Felony Warrant Subject Arrested After Attempting to Visit Inmate, Smuggle Drugs

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On March 13, 2018, Humboldt County Correctional Facility staff received a tip that felony warrant subject, Cascade Violet Gayman, 21, of Crescent City, was planning to visit an inmate in the facility using false identification.

At about 3:00 p.m. on March 13, Gayman entered the Correctional Facility visiting area and attempted to sign in using a false name. Gayman was placed under arrest. Upon further investigation, correctional deputies learned that Gayman had also attempted to smuggle 12 grams of heroin into the facility via her person.

Gayman was booked into the Correctional Facility on the following charges: possession of a controlled substance, bringing drugs into a correctional institution and violation of probation.



  • Don’t ya just HATE IT, when you get caught smuggling sh!t into the jail house & wind up staying with those you came to visit!!! Oopsie busted bracelets & “Room w/ a View”!!!!

    • [edit] you have no idea about addiction and looking down your nose at some young girl and saying your lame opinion ain’t needed !!she doesn’t need years incarcerated she needs help for her addiction. [edit] leave her alone!!! Where’s your heart?? This could be your daughter

  • Hay dan dont you mean a room with no view

    • That was a joke, which is why I put quotation marks around it!!! I was kidding about the whole view thing!!!

  • Pride of Del Norte County

  • Wow! She’s got balls

  • Doing this while on probation. Definitely a sign she has no desire to turn her life around. Good candidate for several years in jail.

    • [edit] are you God that you should sit in judgement over this young girl? I just bet that you did some really dumb things yourself when u were young. She’s addicted to drugs [edit]

  • Mendocino Mamma

    Well I guess she will lose her Rocket Scientist job!

  • Really?! I lived in EURTWEEKA for 3 yrs ( for the company I work at) that shit hole is way worse than Crescent City… We all have scum but I will never go back there. Look at how many people go missing and never come back from there. Why dont we talk of all the dead bodies washing up in Humboldt. Screw that place or better yet screw the fuc*** up people there. Not all but most

  • That’s the word..”WORD”

  • I thought visitation in jail was via phone on opposites sides of glass

  • MS-13.
    Local attorney Kathleen Bryson will have her out in no time and all changes dismissed.

    • Bryson will take her $ and make lots of empty promises, but that’s as far as she goes. Worst excuse for an attorney. She has been fired so many times, And not just by the fools that hire her, but mostly by the law office she works for. She will do ANYTHING for a buck or two, no morals whatsoever.

      • She’s an attorney who will represent the local MS13, she protects the people that are destroying our community with heroin & crank.

    • What’s her number????

    • Great what’s her number

  • How do they get drugs into “the joint”? They have to get them in somehow. I`m guessing the guards have a lively business going there.

    • Guards are the main source, in any jail

      • Nah.. i mean most guards r dirty at least in the womans prisons here in cali… But they aren’t a main source by any means.
        Koochies, booties and visitors is where it comes from
        Btw, i kno cascade and she has a huge heart. That girl will give you the last 5 dollars in her pocket if you needed it. Dont judge someone entirely off of some paragraph news report. Weve all made mistakes. Its life.

  • fuckwalterwhite.com

    Good thing the cops “received a tip”.
    I wonder how many times she made it through before she got snitched on.

  • She might not of had a choice. Gang related possibly.

    • You always have a choice, just sometimes people like to act like they don’t when the consequence or alternative is not appealing to them.

  • She’s a beautiful woman. She should have tried modeling instead of being a “mule”. There was an article on alternet .com called “America Is In Warp Speed Decline”. Our drug problem alone would back that up.

    • Yeah, drop dead gorgeous by Eureka standards. Most of the locals here are homely as fuk and and have similar physical features. The area used to be much more isolated resulting in slim pickins.

    • Yeah she could model

  • NotBitterButBetter

    “Smuggle drugs via her person”…not the kind of “person” I’d want to meet in a dark alley.

    • Better just admit it you’re bitter not better cuz if you were you wouldn’t feel the need to say anything but a prayer for her cuz she really really needs someone to pray for her. She’s a very beautiful girl, and she deserves a drug rehab not prison

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