‘We Want Nothing to Ever Happen Like This Again,’ Say South Fork Students Who Call for Walkout Tomorrow

One of the signs that will be at tomorrow’s student walkout at South Fork High School. [Photos provided by the organizers]

South Fork High School students will walk out of classes tomorrow at 10 a.m. to draw attention to the fear students feel after another school shooting shook the nation exactly a month ago in Parkland, Florida.

South High School flyer  for protest.

Flyer for walkout.

“It sucks that we have to go to school and be afraid,” explained 14-year-old Nathan Baffert, a sophomore at South Fork High. “We want nothing to ever happen like this again,” he explained referring to the shooting deaths February 14 of 17 students and teachers at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Although students at other local schools plan to protest later this month in support of specific gun regulation legislation such as banning bump stocks or making AR-15’s more difficult to purchase, Baffert said that South Fork High School’s walkout isn’t in support of any one piece of legislation. “We are not necessarily saying what things need to change; we’re just saying that something needs to change,” Baffert explained. “Our goal is just to raise awareness that something has to change.”

Baffert said the walkout is from a neutral position. “We need change,” he said. “Arm the teachers, have security guards…Whatever that change might be.”

The walkout has been cleared with the School Board, Baffert explained. “We are going to leave class at 10 and everyone is going to meet near Sips [a nearby coffee shop],” he said. “We are going to do 17 minutes of silence.”

He estimates that at least 100 students have indicated they will participate. “It would be cool to have some community here just for support,” Baffert said. “We are making some posters. People are welcome to bring their own.”

He added, “I hope we have a good turnout. I really want it to be a positive thing. We all just want safety… .”






  • I hope people show up. My plan is to be there in support.

    • I hope all the students who miss class that day get a ZERO on all missed assignments. You want to act like an adult and walk out at least be prepared for the consequences of your decision.

      • Penalizing students for exercising their first Ammendment rights is Constitutional & unAmerican. Coming from someone who names themselves Freedom Club, just proves you don’t know squat about freedom.

        • You know they have Saturday’s and sundays off , right ?

        • How is it a penalty if the student chooses to miss the class they are responsible for being in? It is called being accountable for the decisions you make and realizing that while you may have freedom of choice in life you don’t always have freedom of consequences. Thanks for admitting that it is constitutional though. You sound like some whiny orange slices and participation trophies for everyone type. Exactly the trend of person I find so disturbing in our society. Zero accountability. Please explain how exactly your interpretation of freedom is so much more knowledgeable than mine. You don’t think actions in life should have consequences? I had a teacher in high school walk out from our class in some stupid protest. I hope she was docked her pay that day for failing to her job. It’s called the real world and you just can’t eat your cake and have it too.

    • 11 teens die every day texting while driving. Where’s the outrage??

  • Ben Schill I’ll be there.

    I’ll be there.

  • .00004 percent of the student population is the amount shoot since the first one…automobiles on the other hand, is the number one killer… Why not walk out against that, or be scared every time you travel. Cause if really sucks worrying when the next kid going to die from auto accident…..

    • Bc…..you answered your own question. You are talking ‘accidents’, and that’s what most auto deaths are. Sure, many are preventable if people weren’t being stupid and irresponsible; but they are ‘accidents’. These shootings are acts of planned, thought out intent to kill as many as possible; with weapons designed for mass killing. The younger generation has had enough of it and want changes, which they deserve if that’s what they want for their generation. Many of them will be 18 and will be voting in the coming years; so it will be their choice, as well, to choose the people who are voted into office. I hope they all register and change the mistakes that current, and past, politicians are making. Too many laws and decisions are being made based on political support and personal political agendas, other than what is right and best for this country and the people. From taxation and insurance costs to drug abuse and skyrocketing crime, something has to be done. Change is definitely needed on so many levels, and I hope these young adults, and those across the country, are the beginning.

      • funny how off base your facts are. first crime has been lower than at anytime in the last 30 years. when you take the political spin off of guns and remove police shootings sucides and accidents you will find that knifes are the weapon used to murder in more crimes. so lets get background checks on knifes ? how about anyone on a anti depressant not be allowed to own or use a knife ? think about that one, then think about the fact that over 30 percent of our population is o n prescribed anti physciates , then there are thosr who self medicate, and those that arent beening treated at all. … all this panic and fear mongering only scares those who have been so brain washed into believeing this crap

        • Let’s see—-how many school ‘Mass Knifing Incidents’ at schools have there been, like ever??? Other countries don’t have mass shooting at anything approaching the rate we have. Maybe we could learn something from them. You think? Blind adherence to ideology and twisted logic is, literally, killing our children. Most of the organized, militia type violence, in our recent history, has be directed at blacks, (see lynchings or Tulsa Race riot) Is/was the better solution the mass arming of blacks? So strange, I don’t see the NRA pushing for that.

          • Being as its generally other children killing these children by breaking or ignoring existing gun laws id say its the generation of children that need to change not the adults who are NOT responsible for the actions of a phsychotic teenager…

          • In other countries They just get rental trucks and plow through people on the street

          • No they just have unjustifiable rape, baby killing, wife abuse , chopping off hands n feet with machetes, kidnapping hundreds of girls at a time from schools to turn into sex slaves , slavery , the list goes on. Yep America is pretty bad with its “mass” shootings of less than a hundred people a year. Do us Americans a favor road weary and move…

    • Sadly, drug overdose is the number one accidental killer in the US. It’s not auto accidents anymore.

  • I really appreciate it Kym! Hope to see you all there!

  • Thank you to our youth for being pro-active!!! There is hope for positive changes to come.

    Let us adults know how we can best support you beyond this walkout, we have your backs!
    Study the history of the movements that came before you, they are many.

    I hope to see a day when we have a representative group of elected 16-20 year olds in our governments.

  • Low Turnout Predicted

    South Fork isn’t Commie Arcata.

    • Let me get this right, if you don’t want to see children being shot & killed that makes you a Commie??? WOW!!!! Whoda thunk it!!! No further comment!!!

      • No, indoctrinating children into abandoning their rights rather than teaching them the purpose of their rights is what makes you a commie, a communist scum. After all, that is what the communists did……….before eventually taking the guns from their citizens of course.

        • You’re entitled to your opinion of course, but you know what they say about opinions, don’t you???!!! Besides everybody’s got one!!! No further comment, I don’t want to insult you!!!

      • “if you’d rather have your kids shot by government genocidiacs than by a brainwashed psycho zombie”. There, fixed that for ya. YW.

  • Good for them! I’m so impressed by kids across the country who have taken up the cause of gun control since the horrific massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. While I don’t like the suggestion of arming teachers, I do think we need to raise the age that one can buy a gun from 18 to 21 and take these weapons of war out of civilian hands. There also needs to be stricter background checks. It only makes sense.

    • and Voating age to 21, and milatary serves to 21 , parental responsible to 21, ……

      • dont forget bank accounts credit cards marriage loans property ownership, and while we are at it , all legal rights as an adult.

  • Veteran's Friend

    I hope those same students will take that time to discuss the problem of social isolation & bullying, the real cause of all the school shootings.
    No happy kid who is accepted by his peers has ever shot up a school.
    No need to live in fear at South Fork or any other school. Be kind. Be aware. Help each other.

    • True dat. Well said. People kill people. Not guns

    • In addition to isolation and bullying, it seems to me that the side effects of prescription psych meds need to be included in any conversation about mass shootings.

      • What sort of adverse side effects would you like to include? Most common side effect is over sedation, so I’m curious as I have not read anywhere that anti psych meds can increase a person’s homicidal tendencies.

        • It alters Brain chemistry. Duh!

        • Side effects. And also if they take any intoxicants on top of them. What also makes them snap? When they stop taking the meds and have an episode set off by some A-hole.

        • how about suicidal thoughts and tendencies , agitation, irritability, increased anxiety, changes in mood and behavior, increased signs of depression, and insomnia? all of those are side effects of antidepressants and pharmaceutical drugs. don’t you see the adds on tv? the lists of side effects are outstanding! just because they aren’t listed as the major side effects , does not mean they are not side effects.

        • it there to be read

        • https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/ssri-antidepressants/side-effects/#less-common-side-effects. When you read the list of less common side effects that include
          Hallucination, confusion, agitation,disorientation, psychosis, Suicidal Thoughts, seizure and insomnia. Remember there are hundreds of thousands of people on these drugs so even a 1% risk factor is still quite a few people.

      • I wonder if it is really side effects of psych meds themselves or simply the fact that the person needed them to begin with. Not all brains are wired the same and there isn’t a cure all when it comes to mental disorders that we don’t even yet fully understand.

      • And before that discussion, let’s talk about what causes mental illness AND over use of psych meds in the first place. A culture of violence here euphemistically called “entertainment”, destroying other countries (is not a crime against humanity) and children who are not nurtured and given emotionally tools to deal with anger, frustration etc at an early age. These are the underlying causes IMHO✌️

    • THIS is the meat of the problem!! Disenfranchised youth, bullies, let us please pay attention to these poor kids!! It needs to become cool to help and be kind. Nathan Baffert can you get behind this? People shouldn’t be popular unless they are kind….

    • precisely! I dream how different this world would be if only Jesus had said, “take care of your neighbors’ well being BEFORE your own”. We need each other❤️

      • AHHHHHHH Now I see where you are coming from Jilly with the jesus talk. Why do you need some long haired carpenter to tell you how to act? No moral compass of your own?

  • Hopefully the shootings don’t happen in Humboldt, we didn’t expect it in the small community of Roseburg Oregon, at Umpqua Community College, or Thurston High School, what everyone needs to realize is it’s not the guns, it’s the person behind the gun. If it’s not the guns, a person willing to do damage will find another way. Communities need to be diligent and be aware of their surroundings, keep an eye open and report what you may hear. Bottom line Mental Illness is a real issue. Gun control isn’t going to solve the problem.

    • I agree not the guns, but it *is* assault rifles, hi capacity magazines and the NRA culture that tells us guns are fun and feeds fear into people. That’s the problem in my mind, not guns, which have been owned and used by us for many years without these current issues.

      • So any semi auto rifle is an assault rifle Emily? All semi autos have high capacity mags available…fyi. Judging a gun by its color,shape and things u can put on it is ignorant. If your for banning “assault “ rifles your for banning ALL semi auto guns. I don’t own any “assault “ rifles, I own “ defense “ rifles

      • then disarm all goverment officials starting with the police sherifs hiway patrols and then lets see what happens . A over reaching goverment is one that would attempt to remove rights away from its people…. those that give up their freedoms for security deserve neither is a quote that rings true. you want to be safe but other than run mouths and tell others what they can and cant do what is ok to think or gow to act, yet you refuse to be completely responsible for yourself. once you are of age it is noone elses responsibility to protect you from anything. maybe if we got some real folks in office people would think twice beore alot of tje words they speak and actions they attempt, because while everyone has the right to run their mouths , that doesnt mean they shouldnt expect to have it wired shut while their jaw bone heals for what they say

        • You should definitely run for office, if that’s how u feel. See how many people agree with you.

          • So what’s an assault rifle Emily? Is it a weapon you use to assault someone with or is it a label put on a weapon to make it sound “evil”? All weapons are designed for assaulting AND defending ones self with…it is in the hands of the person and what they want to do with it that makes it an “assault “weapon,not the weapon it self. Banning “assault “ weapons is pure ignorance and truth that ones believes a material item can be “evil”. A kitchen knife is just a kitchen knife…until your trying to sever ones head off with it…just saying

            • No.. you are getting way too excited about this… I would say, and I don’t know any exact definitions and I’m just giving my opinion, that a rifle that is semi or fully automatic, and holds more than say three rounds, should have major restrictions or be banned. This is coming from a sportsman’s perspective, I was raised to respect guns, and have used them for hunting my whole life. I believe these assault rifles are extremely unsportsmanlike (I was taught that one shot is all you need) and if you really think you are protecting yourself from the govt or some such, you are a NUT. Pistols are needed for self defense, I have no problem with that, I own several, for shooting at skunks and bears and tweakers (not for killing but for scaring off) but I see no good reason anyone needs these high powered, automatic, large magazine rifles. They are for only for 1) gun nuts 2) nutty preppers 3) anti govt wackos
              4) insecure white guys 5) some combo of the above

              Convince me otherwise.

          • If someone like Antichrist would run for office it might actually encourage some new voters. Count me in!

        • That’s how China does it, if I heard correctly.
          They have 5 tiers of police(?).
          The first tier is unarmed. They are not allowed to touch you. They give you the message to report to the police station.
          The other tiers are armed, paramilitary(?). If you didn’t report to the police station, they have the permission to do what it takes to get you there. Not only can they touch you, they can touch you with knuckles and bats, tasers and bullets, for as long of a duration as they deem required.

          I may have heard wrong.
          But, I think I heard right.

      • High capacity is a perspective of a political agenda. Ask any person in South Africa right now, who is on the wrong side of a riot mob heading to their door to throw them off their own land, dead or alive, whether or not they are holding a High or a Low capacity type of any type of rifle.

        It’s all in the eye of the beholder.

  • Right on! Everybody reading this and commenting on this, however you feel about it… you are now thinking about it. And that right there is a good thing. None of us want crazy angry people shooting up unarmed children or adults. I own guns and I’m down with these kids’ concern.

    • Completely agree.

    • I own guns as well but I side with the kids also!!! Better enforcement of existing gun laws would be a helluva good start!!! There are already plenty of laws on the books, but there are always ways around them!!! Those ways around need to be tightened up & as many as humanly possible closed!!!

  • Ann Constantino

    Thank you, Nathan!

  • Soooo. Your answer is to get rid of all firearms in America? That’s the only way this will NEVER happen again! Using children to manipulate is sooo left sided.

    • Read the article troll! They did not say they wanted to get rid of guns they just want something to change! Kids dying isn’t left or right

      • So what’s the proposal. Im confused? Just “something”???

      • It is not necessary to read the article to know what these bullshit fucking protests are about. It is about banning guns and the communist left barely tries to hide it anymore. Let’s stop pretending. Every sign at these rallies will predictably be about guns and how bad they supposedly are.

        • I was at this rally. Were you? I didn’t see one anti-gun sign(UPDATE: When looking at the photos I was able to read one small sign that could be construed as anti-gun). Also, reading the article before you comment on it is probably too much to expect from some people but it really does help to keep your responses informed and intelligent.

          • “Though the student-led movement for gun control legislation that rolled out across the nation in response to the Florida mass shooting led to these walkouts across the nation”

            That is a quote from you’re article making my case, thank you. The fact that no one at South Fork had an anti gun sign is irrelevant. Knowing how unpopular anti gun sentiment is, perhaps the teachers instructed them to keep it neutral…..for now. Kinda like how illegals were parading through the streets of L.A. with Mexican flags in protest. Then suddenly they mostly stopped with the flags; they realized how angry it made people. Plenty of students from all over the rest of the country DID have anti gun signs and that is what it’s alllll about.
            The media is ignoring the massive failure of government on every level. They ignore the fact that the Sherriff’s failed, the FBI failed. Every sign was there that this kid was unhinged and we’re talking about banning “assault” rifles while we ignore the massive over prescription of SSRI drugs, so fucking please! The main point that “so called journalists” are talking about is gun legislation. You and every other person supporting these kids would be up in arms if this walk out was in support of gun rights and you know it; total hypocrisy.

            • Actually, you have no idea of how I and my family feel about gun rights. I learned to shoot in an NRA class about 10 years old. All of my sons have received their hunting certifications. I do believe strongly in 2nd amendment rights–though my ideas on that differ from yours. I believe more strongly in respecting the rights of others to speak out though. I don’t know why that isn’t self-evident. I provide a place on this website for multiple points of view some of which I strongly object to. I particularly find people eager to repress other people’s rights while demanding that no rules ever restrict anything they feel is important reprehensible and…yet…here you are still posting away.

              • Yes! Thanks Kym. I appreciate that you have some basic rules to keep things civil while also letting people express their thoughts.

          • I saw that “little” sign splashed across the Kmud’s headlines. It weren’t so little if you ask me, and it also wasn’t so innocent.

      • then disarm all goverment officials starting with the police sherifs hiway patrols and then lets see what happens . A over reaching goverment is one that would attempt to remove rights away from its people…. those that give up their freedoms for security deserve neither is a quote that rings true. you want to be safe but other than run mouths and tell others what they can and cant do what is ok to think or gow to act, yet you refuse to be completely responsible for yourself. once you are of age it is noone elses responsibility to protect you from anything. maybe if we got some real folks in office people would think twice beore alot of tje words they speak and actions they attempt, because while everyone has the right to run their mouths , that doesnt mean they shouldnt expect to have it wired shut while their jaw bone heals for what they say

        • Do you have one example of the 2nd amendment protecting anyone from their government in 240ish years?

          I have lots of examples of people who shouldn’t have ever had a semi auto long barrel.

          Lots of examples. Do you have 1?

          Really, the air force will wipe your ass with an apache if they want to, what you gonna use to defend yourself?

          • Good point.. and I had this thought.. I remember learning that constitutional rights have limits; the freedom of speech is limited by causing direct harm to others, the example I remember is ‘yelling ‘fire’ in a crowded movie theater’.
            So, accepting the fact that the second amendment guarantees an individual right to bear arms, wouldn’t it be logical to limit that right to protect the public under a similar concept? I have kids in high school, and I’m nervous about this school shooting business.. to be honest I’m a little nervous today, because of the walkout .. lots of nuts with overpowered guns out there..

            • I’m sure the human traffickers are also enjoying the prospects parading.

              • What does that have to do with anything? Makes no sense

                • They’re all tied in together, Emily. It’s what the good guys with guns have been fighting for years. Human Trafficking, drug running, and gun running.
                  Parading the kids on national tv, is a horribly sneaky way of letting the human traffickers shop from their lazy boy reclyners.
                  I want ‘that’ one. The news was kind enough to provide the school’s information.
                  Now do you see?

            • The Second Amendment already has limits. you’re allowed to bear arms but you aren’t allowed to murder people for no reason, that’s against the law.

          • Yes Brian. I do have 1. And as usual, [edit] you, has made my case for me without even realizing it. In the 240ish years that you mention, our government has been under the control of the people,… mostly, and the 2nd amendment ensures that. Tyrants think twice about trying to oppress a heavily armed citizenry.
            In that same 240 years the world has experienced Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Kim Jong Il, Idi Amin. Shall I go on? I’m barely getting started. The dictators that I named are only in the last 75 years and I’m just warming up. If you had a clue about history you would know that. Of course if you had a clue about history you would understand the 2nd amendment. Every dictator disarms it’s populace first. Every population that it happened to said: that can’t happen here. How about the American Revolution Brian? Is that 1? Is that a good example Brian? I mean, I know the 2nd didn’t exist yet, but if our forefathers didn’t have guns to fight off a tyrannical government, we wouldn’t be here; there would be no 2nd amendment! Does it ever dawn on you people that this is how our country was born?

            As to your tired, old, our Air force will wipe your ass argument, I have this to say: We’ve had lots of Apache’s, F18’s and all kinds of other shit flying around Afghanistan for 17 fucking years! The opposition have assault weapons riding around in pick up trucks, bankrupting our fucking country. Before that, they defeated the “other” superpower (which is no longer a superpower) by riding around in the back of pick up trucks with assault weapons. It takes a lot of resources to fly Apache’s around. Not so much with used pick up trucks and assault weapons. So, what am I going to use to defend myself? I’ll give you one guess. And there are lots of us out here. Patriots, who will ensure that freedom endures despite our traitorous neighbors.

            No doubt you would have been wearing a red coat.

            Every dictator disarms it’s populace first. Every population that it happened to said: that can’t happen here.

            • Your rant is beyond absurd, and still, you have no example of an American using the 2nd amendment against our Government.

              Bummer, you just wasted so many words for nothing.

              * I know that you won’t find an example. So let me ask you this fellow patriot, what are your feelings on the Patriot Act. For or against? Yes or no, keep it simple so I can finish judging you from afar.

              • Brian, it is hardly a surprise that the point went right over your head. Wise men learn from fools, unfortunately, fools learn nothing from wise men. And no, my words weren’t wasted; somebody with a clue will get it. Bummer it won’t be you.

                The whole purpose of the second amendment is that the government will think twice about oppressing an armed populace. That we still have peace IS the “example” ; it is working,…. no thanks to people like you. Does the American Revolution that started the whole fucking country ring a bell? Helloooo! Anyone home? Did that slap in the face of an example bring you out of your self induced coma? Answer: No.

                I am vehemently opposed to the so called Patriot Act. Nice segue. Run along now.

                • Against the Patriot Act, good, I’ll keep talking to you.

                  Your huge point is that weapons are used in wars. I know that.

                  That’s all I get from your rant man.

                  Because, I asked for 1 example, that you still havnt given.

            • the irony is that you are a trump supporter. the only wannbe dictator the US has ever seen. did it ever strike you as odd the he loves the least educated?

              • you already told me you are in a historical rant about some other topic you know nothing about. it was full of insults as expected. I have a kid that participated in the Arcata walkout. you? I have no pride only honor, so irony doesn’t apply to me. my comp doesn’t auto cap except “I” and its not high on my list of concerns. communists? sounds like deflection but probably just fear.

              • Agreed, and further, Trumps attacks are attacks on facts, the First amendment, and the Free Press.

                Before elected, and 5 years into our historic drought, he said to Californians, “There is no drought!”

                And he still thinks his inaugural crowd was bigger…

              • Funny thing . You want trump to take away all the guns . Lmao

            • “Tyrants think twice about trying to oppress a heavily armed citizenry.”
              WACO never would have happened had the people watching the news not been so gullible. The public took the newscasters at gospel.
              Had the people armed up to protect the people in Waco, the Waco people could have had their day in court once they gave up, probably due to starving. Instead, they were burnt alive.

              The patriots know the truth now. Both Waco and Ruby Ridge truths have been exposed.

              That’s why so many good people showed up to support the Bundy’s when the BLM snipers were spotted. They said “NO MORE WACO’S! Not on MY watch!”
              It ended without bloodshed, thank God!, thanks to the multitudes of men, women and children who showed up in protective stance. A few even had weapons, for just in case the BLM started a war against the American people.
              All ended without bloodshed. The patriots spent time in political prison awaiting for their day in court just for standing up for their rights. They were found Not Guilty each time.
              Would the multitudes of protesters been slaughtered had the few not unholstered their rifles right back at the BLM? We’ll never know, and thank God for that! The BLM were told to stand down by the sheriff, and they ignored him. They were told to stand down by the people, and they ignored them. Then Eric and a few other well trained militia showed up to stand guard over the people. That was when the “powers that be” finally told them to stand down. It was well documented by many video cameras. The people acted in defense, not offense. That’s why we have the 2nd amendment. That’s why we’re supposed to have constitutional sheriff’s who protect us while the courts sort things out.

              Today? Today we see video’s & commentators being banned on YT and other platforms. Today, we see censorship of the worst kind happening to all non-sheeple. Even the President has had to fight censorship. That’s pretty sad.

              Something’s up. It’s not just a distraction off the Clinton & Obama investigations or Podesta and Huma, or whatever the latest disgusting investigation is underway. There’s quite a long list.
              CEO resignations are constantly incoming.
              The bad players are all in a panic.

              Unless we the people are allowed to hear both sides to any story, we are easily fooled. Censored or not, the truths will shed light. Truth IS light.

              • Alex Jones, is that who your worried about YouTube banning?

                Please, he’s wrong 24 hours a day.

                I know him. He’s a charlatan. Better off without him.

                I own a long barrel semi, and others, and I don’t have a problem with purchase age of 21, wait times and more common sense legislation. The Constitution allows us to develop laws ya’ll. This does not mean “disarming the people”.

                Alex Jones is a lunatic. You try to worry me about YouTube but you won’t say his name when drawing the portrait.

                It doesn’t just take balls to call victims of school shootings “crisis actors”.

                It takes a huge lack of intelligence too. Is that the tent you stand under Shak? I thought i saw more than that in your comments.

                The truth is a semi long barrel is more dangerous than practical. It should take more than a teens critical emotional state to buy one.

                Further, “saying guns dont kill people, people kill people” is akin to saying “sex doesn’t make people, people make people.”

                Not 100% accurate in a thorough debate.

            • Re: shak and rollin21:So what countries are you talking about that want to disarm their citizens and rule over them? Have you been to any other countries? I have, and there are plenty of long existing, peaceful, prosperous countries that don’t have armed citizens. Besides, do you really think you and your army could defend itself against the US? That’s a joke. You must live in a crazy fantasy land… where you might one day be the last survivor with all your guns… maybe watched too many westerns and fantasy movies. Get real, get out in the world and educate yourself. You are what’s wrong with this country.

          • We are still a Democratic Republic and have not been invaded by any large standing foreign armies. Is there a disarmed country in the world that can claim that?

          • yeah, you know alot …. esp about the military …… apaches…. or the ah64 lb happens to be a army bird not air force, but you know those little pesky things called facts , who needs those when you are just running your mouth. I might add that the reason we still have what freedoms we fo still have is because politicians know that there are 10 s of thousands of semi auto long barrel weapons out there but again thats just a other pesky little problem with your agenda

    • Maybe we should observe how other countries, almost all of them with exponentially less gun violence, regulate guns. There is, really, no excuse for not implementing policies that have been shown to work. It’s way past time to regulate our militias. Let’s take a cue from our allies in the modern world. I’m sure we don’t love our children any less than they do.

  • Marianne Lancaster

    Good for you,students! If I were in Humboldt I would join you!!

  • I’ll be there. I will stand with the students who are braver than the United States Legislature.
    I have great hope for the change that this generation will bring.

  • If I didn’t have useful things to do (i.e. go to work), I’d show up with a “people like you are part of the problem” sign.

    • Damn, hating on kids practicing participating in democracy? That’s downright un-American.

      • Kids, being indoctrinated by teachers, that’s what’s un-American. Protesting your own rights, as in second amendment rights, that’s in-American. They can say whatever they want. At the end of the day this about protesting guns, that’s what is un-American. I hope some of these students are protesting the gun legislation that will accomplish exactly NOTHING! That would be American.

        • First off, no one is talking about banning all guns, they’re talking about banning assault rifles. Now if your against that, that is completely fine. If you use the premise that allowing people to own assault rifles help ward off government tyranny, good for you! That’s probably the strongest anti-gun control argument there is. But let’s avoid the asinine statement of people planning to ban all guns and calling children who are peacefully protesting change indoctrinated and un-american.

          • The only one who made an asinine statement of people banning all guns is you. But, since we’re on the subject, some of our elected “leaders” have more than expressed approval for banning ALL GUNS! The same way that it is now fashionable to be a socialist where it once wasn’t, there are PLENTY of people who want banishment of all guns but just don’t have the nerve to say it…..yet.

            And yes, these children ARE INDOCTRINATED! This protest, ostensibly about gun violence, IS ABOUT GUN CONTROL and everyfuckingbody knows it but you. So let’s stop pretending.

            • I’m sorry, you must not have read the article since it says: “Baffert said the walkout is from a neutral position. “We need change,” he said. “Arm the teachers, have security guards…Whatever that change might be.” Instead of calling children indoctrinated and people you don’t agree with commies (Really? It’s not the 60’s anymore, you can’t blame everything on those “damn communists”) how about you offer a valid argument where you offer a realistic solution. Gun control has been shown to work in lowering gun related deaths in states that have more restrictions. That is fact. Now if you are against that, like I said previously, good for you. What do you propose in place of that option? Because so far you have insulted students, teachers, and everyone who doesn’t agree with you, and have failed to offer anything of substance.

          • What is an assault gun me Norberto? Please answer…inquiring minds want to know!

        • Agreed. Well said, Rollin21.
          Between school, media and entertainment, kids are indoctrinated royally.

      • Kim Kemp you’re UN american

      • Will AR academy or CR be protesting today, as they hear gun shots from the police academy on the same campus

  • This is all a crock. If kids want to protest, let them do it on their own time. Our taxes support the schools and the teachers are employee’s, there’s enough waste in the school system.

    • Learning about peaceful protest and the right to assemble and free speech are a waste? Speaking as a former teacher, I think it is a dream lesson that kids will remember long after they forget that the First Amendment guarantees the right to assemble or what date Tinker VS Des Moines established the right of students to free speech.

      • I agree with you kym. Im not against it. BUT one must remember though. The second amendment protects the first! If the government takes away the second…belive me..the abolishment of the first will quickly follow. Practice the first while u still can. Kudos

        • The kids at this rally which is what we are discussing did not advocate gun bans.

          • The overall, well organized rally was dedicated to pushing for gun bans. By pushing through bills with language that can be abused, & also by pushing to unconstitutionally forbid a certain class of citizen from being able to defend themselves with their weapon of choice, among other things.
            They are promoting what seems like little chips of an iceberg, but in all actuality, the chips will finish off the iceberg.

            • I don’t have a problem with people disagreeing with gun control (though I disagree with the rabid fear that makes any one restriction, however minor, an attempt to pry all guns out every citizen’s hand) but insulting youths attempting to promote their views and insisting that each one of them is pro- complete gun banning is lacking in a nuanced understanding of the actual fear students are feeling and is hypocritically attempting to restrict their freedom of speech just because it doesn’t coincide with theirs.

    • Think about it, if these school shooting keep happening then kids will be to scared to go to school in fear of loosing their lives. Then what will your tax dollars go to.. an empty class room with a teacher getting paid to do nothing.

      • And while ditching out in school they will get hit and killed by a texting drive before they ever find themselves in something as rare as a school shooting. Wow the media is doing a great job with the fear mongering these days.

  • What an absolute joke!!! I mean this with all my heart … screw you South Fork walk out students!! Your parents in large part, have brought a scourge into this area with their growing antics. Now you want to protest against legal gun ownership?

    • I agree completely, except for the growing antics part.

    • I’m a student at South fork High that participated in the walk out and you guys don’t understand we were not protesting guns all we did was give silence to those 17 lives, I don’t agree with banning guns but I do think they need to do better background checks and they need to know if the person is mentally stable. And think twice about telling us to screw off!

    • First, read the article. No one advocated gun bans. Second, anyone who is willing to tell kids to screw themselves over a difference of political opinion should seriously examine their morals, their temper, and their intelligence. You came close to getting banned for it. Don’t do it again.

  • Then all of you should be aware of the man, kid, arrested today in fortuna!!! Lots of red flags!! My son met him at east high, said he’s mentaly ill. This kid needs help. Schitzophrenia starts late teens, early twenties. I know this. I work in this field. He was making shooting gestures. Let’s be safe. This kid needs help. NOW!

  • Walking out and protesting are not the answer. People talk about change and its happening. Just look at our last national election. We are going to protect our borders, we are going to maintain military dominance, we are not to to give give away the “the farm” to other countries, and we are not going to let crazy radicals like moon beam, Warren, Poloci, and the clown from New York dictate our direction. Change comes from the ballot. Good for the students to be involved, but protesting is what divides people. Mental health is real. Thats the problem not people who believe in our constitution.

    • Last I looked the First Amendment, the Right To Free Speech, IS part of the Constitution!!!!

    • Protesting doesn’t do anything? I guess somebody should have told that to Martin Luther King Jr. and all the other great civil rights activists…

  • This is why homeschooling is so important. At home you’re protected by the 2nd amendment, and intruders don’t know if you use yours or not until it’s too late. At school you’re vulnerable to the gun free zone where nobody uses their 2nd amendment to protect anybody, which sets you up like sitting ducks. One would almost think this was planned.

    • You actually make a good point. I doubt it’s planned though, just misguided judgement.

      • Ex Navy intelligence officer turned whistleblower said it is true. He warned us since as early 1991, until his murder by swat.
        “William Cooper (1943-2001), who in his 1991 book “Behold A Pale Horse” wrote: “The government encouraged the manufacture and importation of firearms for the criminals to use. This is intended to foster a feeling of insecurity, which would lead the American people to voluntarily disarm themselves by passing laws against firearms. Using drugs and hypnosis on mental patients in a process called Orion, the CIA inculcated the desire in these people to open fire on schoolyards and thus inflame the anti-gun lobby. This plan is well under way, and so far is working perfectly. The middle class is begging the government to do away with the 2nd Amendment.”

        BTW, I hear they’ll be releasing the documents about Eric Holder’s old Fast & Furious gun running deal pretty soon.

        This same Eric Holder. “We must brainwash people about guns”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nM0asnCXD0

        • The Hermit of Grizzly Mountain

          I remember watching Bill Cooper videos with friends back in the early ’80’s. He talked about seeing giant UFO’s emerging from the Pacific Ocean, showed the rare, unedited Zapruder film and demonstrated how the motorcade limo driver also shot Kennedy (which is why Jackie scrambled away over the trunk of the car), and claimed that going public was his (Cooper’s) protection from assassination and that if he ever died mysteriously it would confirm his controversial theories. Then he died under mysterious conditions.

          • He later retracted the unidentified flying objects once he identified them through more research.
            His death was mysterious in the fact that a swat team even showed up out of the blue like that.

            • Bill Cooper was killed so the CIA could promote Alex Jones in their operation “Mockingbird” and further destroy truth with controlled disinformation.

              But I thought you would know that.

              • I agree that AJ is part of the mockingbird program, but so are the main MSM and many of the political candidates.
                What you don’t offer the truth that all of the above shed truths in order to gain trust. From then on, the people are hooked on the source they trust.
                It’s important to analyse and research on our own, with the tips provided by both so-called honorable and so-called dishonorable sources. It is then, through questioning, that our eyes can open.
                There is no absolute.
                Question everything.

  • So let’s put a little perspective into the situation. Most of your schools in the outline area that are rule has little or no law enforcement to protect the children. Florida shooting took 8 minutes to kill 17 kids. Response time from local sheriff’s took 13 minutes. What the hell do you think would happen if this tragedy took place in any number of school districts where law enforcement numbers are only to the three at the most. Taking into consideration that most of the time officers are at least a half an hour from a school. There is no doubt that I think that our local officers can surely handle the job and are a lot braver the example of the first officers to show up in the Florida shooting. There are other protocols that fall into place when this happens such a SWAT or cert team to be called in which is probably more than an hour in both directions of any school. With the exception of the urban area schools. So at the end of the day my personal opinion. Because I have 3 children that attend School I myself would feel much safer for their lives if a shooter shows up on campus to have someone that is well-trained and armed on the campus already. Think about that scenario for a minute you have 20 kids locked inside a classroom. What would you rather have in those four walls nothing or something. I will leave you to ponder with that thought. And know this if someone tries to harm my family in this way. I will be the first to defend them any way possible.

  • the first school shooting was in 1776, think about that……. schools have been being shot up for that long. thr diferance today is the politics of it. the fear from the drama of it all, the over reactions the omg likei am so scared because i personalise what is being fed to me 24 hour a day so that we can easiler be controled. dont be so fake as to honestly think that laws can protect you, that the goverment or anyone else except for you. it is already against the law to kill someone , it is against the law to bring a gun to school, yet according to certain folks we are supposed to believe that well another law will save us because well its the law…… what do they call it when you keep doing the same thing over and over expecting a differant result ? yeah thats our goverment and our legal system. we even have law enorcement ignoring or breaking laws , look at all of it , the whole thing and ser if any sane person should seriously give a single F about a law or any goverment

  • Gavin Hill. That’s the guys name who was arrested in fotuna tues making shooting gestures. Look at his facebook!!! Scary as hell!!!

  • It’s not free speech; we’re paying for it in the form of facilities, salaries, etc. Last I checked they didn’t have actual civics courses/teachers anymore, and seeing as how our Civil Rights are so vital to understanding and knowing….methinks our grossly substandard public school systems should not be the ones deciding to do their actual jobs somehow even worse than they already do…even if it is for one day.

    Also, less than 1/3 of the school related shootings even involved an AR-15….and even LESS so for bumpstocks.

    Truth is, none of this legislation will hinder nor thwart any future danger because guess what folks…you can’t fix crazy. If you’re one of the ‘special’ people who’ve been drinking ol’ mother Killary’s blue punch these last few years and think this is the right course of action……well, I hope it’s comforting to know that you’re the reason they developed the lobotomy. << — True story.

  • I hope the school and the sheriff will be there to protect the protesters. On Feb.15th a student at miranda jr high threatened to shoot up the school to other students. My son told me that evening. Early the next morning i called the principal, the superintendant and the sheriff to warn them. I left messages for all 3, none of them were in at the time. I was extremely concerned …as the boy making the threats has been talking about stabbing children at school all school year and has been making death threats to my son since 2014 at redway elementary and has assaulted my son physically and verbally since kindergarten. There is bullying and then there’s psychotic behaviour. I believe David Stone(i’m naming names…mediate to protect the guilty or let it out to protect the innocent) was removed from school that day but i dont know for sure. No one ever interviewed my son. No one ever got back to me to explain what happened. Heads up.

  • “Learning about peaceful protest and the right to assemble and free speech are a waste? Speaking as a former teacher, I think it is a dream lesson that kids will remember long after they forget that the First Amendment guarantees the right to assemble or what date Tinker VS Des Moines established the right of students to free speech.”

    How can one justify an organized walkout when California schools rank so poorly?


    Quoted from the above link

    “California has the largest network of public schools in the country — and also one of the worst performing. Only 29.2% of fourth graders in the state are proficient in math, and only 27.8% are proficient in reading — each the third lowest share of any state.”

    Kym, we were all kids once and both know this “exercise of freedom of speech” will occupy much more of the students “educational” classroom time than the scheduled 45 minute walkout.

    As a former teacher Kym, which is more important? Teaching kids to walk out of classes and “learn about peaceful protest and the right to assemble and free speech” or the teachers setting an example by educating the students and the students doing their job of attending class and participating.

    I’ll support their first amendment rights, other than on school time.

    What happens when these people join the workforce and decide to walkout on jobs because it was cool to do in high school? Can they say “want fries with your first amendment?”

    • Oh no, kids might miss a day of indoctrination to exercising a necessary function in this corrupt ass country.


    • I can’t think of a better lesson. Field trips are not a waste of time but in fact some of the most exciting and energizing lessons a teacher offers and this is essentially a participatory field trip. No, it would not be good to do this every day. But once a year? It is a great lesson in independence, in exercising power, and learning what those powers are. In addition, I suspect that kids will have to confront that other people think differently than they do and that is also an irreplaceable lesson.

      Supporting someone’s first amendment rights other than in school is exactly what Tinker VS Des Moines says is un-American. Students do not give up those rights when they go to school. What happens when kids grow up and join the workforce and know their rights? They will hopefully have already begun to balance their needs against those of their employers and know how to assert their rights without imposing on their employer’s rights.

      • The way some of you refer to the students and ‘what happens when’ and whatnot….it’s as if they’re abandoned orphans with no past, or….oh shoot, what are those called…..PARENTS. Is this another one of those California-esque “Legislating away your personal responsibilities” movement things?

        Because, this should certainly be the responsibility of the parents to teach their children. Not the schools. Some students, actually, DO give up those rights when they pass through the school’s front doors, in many circumstances: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hazelwood_School_District_v._Kuhlmeier

        Perhaps once teachers can again prove competent (or at least adequate) in their main educator roles and duties, they might consider taking on even more responsibilities. If for no other reason than to refrain from further disappointing the individual students on yet a whole other level, too.

    • If they were hitting the streets and marching for their 2nd amendment rights at school, would you still be cheerleading on the sidelines?
      What about their 4th amendment rights that were stolen years ago? Remember this one? “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

      As a teacher, have you informed your students about their losses? Do they know that for years, countries have been bypassing the 4th by hiring other countries to spy domestically? What about the Internet’s Fiber Optics spy methods that is promoted by legislators as “everyone deserves faster bandwidth”. (this is why they despise Edward Snowden).

      May the Five Eyes be with you?
      No thanks.

    • I agree with Kim and once again I’m a student at this school and none of our teachers encouraged us to go in fact we never talked about it. it was our choice and our choice only and we were told that their would be consequences if we did and every single person that participated made an executive decision and he right decision.

  • 100 teenagers with 17 minutes of silence and no phones? Impossible.

  • “Be afraid and live in fear!…Says the person who is afraid of you”.

  • I like all the time and effort they put into the posters by the way…really cements the commitment and genuine passion and….heartfelt…empty words they’re parroting in the name of “free speech”.

    I think it’s an ignorant movement which only distracts attention and effort away from anything even remotely related to the actual problems.

    Sorry future humans, but your psychological and mental health just wasn’t as important as organizing these ignorant, self-righteous children (yours, in fact) in an act of literal social tantrum throwing behind a facade of ‘free speech’.

    Kinda makes me question the logic…and the scope of perspective.

    • “…in an act of literal social tantrum throwing behind a facade of ‘free speech”

      This self-description of your comment is perfect. Check yourself.

      • Check myself?

        This isn’t about me, dolt. If you haven’t anything pertinent to the subject matter then quit wasting people’s time trying to lick up social brownie-points.

        • Ya check yourself. It’s all there to re-read.

          You decry the “self-righteous children” while addressing “future humans”.

          You complain of “tantrums”.

          I address your hypocrisy and you say to “bring something pertinant”.

          Ok, fine.

          Tell me an example of someone using a semi-auto long barrel to protect themselves from the (our) government.

          • Just because we haven’t taken up arms against our government (either with or without justification) since the civil war, doesn’t mean we won’t have to again some day. I’m not exactly advocating it, either. However, it seems rather logical to reason that the people’s right to own and have access to the same individual means of self defense with which their government would arm themselves with, shall not be infringed. If “arms” doesn’t pretty well encompass the available means of self defense respective to the 18th century, then tough shit because you’ve run out of quotation marks Mr. way the fork off topic.

            • Funny you think that.

              With your logic you should have your own apache and big red button.

              Where it at bro?

              I could find more quotation marks if you want me to remind you of your words. I could find them faster than you could find your “same means” to defend yourself.

          • Bundy did…there’s one…now what..you happy.. probably not enough for ya right?you said one….get outta here.. leave our rights alone..

    • Does it matter what we put into the signs. No we didn’t do it to make signs. We did it to give silence. So don’t hate.

  • Arm some teachers…don’t mess with our rights period….a big truck a can of gas and a lighter would be way worse….ohh it’s just semi auto rifles..yea right…I would rather ban cars let’s all get some horses…I’d rather ban cell phones….don’t mess with our rights..I can’t believe alot of you would give up semiautomatic weapons..you must really trust our government…sheep….

  • the thing is, by taking away guns and gun rights from law abiding citizens, your are putting the control in the criminal hands. do you not think that if a person wants a gun they will be able to get a gun? look at the drug epidemic. drugs are illegal, yet criminals still supply them, and users still obtain them. look at the violence in anti gun cities. Philadelphia, Chicago , Baltimore , New York, District of Columbia etc all have very high crime rates in relation to guns, yet have the strictest policies. point is guns are available everywhere whether they are illegal or not. same as drugs. banning them will only put control in the wrong people’s hands ( govermnent’s and criminals) . how about solving the root of the problem which is social and economic injustice , miseducation , and dependencies on pharmaceutical drugs.

  • The math: generation Z = 90 million, millennials = 80 million, gen X = 46 million, boomers = 65 million, silent is starting not to matter. it will be an interesting ride. I assume the GOP assigned DeVos to control not educating the youth as a last ditch effort. it literally is their only hope.

  • All the gun restrictions wont accomplish a thing. This last shooter was the bully, not the bullied. He had multiple reports made against him. They were all ignored and minimized. As with every instance of bullying. Gets ignored by parents, teachers, leo’s, everyone ignores and says ” they are just kids “. Lets stop treating people that are 1-2 yrs away from legal adulthood like innocent kids. The behavior of a bully would be considered criminal, felony or high misdemeanor when committed by an adult. We get teen girls taking pics of their classmates in bathroom stalls at southfork and sharing the pics around like a bunch of pedophile queens and nothing happens to them. They are defended by people who should be reprimanding them. Because they are “just kids”… kids old and mature enough to drive, work, apply for college, attend college classes even.. but when it comes to them being reasonable, responsible concerning the way they treat others or being held accountable for something bad they did society reverts right back to “but he/she is my baby” “theyre just kids!” . Start seriously punishing these kids for what is in all honesty criminal behavior and we will see quicker more effective change in our schools.

  • “Supporting someone’s first amendment rights other than in school is exactly what Tinker VS Des Moines says is un-American.”

    Public schools are funded by taxpayer dollars, not donations. Public school teachers are employee’s, they’re not donating their time.

    Schools receive compensation from state and federal government based on attendance.

    The American people are paying for both the teachers wages for educating students and those students for attending classes.

    If these same kids were to get up and walk out of your class because they didn’t like what you’re teaching today, what’s your course of action? Support them? Have your principal intervene? After enough of these walkouts would law enforcement be called in?

    There’s a time and place for everything, school is only in session for so many hours a day.

    I support a resolution to school violence but nothing will be resolved by students walking out of class. Before school, after school, on the weekend, yes.

    You’re a smart person Kym, that’s why I read your blog. The resolution to todays school violence is not in further gun restrictions, it’s restricting violence.

    Our whole society is immersed in violence. From movies and video games to social media which nobody it seems, can live without.

    Improper parenting plays a huge role as do drugs and mental health.

    Where’s the pro and anti marijuana school walkout?

    Where’s the anti bullying school walkout?

    Anti meth school walkout?

    Anti violent movie and violent video school walkout?

    We could probably come up with a few more reasons to walkout of school but hey, somebody has to turn the lights on and off?

    I do see your side of the educational aspect, great time to teach kids to voice their opinion and stand up for what they believe in.

    They’ll be sure to thank everyone when they walkout of work to express themselves and find their positions filled when they return.

    As I’ve stated before, I support their first amendment rights, there’s a time and place to exercise them.

    • The idea was a 17 minute walk out to honor the 17 people who were killed a month ago, almost all high school kids. Hence walkouts at high schools. The March on the 24th of March is on a Saturday and will be massive.

    • Bravo! Well said.
      How about adding the dangerous conditions of the roads that the taxpayers have been forced to pay for?

    • You said : “As I’ve stated before, I support their first amendment rights, there’s a time and place to exercise them.”

      Funny, that is kind of like saying “I support your first amendment rights, but this is how to say it”.

      Or, less sarcastically, “I support our second amendment rights, there’s a time (age of 21) and place (not at schools) to exercise them.”

  • Just another feel good liberal protest that does nothing but keep putting their ban evil guns in the news. With all the CA restrictions on guns and even buying ammo anyone can see how our local criminal element fails to follow laws. A recent photo of guns & even silencers taken from local thugs was enlightening.

    Why would they be allowed to leave class for this? Have your protests AFTER school! But if it reinforces the liberal agenda & propaganda anything goes with the education crowd!!!

    If the students REALLY have a fear of violence maybe they should be protesting to the administration to have a restricted access to school grounds maybe with metal detectors. That open easy access from many points is very poor planning IF you really believe their is a safety problem. But it seems reality is NEVER on the liberal agenda!

  • I remember the empowerment with my high school protests. I learned more in that process than in all the civics classes I took. To penalize students for the little time out of class, when schools make them go thru sports events, etc., that offer little to no value to many students, is discriminatory. Let the youth put into peaceful practice the freedoms we enjoy and those that have long been part of our culture.
    More power to the youth!!

  • The biggest school shooting was with a hand gun..,………I’ll trade my hand gun in for a assult rifle.. protest something else..I’m ok with silence for the victims.. probably everybody is..

  • curiouser and curiouser...

    What’s an assault rifle? I think that term is overused, and misunderstood. In California an AR 15 is limited to 10 rounds, and is semi auto….same as any other gun. What, you think the pistol grip makes it a people killer?
    Forget about the term “assault rifle”…focus on magazine capacity, and rate of fire. California AR’s are no better suited to “assault” than any number of semi auto rifles.

    By all means limit the magazine capacity, and ban full auto…already done here in Cali.

    To bad the AR has become the poster child of evil guns. There nice rifles…but no more deadly than any other semi auto, 10 round capacity rifle chambered in 5.56/.223.

    Before choosing a side to stand on, please, learn the facts…not the political hype.

    Banning the AR will change nothing…unfortunately the problem is more complicated than that…

  • Want better results, protest feeding boys ritalin.

  • The difference between this protest and the anti-war protests, civil rights protests is that those were protesting illegal wars forced on us and illegal discrimination, both issues protected by the constitution, whereas this protest is attacking the natural right of humans to self-protection, as further provided for in the 2nd amendment. No sense in cheering for a protest on the basis of protecting one amendment that attacks another, equally vital amendment. to the constitution.

  • I cannot believe all that I’m reading on this post. Such hate. Kym, I would block these ranting flaming trolls. They just hate everything and lie and say they didn’t say things that they just had. They are repeatedly insulting our great kids. Are you just going to let them go on and on? If so I’ll have to leave. This blog is about discussing issues not ranting the same things over and over. I don’t have the time to waste on that bullshit. Please don’t let them take over your blog that we all love. If they don’t have any class just get rid of them. Do us all a favor.

    • You don’t have to read the comments if they’re too upsetting to you. If you choose to read them it is highly likely you won’t like them all. Exposure to varying opinions can be a great way to learn.

  • None of ya business

    As a student of southfork high school i can tell you that we were not standing out there for gun reform. We were standing for the people that died in Florida. If you payed attention to more than just your own opinion on the situation it would be clear to you. The comments about our fear of being at school are truly disgusting, we are not scared of guns at school ,we are scared whether or not we will be able to come to school another day and actually be protected. No matter what , froma gun , from a knife , or really anything at all. We know guns are not the problem ,people are. People are the cause of every issue , but not just the people committing the crime. The biggest problems are their surroundings, think about what you are saying and doing before you blame it on just one kid because it takes a whole community to create a negative, or positive person.

  • But Adam, why must they say the same things over and over again and hateful all the time? It becomes annoying and interferes with reading everyone’s opinions. Kym’s blog is not a place for hate…period. Anger yeah, hate not so much. They can take it to the Thunderdome.

    • Hate speech?
      One half of the debate says that celebrating an NRA instructor’s use of an AR-15 to stop the cold cocked murders of many more that day is a Godsend! (the other half says this is hate speech).
      The other half of the debate says that hate speech is hating on the NRA instructor who used an AR-15 to save churchgoers that day. (the other half says this is hate speech).

      May the real hate speech please stand up.

    • There seems to be a lot of hate against “assault” rifles going on in here. Should Kym remove all those posts too? Just because you label someone a troll no more invalidates their right to an opinion than the fact you are named after a Leporidae.

  • Why can’t we ban assault weapons, require stringent background checks for other guns, and ffs take care of people who have anger issues? It’s a sensible path to less tragedy. All the other Ammendments have been chipped away..even comments here admonishing students for voicing concern and marching…but do not want reasonable precautionary updating of an outdated deadly 2nd Ammendment. But really what can we expect when our bombs are dropping all over and yet we admire military leaders and torturers. I just shake my head at the disconnected logic of those who are anti NRA, but don’t speak out against the military industrial complex. Madness abroad, madness at home…but I’m sure there’s no correlation.😒

    • Jilly,

      I agree we have bigger issues as a society.

      We are a war culture. Period. We’re almost 20 years into this bullshit terror war.

      That’s after the fake Kuwait war for Iraq. That’s after cold war. After Vietnam…

      We are sick.

    • I am glad to hear you think that the citizens arming themselves against the government is an outdate concept. I am sure you will be one of the first to go willingly when they come to collect you.

    • Outdated 2nd amendment???get outta here…I want more rights don’t even think about taking or tweaking any of are available rights…

  • This is one of those issues where no one will change their minds. A lot of heat and not much light. When the 2nd amendment was added the predominant weapon of the day was the “Brown Bess”. A muzzle loader that a trained marksman might be able to get off two to three shots per minute. There was no standing army of any size so militias were an important resource for national defense. Be it against native Americans or foreign powers. What the congress would have made of the present day’s need and availability of high capacity rapid fire weapons we’ll never know. I do think that those people who think these weapons are insurance against government tyranny are blowing paranoid smoke. The first time I ever picked up an AR-15 was in the Philippines on my way into a year in Nam. I qualified expert and was impressed with the lack of recoil and ease of use. As for the kids walk out I was young once and would have been right there with them.

  • Once you can assure the law abiding that criminals do not have fully automatic weapons, which some around here do. Then we can talk about taking so called “assault rifles” away from law abiding citizens.

  • fuckwalterwhite.com

    I’d bet at least one kid got bullied or shamed into this awareness protest.

    • I was told that the bullies were bullied by their parents into not participating, which logically made sense to me. having a kid in high school, allows you to actually learn what is going on in high school. I have learned that bullying is only a fraction of what it was when I was in school in the 80s. kids are nicer overall in comparison. there know a lot about sensitivity. the problem is their perception of how others perceive them, due to fomo. their lives are open books. keep in mind they are post 911, we are not. everything is different.

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