deserves scorn. Valuables in an unlocked or locked car in Benbow is pure stupidity. You do not have to make yourself a victim. This is something you can prevent. I will never condone the whining of someone who at least did not lock the doors. At least then the alarm would go off.

        • Hey, c’mon. Victim blaming sucks. You are not a jerk on the basis of one comment neither is someone an idiot deserving of scorn for one time leaving something in their vehicle. The world would be a lot better if we were as gentle with other’s mistakes as we would want to them to be with ours.

        • I used to live in Santa Cruz and surfed almost daily. I locked my pickup at my favorite spot till someone broke the window and went through it. After that I left it unlocked with nothing of value in it. Being a surfer’s truck the thing was so rusty no self respecting car thief would even look at it. And there was nothing left in it to steal but the sand on the floor and dog hair on the upholstery. I never had a problem there again.

          Ahh, the good old days… Now somebody would just move into the cab while I was in the water.

        • Yeah Let’s lock the car so next time they bust the window out and then a deductible has to be paid.. a thief is a thief but I’m glad you condone such shitty behavior.. it was probably you that stole everything huh? Keyboard warriors..smh

  • Covelo or busted

    Did they ever find the “Missing Person” that broke into all the cars in Miranda about two-three months ago? Welp, maybe he is out of Jail ….and Heroin also!…. He should call home.. his mother was worried sick !

  • I am in general against violence but in this case it might be the most effective way to stop this type of theft. If the culprits are caught by LE they are unlikely to get more than a slap on the wrist and will likely continue stealing. If caught and beaten by an intended victim, maybe they will quit.

    • While the victim goes to jail for assault, criminals have more rights than us in ca

      • All my vehicles are on lock down every night. It’s a desperate world with desperate drug addicted mentally deranged people out there. Turn over your weapons to law enforcement like good law abiding citizens. If you see a crime call the cops, don’t interfere with criminal activity.If they break into your home,scream n yell and throw your stuffed unicorn at them until one of the three sheriffs on duty can come and save your ass. Good luck people

    • educating their kids, if they have any, is the only solution. every year there is more. mostly locals.

  • You know that’s encouraging someone to commit a very serious felony known as Mayhem😡. Dismembering or maiming any body part is mayhem and can put anybody in or back in prison. if anyone doesn’t mind going back to prison, fine by me.

    • I had no idea 💡 that , that was the case instead maybe you should make a bottle cap gun and shoot them between the eyes 👀

  • Understood

  • I’ve had my car broken into several times in Redway when I forgot to lock the doors. A few times the thieves stole half of my cigarettes out of my pack and left me the rest.

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