Roads Update: Snow on 299, Flooding and Tree Down on County Roads

Berry Summit

Berry Summit traffic backup at 6:45 p.m. [Photo from Caltrans Traffic Cam]

If you are traveling be aware that while most roads are open this Friday evening, the storm today has caused a number of problems.

Traffic is backed up on Hwy 299 at Berry Summit even though the road looks relatively clear in that area. There is an accident in the area.

Here’s a look at the roadways:

Major Highways:

(Most information below from Caltrans’ Quick Map. If you are heading to Oregon, check their similar site.)

  • Hwy 1: Open
  • Hwy 3: Snowy but no chains currently required.
  • Hwy 20: Open
  • Hwy 36: Snowy but no chains currently required.
  • Hwy 96: Open
  • Hwy 101: Open
  • HWY 162: Open
  • Hwy 169: Open


  • Hwy 199: Open but slightly snowy. (See Caltrans Traffic Cam)
  • Hwy 211: Open (Check out the Fernbridge live cam)
  • Hwy 254 (Avenue of the Giants): Open
  • Hwy 255: Open
  • Hwy 271: Open
  • Hwy 299: (See Quickmap for more information)

Humboldt County Roads:

Here is what we know now. As we learn more, we will add the information below.

  • Berta Road, south of Eureka, is closed to cars due to flooding.
    Berta Road

    Berta Road [Photo by Sc Kasper‎]

  • Mill Street, south of Fortuna, closed due to a 150′ tall downed tree and PG&E lines, according to scanner traffic. There are 124 customers in the area without power, according to PG&E.




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