[UPDATE 12:56 p.m.] Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department Investigating at Ranch Near Arcata This Morning

Jackson Ranch Road

Jackson Ranch Road property from Google Map

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department has confirmed that they are investigating at the property of Raymond Christie on Jackson Ranch Road west of Arcata. One witness reported seeing “a dozen trucks with trailers headed north on 255” at approximately 7:30 a.m.

Samantha Karges, a spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Department, said that the investigation did not have anything to do with cannabis but, at this time, she was not able to give more information.

Christie, the property owner, has been involved in several notorious cases. In 2009, Christie was tried for cockfighting and convicted on one charge of “possessing cockfighting instruments,” according to the Lost Coast Outpost. He also has been involved in a feud with Shannon Miranda, the Miranda’s Rescue Founder which allegedly led to a fistfight in 2012. Miranda eventually accused Christie of being one of the people behind a Facebook page that alleged Miranda was guilty of a variety of crimes and misbehaviors.

In addition, a drone operator in 2015 videoed a number of cow carcasses in various states of decomposition on Christie’s property.

Karges, the Sheriff’s spokesperson, has said she will have more information on the nature of the investigation later today.

UPDATE 11:35 a.m.: The livestock deputy was at the Jackson Ranch property, according to traffic over the scanner. The deputy left to head to the Crannell area because someone reported that Christie’s cattle were “out again…So far three in the roadway.”

UPDATE 12:02 p.m.: The Mad River Union reports, “Massive HCSO enforcement action in progress right now at Christie Ranch at SR255 and Jackson Ranch Road. An officer said it involves “animal abuse and a litany of other issues.'” See photos here.

UPDATE 12:56 p.m.: One Arrested During Multi-Agency Investigation Into Animal Cruelty, Says Sheriff’s Department




  • Poor cows.. someone help!

    Finally. That place has a dark vibe about it, and it REEKS! Property values on Ariel will soar when they shut down the poopcloud.

  • Any relation to the Christie who tied up women in redwood stumps out in Fieldbrook? Killed a few of them and his wife too? It sounds like similar behavior- cruelty to animals often becomes cruelty to humans.

  • If this case has anything to do with cruelty to animals throw the book at this person with all the powers that be.

  • I saw them turn on to the property this morning with the lights of the sheriff and animal trailers already there. The farm is a nicer looking one and has lots of different animals all the time, bison, cows, long horns, etc. I’d like to hear the follow up.

  • Jackson Ranch Road

    It is a fairly horrific place…with cows left up to their knees in mud without graze and many underfed animals.
    We drive by the place every day and have called the animal control officer to report abuse.

  • I agree that ranch is horrific. I know animal control has been out there serveral times. What i don’t know is what they find right about the place..i did notice they have a couple of grave diggers sitting on the property……

  • Christie pumpkin patch is in Blue Lake.

  • Their a sick family capible of violent acts with no limit to their sadistic treatment of innocent animals.I’ve personally witness a Christie”Jason”
    starve,leave in the elements til the animal collapsed then died from being shot in the very same pasture.
    I get sick to my stomach at how inhumane livestock as well as domesticated animals are treated everywhere.
    As long as their looked at as property only being fined with a short jail sentence,no one will ever care,learn or respect animals or any laws in our Country.
    If they suffered personally then maybe it’d be taken serious.They should lose their property where the repeated crimes take place,never allowed to own another animal til death with a Longterm Prison Sentance! Happy someone wasn’t afraid n reported them,I wasn’t afraid either n did the same few times,their sick people!!!

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