Firearms Found on Riverbar

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Firearms found on Van Duzen River bar On March 13, 2018, at about 9:30 a.m., a Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputy was dispatched to Old State Hwy 36 in Alton for the report of found property.

Firearms found on Van Duzen River barThe resident who found the property told the deputy that he was walking along the Van Duzen River Bar, south of Old State Highway 36, when he discovered two cases containing five illegal, loaded assault rifles, ammunition and several high-capacity magazines. Deputies collected the property and found that nearly all of the firearms were lacking a manufacturer’s serial number.

This case is still under investigation. Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this property or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539.Firearms found on Van Duzen River bar



  • Glad those are off the street

  • My gosh…someone is super upset. I understand that these have not been a friend of society recently, but that is a lot of money right there. I suppose the person that turned em in is racking up some serious karma credit.

  • Unless they fire full-auto or 3 round burst they by law and definition are not assault rifles!

    • That simply isn’t true. These weapons fit the definition of assault weapons under the federal Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 and under California law.

      • It simply IS true.. The ban in 1994 was for assault “style” weapons.. That just LOOKED like these but aren’t anything more than a semi-auto.. Just like every other rifle or pistol out there that is not a single shot mechanism !
        That ban was lifted by the CLINTON Admin. in 2004.. because it did nothing to stop mass shootings.. In fact the national average even rose a tad because of 15 mass mass shootings during that span..including 5 in 1999 alone.. Starting with COLUMBINE !!

      • California law is unconstitutional.

      • Martin Bertelsen

        Hillbilly is correct, and the assault weapon ban from 1994 is no longer federal law, so your point is moot.

    • No they need “evil” options to be “assault “ rifles. The one below is not an assault rifle because it’s not evil. Those are some very nice firearms by the way…

    • Who gives a shit what you call them? People are using them to kill large numbers of other people at once, not for deer hunting or self defense. No one outside a war zone has any legitimate use for having even one of these weapons. Thank you to the moron who left them behind and to the person who called the cops and got them off the street!

      • What about if you are training for war, as in, the militia (i.e. the citizens of the United States)? Or, what about if you just need to be prepared for war? Too bad people are too stupid to understand their rights or what they mean; it’s a sad commentary. I guess that’s what you can expect from a population educated by bureaucrats, paid by the state. Ewww , guns are mean.

        Did it ever dawn on you anti gun morons that the biggest murderers in history, far and away, have been governments who killed there own citizens? Of course it didn’t.

      • [edit]. Legitimate reason? There is one legitimate reason you all seem to be forgetting, and you’re right it is to kill people. Under the Constitutional right to bear arms it lists “to form militia and bare arms to protect life liberty and properly” that being said is the only legitimate reason I need.

      • Are you saying that humans have more of a right to life than a deer?

      • Martin Bertelsen

        2nd amendment is legitimate. Just as your first amendment is legitimate!


      What a sad waste. The Communist party has taken over the California political structure, our country is now at a civil war tear, If the illegals get the Democrat vote it will turn us U.S. into an Autocracy; and the partisan progressive (communist party) will take our guns and slaughter us off by the millions (Christians and white families).
      So some dumbshit got scared of the propoganda mill and dumped his gun. What’s next?

      • ok I was going to stay out of the discussion but think about this: a weapons cache with filed off/’missing’ serial numbers … no one in there right mind is going to dump all tho$e weapons. Are those the cases that they found the guns in? They (the guns) sure look clean and rust free so I don’t think it was some ‘scared’ citizen … people that buy those types of guns are not ‘scared’ citizens. Cache =stash. Filed off serial numbers = crime guns/black market so they can’t be traced. Not pointing any fingers but I can think of a couple of groups that would fall into this category.

        Can I get a second opinion on that top picture? Is that an AR10 – 7.62 nato (basic model? shitty stock!) and the scope is high end looking by design (looking at rubber seals). Guessing that the gun would run between 4-5 thousand new and the scope probably another 4 thousand …. would like to hear it from an expert. Little ‘exciting’ (for lack of better word) with the ‘special’ nature of that gun in top picture if the guess is correct.

    • Cy, The pistol grips, forward grips etc, make them illegal under Ca state law since January. Need to be fully ‘featureless’ with web grips, etc. to be legal now..

      • Martin Bertelsen

        California state law is unconstitutional, and lacks any common sense what so ever. Assault is an adjective, or action, not an object.

    • Martin Bertelsen

      At least someone gets it.

  • Slackers…if you really want to kill large numbers of people, become part of the conventional medical industry. 800,000+ per year!

    Now THAT is something you really should be afraid of…

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      As opposed to the UNconventional medical industry? How many lives lost on with ridiculous homeopathy where they tell you it’s an extremely dilute solution with vibrations. Generally, you get no effect whatsoever with only five molecules. If you ever break both legs (i hope not), treat one leg with homeopathic “drugs”, chants and faith healing and the other leg with standard medical procedures and let us know which works better.

  • They look like killing machines to me .Im a hunter and im not worried at all about anyone taking my guns.

    All the gun lobby has to say is” they are gonna take your guns” and all the dumb asses go buy more guns. Did Obama take anyone’s guns .they sold more guns when Obama was in office than ever.

    • I agree. There is an obvious difference between hunting rifles and killing machines Like the ones found.

      • The most hilarious thing about the Trump “presidency” is that some of the largest gun manufacturers have gone out of business, now that they can’t scare people by saying OBAMA GONE TAKE YER GUNS!!!!

        • Odd..are you always this simple minded about economics? Obama sold about 50 million firearms. The market was saturated. I might suggest you research ammunition sales to get a more educated idea on the subject. Just saying…

      • A rifle used for hunting is somehow not a killing machine?

      • What are the “obvious difference”? Please. Let us all know what they are.

    • Every time we have an election, they come screaming out from under their rocks. “They’re coming to take our guns!” 68 years I aint seen it yet. People are easily led.

  • Hmmm… all serial number were removed (federal offense) .

    Somebody planned on doing bad stuff with those guns…
    then looks like they changed their mind.
    Glad they found ’em.

    • I have nothing against guns or their owners, I have a huge problem with guns without serial numbers being found by someone else who might not have turned them in. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people with guns

    • It said they were lacking the numbers not that the numbers were removed. It is legal to build a “ghost” gun. Manufacturers will supply the upper that is 80% complete. These do not require serial numbers. The upper is then finished by the purchaser and the required components added.

      • no you are not right., the upper recicers can be bought 100 percent complete and do not require any numbers or background checks or waiting time as the upper is not the part that is concidered the firearm. the lower reciver which has the trigger assembly the mag weild and the buffer spring and tube are required to be sold when completed machining with numbers, that being said the lower recicer untill machine past 80 percent is concindered a peice of metal. they can be bought at 80 percent machined without numbers and it ok. you may finish the machining yourself and that to is ok, however you can never sell it and this is where i am uncertain you might jave to get atf issused number .

    • Removed serial numbers? Probably not. They were probably legally built by hobbyist. All quite legal.

  • I’m all for gun rights, but if you’re dumb enough to leave those on the river bar you should have your gun rights taken away. I had my hunters license at 9 and was never that dumb.

  • “Assault weapon” is a made up term. “Assault rifle” is well defined and I doubt these are.

    Banning a rifle because of what it LOOKS LIKE is asinine, and that’s exactly what an “Assault weapons ban” does.

    Attach a piece of plastic and suddenly the rifle is illegal. People are truly morons. Not really surprising though. Anyone educated about firearms listening to politicians talk about firearms quickly realizes they have know idea what they are talking about.

  • Hi dollar ordinance .somebody’s butt is puckered.

  • I wonder what happened to the person(s) that left them there? Maybe a hit crew was planning on robbing someone out that way and got picked off themselves? What a crazy find I would be sketched out if I found those on a walk. They did the right thing by calling in the heavies you never know if those were used to commit murders.

    • Or someone was in a hurry to go home for dinner and screwed up and forgot to put em in the truck. Or an ex decided to piss off her old man..stole them and planted them there…costing her ex thousands of dollars for the loss of legal weapons.

  • Lucky someone else didnt find those. Not hard to buy clips and ammo.

  • Mendocino Mamma

    Finger print the bullets in the clips and you might get an answer!

  • Too bad I didn’t find them.

    I can’t have nuthin nice…..

  • I’m more concerned about the needles littering the landscape and widespread social and economic effects that demonstrates, more than the ultra rare occurance of someone accidentally leaving a couple semi auto guns at the river.

  • If these are your weapons, hire legal counsel before you do anything. It’s obvious to a keen eye that at least some of these never had serial numbers.. It’s not your fault CA is an over regulated socialist experiment and you likely just made a mistake leaving them out there but I would suggest seeking legal council and use them to communicate with law enforcement, especially if some of those do have serial numbers because they will track down you or someone in the chain of ownership before you. You have until July 2018 anyways to serialize register home built firearms with CA DOJ, more specifically ones with “assault weapons” nomenclature assuming you finished them last year 2017..

    Be smart about what you say and what you do whoever you are, and you may mitigate a lot of legal trouble.

  • Not suprised. .you can build those firearms all day long without serial numbers !!!!

  • Holy Shxt! You all are bickering about the legalities of this find! Some ol lady was walking their dog on the river bar and found this…several thousand dollars worth of high end weapons. Legal, not legal, whatever…wtf is the backstory here? That’s what this conversation should really be.

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      I’m wondering where the weed went?

      You can’t have a stash of weapons without weed, making me wonder where the 300#’s went.

  • Damn I never find cool stuff ☹️

  • I’ve heard of gun violence before, but never gun sunbathing & picnicking. They really do go off by themselves don’t they.

    • And then they were Kidnapped and didn’t harm one person, weird I here they kill everyone for nothing. Guess guns only kill larger groups?

      • That might be dependent upon whether or not they are possessed by demons or not? I’ve heard about a battle between good and evil, but I always thought it was just folklore.

  • Regarding assualt rifles in the mountains of Humboldt, as someone who has spent some years off the grid, I can’t think of ever hearing about a fire fight involving assualt rifles. I believe it’s peace through supperior fire power that works

  • the point that there were no numbers left on the guns for sure stolen

  • American Militias are a joke. nothing but overweight imbecile’s with no tactical abilities or understanding of how small armed forces should train and operate. Good to see these weapons off the streets, Glad no kids found these weapons.

  • These guns were LOADED when found. That’s astounding.

    • Yes, very convenient in light of this weeks push for more control of the people.

      One does not just simply leave $3000.00 worth of goods on a beach, loaded or not.

      • yes, all my liberal friends have an arsenal like this sitting in the back of their lifted Dodge. I park under the bridge and at the plant to collect jasper on the bar. have you ever spent any time on this bar? the investigative question would be: what brand beer where the empties surrounding these cases?


    I like someone’s idea of fingerprinting the ammo or cases.
    If they DNA tested a water bottle to later bust that rescued abalone poacher….

  • I’m so thankful that this man found these and not a young person who may have hurt themselves or someone else.

    • My question is. Why aren’t the young people being trained in gun handling safety like they’re supposed to be?

  • I have thoroughly enjoyed this thread. Learned alot. Grateful that someone with a brain found em and not a curious kid or someone with mental health issues.

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