Rainbow Points to Controversial Opera Alley Mural as Being Golden

Mural on G Street in Eureka.

Rainbow points to a mural on Opera Alley in Eureka. [Photo by Kristen Porter]

The newish mural on Opera Alley next to G Street in Eureka by urban artist Dan Kitchener has received a lot of attention. Some folks love it. Some hate it. But this rainbow appears to have taken sides and is pointing out that the G Street mural is golden.

We’re rather partial to this mural showing wet streets reflecting city lights so possibly we’re crediting the rainbow with a similar taste it actually doesn’t have. And perhaps the photo is deceiving us? Possibly the colorful arc is pointing to Old Town in general?





  • Art that provokes people, discussion and controversy, is THE BEST ART!

  • The mural is amazing

  • I forgot that piece of ugliness existed. Sigh.

  • I like that Eureka has quite a few murals. Does anyone know if there is a list of them anywhere?

    • They use to have several walking tours: one for art, one for historical architecture … don’t know if they still have those. The art one was self guided; I think the historical was small group. I would contact the chamber of commerce or the library for more info.

  • I’m glad to see public art in Eureka (even though this particular mural doesn’t really give me a sense of Eureka. It looks more like a much more populated urban center than our little city. One strong wish is that when public art is commissioneed for Eureka, it should employ one of our many talented LOCAL artists. Art is a value that improves our society, and we need to keep art in the heart of Eureka by being supportive of artists who choose to live here.

  • fuckwalterwhite.com

    It sucks,but at least it’s not the tie-dye watercolor mess nearby. Ugh

  • Muddy Black Dodge

    Love the mural. We need more… We should be so lucky as too have so many artist in our area… Love it. The one across the street also!!!

  • This is a great start on developing some great street art. There’s already wonderful street art all along the west coast and this is a beautiful addition to that collection. If you don’t like it, make your own statement! I’d like to yarn bomb that awful statue of McKinley that San Francisco foisted off on Arcata!

  • Where rainbows appear to end is totally based on where the observer stands in relation to the rain. Since I don’t stand in Tokyo, apparently about 50 years ago when this photo copied on the side of the building was taken, I can rest assured that the rainbow was pointing towards what was behind the mural far, far away.

  • I don’t dislike Tokyo traffic. I just feel it horribly clashes with the scenery. But Eureka is not my city.

  • I especially like the local bumper sticker on the car depicted in the mural.
    Of course you would have to admire it in person to notice

  • Great news ! I will be right over with my lasso.

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