Multi-Generational Center Offering Pregnancy Yoga Starting in April

This is a press release from the Multi-Generational Center:

The MGC is excited to announce its new 5 Class Pregnancy Yoga series.

This class is designed for pregnant women and covers postures, meditation intended to integrate body and mind to promote calmness, flexibility, strength and balance in preparation for childbirth.

Instructor Laurie Birdsall is our resident Yoga instructor and has over 20 year’s experience teaching yoga practices and is honored to share the many benefits of yoga to mother’s during this magical time.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to interact with other moms, to relax and connect with your unborn baby.


RSVP via email to

This 5 class series is $50-Payments can be made directly to The MGC. Cash or check made payable to “The MGC”

Click here for more information.

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