[Found] Plott Hound Stolen From Centerville Beach

Dog in cageA reader told us that their dog, a 2-year-old brindle Plott Hound was stolen at Centerville Beach about 4 p.m. today. The couple, a man in his mid 20’s with blonde curly hair, and a woman also in her mid 20’s with dirty blonde hair are believed to have taken the dog. According to the reader, they were in a vehicle similar to a small silver Nissan hatchback.

“They were last seen driving out Grizzly Bluff Road,” the dog’s owner told us. “They threw my dog’s tracking collar out the window near the cemetery.”

If you have any information, the reader requests you contact him at (707) 498-2900. He says there is a reward.

UPDATE 10:09 p.m.: The owner says he has found his dog.



  • Plott Hound probably ran off and lost his collar. They are runners. I doubt anyone stole him. Good luck finding your dog.

    • Sleepy Alligator

      Yeah the fricking dog ran away and removed its own collar so it’s people couldn’t track him. You can’t be the same Emily that usually has something intelligent to say on here. If you are then please take a nap Emily.

      • Hey man… look he found his dog… I was right! I have hounds they run! Usually the simplest answer is the best… who would steal a damn hound anyway haha

        • I had two hounds and they never ran off. I never tied them up. All of my neighbors (all three homes they lived at) told me they never saw the dogs on their property. They were smart and well trained.

          • Lost Croat Outburst

            That’s pretty rare. Two dogs are a pack and they tend to run. It’s a super-drag to get your acreage, finally, and you enjoy observing and occasionally hunting wildlife but your irresponsible neighbors think the neighborhood is their personal dog kennel. End of dream. Or end of dogs.

        • Read the comments on the Facebook page.

          • I’m not on Facebook. Could you post a simple statement of how the owner found the Plott (i.e., WTH happened)? Would be much appreciated, Kym.

        • Sleepy Alligator

          Looks like I’m the one who needs the nap after all.

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          Ever see a dog carrying a dead fawn around? Hee hee, ha, ha! Sorry, Kym. Still, I’m glad they got their dog back and it wasn’t sold to a lab or butcher shop.

      • Username checks out.

      • Sleepy Alligator

        I’m sure it’s possible but I can’t say for sure because I try not to judge anyone based on their opinion of one thing that I don’t agree with. If I did that I would think everyone was stupid. My comment was based more on the big picture so to speak.

      • Glad I’m gettin under your skin Dick!

  • We need a tweaker check point on blue slide and fernbridge, And lets not forget the base of the wildcat…. Hope your dog is returned soon..

  • Oh, this is sad and sick. What do they plan to do with that hound? Sell it? Keep it? Hold it for ransom? I hope it escapes these dastardly dog-nappers and finds it way back home. Poor pup.

  • Glad to hear he pooch was found!!!

  • leave the wildlife alone

    why was it wearing a tracking collar? letting it run/hunting w it? why was the dog so far from the owner that people were able to take it? if u let your dog off its leash you should still have it near enough to control/supervise it. obviously not the case here..sounds like they were letting their dog run to hunt/harass animals..thats why they were able to track the collar and why their dog got taken. hopefully next time they wont get it back.

  • Most plotts around here r most likely from my lot, (10 yrs ago) considering i had to go to Washington for one and texas for the other, and n Carolina for two. their not your typical hound, extremely smart ( i could tell but u wouldn’t believe me the things i seen from them)and stick around very well for a hound w 100% hunting instinct. Very rare almost extinct breed, especially w the anti-dog hunting laws now. Always cover pages in hunting mags cause their incredible. Plotts need more appreciation as a breed. Glad hes w his owner….. probably bleeding hearts trying to “save” him and the poor wildlife he viciously threatens….ive heard it for yrs around here. …. humboldt#thinskin

    • They are a tough breed of hound. I have a 1/2 Plott Hound 1/2 mcnab, she’s the best dog I’ve had in a long time. I still think he just ran off and threw his collar. I’d bet money.. don’t have Facebook so I do t know the story

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      I’ve lived it for years. Don’t let your dogs run my deer off, please. Pretty please. How’m I doing, Kym?

  • The owner saw the folks take the dog (that’s how there was a vehicle Id), the owner found the collar on GB road (he turned on the tracking), the thieves sold the dog in Hydesville to someone who knew about the dog, that person called the owner to let him know! Therefore, The dog was stolen, the collar was thrown away, and the dog was sold. The only thing the owner did wrong was to not have him on a leash….

  • From the Redheaded Blackbelt Facebook page:

    Kaden Zanone: I received a phone call from Jessica Stokesberry that she received A call from a person saying they have the dog but would stay Anonymous. I am grateful that I am reunited with my dog. I am still in shock that someone can steal another’s person dog and Remove two different collars and throw them out their car window! Unbelievable!!!!!

  • Sleepy Alligator

    Something smells fishy here. Seems like this story is being used to disguise the true plot of whatever this dog’s owner was up to. Did the dog really get stolen?Who are these supposed dirty blonde haired twenty somethings? Do they even exist? Did the dog, the thief, the owner, or possibly Sasquatch remove the collars? Did the dog even have a collar? Why was the dog stolen and then returned? Thieves aren’t known to return shit as far as I know. Is there even a real dog here?

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