Alderpoint Casterlin School Bus Cancelled Changed Due to Snow

School busBecause of snow, Casterlin’s bus route has been canceled today. Parents need to make other arrangements to get their children. “They may want to go immediately,” according to Southern Humboldt Unified School District. “The snow is getting thicker.

In addition, parents of students from South Fork High and Junior High that ride the bus home to Alderpoint will need to make arrangements to have their child picked up at Christorpher Lane at 4:05 p.m. The school bus will not be going farther because of the snow.




    I recall standing knee or waist deep in snow,waiting for the big yellow saviour to rescue us from the cold. A bunch of red-eared,snot-nosed little twerps rushing onto the warm and noisy bus,filled with friends,bragging about the snowball fight that gave us all black eyes. Losing toenails to the slush in your boots. That huge rush when you’re in the back of the bus and slips a little on an icy mountain turn.
    Have fun with your ipads kids.

    • When I was in school in E. Oakland we had to walk through 4 or 5 feet of snow every day from October to April. Nobody knew what snow shoes or skis even were. We’d strap old fruit crates to our shoes. If it was a lucky day one of us would have been able to borrow a compass so we’d know which direction home was in. If nobody had a compass we had to navigate by the stars, not easy when it’s snowing, let me tell you. In some years we’d have attrition rates of 40%+. That’s why Oakland had such lousy graduation rates. Thank God for global warming, no one has to do that anymore.

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