[UPDATE Thursday:]Canada Based Cannabis Corporation Options to Buy Majority Stake in Local Canna Company (One That Donated Heavily to Re-election Campaigns of Two Humboldt County Supervisors)

Canada Humboldt CannabisFile this under we don’t know what it means, but it sure is interesting…

Today, a company called CordovaCann Corp based in Toronto, Canada announced that it has “an exclusive option to acquire a majority stake” in Humboldt Healthcare, LLC. Humboldt Healthcare is a cannabis business based in near Blue Lake that has donated the maximum amount to both the reelection campaigns of Humboldt County Supervisors Ryan Sundberg and Virginia Bass.

According to the North Coast Journal, Humboldt Healthcare has “no web presence beyond a registry with the California Secretary of State’s Office and a corresponding post office box.”

Mr. Taz Turner, Chief Executive Officer of CordovaCann, describes his company as “providing services and investment capital to the processing and production verticals of the cannabis sector…” He explained, “We have developed a number of very exciting opportunities across multiple regulated jurisdictions and we are aiming to complete one or more of these transactions in the next few months.”

Below is the press release announcing the memorandum of understanding:

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / March 13, 2018 / CordovaCann Corp. (OTCQB: LVRLF) (“CordovaCann” or the “Company”) announced today that the Company has entered into a memorandum of understanding (the “MOU”) with Humboldt Healthcare, LLC (“Humboldt Healthcare”) to grant the Company an exclusive option (the “Option”) to acquire a majority stake in real estate and intellectual property assets owned by Humboldt Healthcare that serve California’s recreational marijuana sector (collectively, the “Assets”).

Under the terms of the MOU, the Company has agreed to pay Humboldt Healthcare $100,000 United States Dollars (USD) in exchange for the Option to purchase the Assets. The Option allows the Company to purchase 100% of the Assets for a total purchase price of $8,000,000 USD or to purchase a 51% interest in the Assets for $4,080,000 USD with the remaining 49% interest to be held by Humboldt Healthcare. Under the latter scenario, CordovaCann and Humboldt Healthcare would operate the Assets under a partnership arrangement. The Option has a term of 90 days which may be extended by an additional 30 days under certain circumstances as further agreed between the parties. The acquisition of Assets would allow CordovaCann to enter the California cannabis market from a premier location in Blue Lake, [Humboldt County]California. The location allows for over 100,000 square feet to be utilized for production and processing of cannabis in the heart of Humboldt County, a leading area of cannabis production in the United States.

The Company welcomes a potential partnership with Humboldt Healthcare given the significant knowledge and experience of the principals involved. These principals are established leaders in the cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution of flower and extracts and provide both raw and processed material to many of the largest brands in the state.

“This opportunity is transformational for CordovaCann in that it allows the Company to enter one of the largest cannabis markets in the world with a potential partnership with one of the most respected and established players in that market,” stated Mr. Taz Turner, CEO of CordovaCann. He added, “The expected returns from the Assets in Blue Lake [Humboldt County] would be significant for the Company. Humboldt Healthcare has been a strong supporter of the Humboldt County community and economy and their team has an impressive track record of execution.”

About CordovaCann Corp.

CordovaCann Corp. (formerly LiveReel Media Corp.) is a Canadian-domiciled company focused on building a leading diversified cannabis company. CordovaCann primarily provides services and investment capital to the processing and production vertical markets of the cannabis industry.

UPDATE: Emerald Family Farms, LLC does business as Humboldt Healthcare.

UPDATE 2: CordovaCann has issued a revised press release in which Blue Lake has been removed and the words “Humboldt County” has been substituted. Thank you to Amanda Mager, Blue Lake City Manager for bringing this to our attention.



  • I was under the impression that the educational system in Canada is better than ours? My mistake. Apparently they aren’t familiar with federal vs state laws and legal dominance.

    Oh well. People invest unwisely all the time. The best teacher in investing sometimes is the school of hard knocks.

  • Ordinance : 9.24.050 Commercial Marijuana Activity Prohibited. City of Blue Lake
    In order to eliminate the potential nuisance and health and safety impacts to the greatest extent possible, it shall be unlawful for any person or entity to engage in commercial marijuana activity within the City of Blue Lake. No person or entity is permitted or authorized to engage in such activity within the City of Blue Lake, regardless of whether or not such person or entity has applied for or obtained a permit from the State of California under the AUMA, the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act, or other state law.

    Respectfully submitted by Jean Lynch as a private citizen, not as a council member. 03/13/2018

    • Check Google maps. There already is and have been large commercial grows in Blue Lake for a very long time…

    • Jean– It is not uncommon for people to loosely refer to areas directly adjacent to Blue Lake as “Blue Lake.” The unincorporated areas just outside of town use the Blue Lake zip code and likely have mail addressed as “Blue Lake”

      Lots of people on Glendale Drive say they live/have businesses in Blue Lake. Murphy’s Market lists their address as “Blue Lake” There isn’t a single foot of Glendale Drive in the city limits. It becomes Blue Lake Bvd and the city limits begin just past the roundabout.

    • She is referring to the law in Blue Lake, not the outlaw grows.

      This just seems to be a pump and dump PR from a Canadian penny stock.

      Do some research on LVRLF.

    • The city of Blue Lake has city limits, but the Blue Lake zip code includes redwood valley/lord ellis summit etc.

      I would make a guess that the 100,000 square feet of cultivation would be at an established clandestine-rooted, fully-developed property behind locked gates somewhere in 95525…

      Roughly 25% of the properties (~100) on the Humboldt MLS market right now are listed at $750k and greater, ~20 of those are greater than $1 million. The largest is $8 million but it is for 3200 acres.

      Have a look, its fascinating how many anchors are being hoisted.

    • Humboldt Heathcare is DBA Emerld Family Farms.

  • is this the Sundberg family farm out in blue lake?

  • This doesn’t sound very local to me. It sounds like a sellout to outside interests.

    I thought all those cannabis policy meetings with the Board of Supervisors was supposed to support Mom ‘n Pop grower and preserve the control and local integrity of Humboldt? That’s what you told us.

    I guess I was wrong. We were duped. The proof is in the pudding here.

    Thanks, Supes! You had previously sold us out to the Russians, Bulgarians, Mexican Mafia, the Mongol Motorcycle gang, Hmong, and a host of other sketchy folks making dark money for their organizations. You have changed Humboldt forever, and it’s not for the good.

    You brought us more and more problems of human trafficking, unsolved murders, zealous greed, scoundrels and tweakers, and a ruined community environment as a result. In the end, Humboldt will be hollowed out to a rotten core and we’ll have nothing left except a crappy economy and undesirable unemployed folks without skills. Unbelievably, you’re considering letting Mercer Fraser have a special allowance to potentially contaminate our municipal water. Is there no end?

    Now this sellout. What’s next up on the plate of disaster you have in mind for Humboldt?

    • Good post. I really have nothing else to say except that.

    • Beautifully written Rusty Cage. I totally agree with you.

    • Totally agree. I would add a big shoutout to the Humboldt County Sheriffs Department. Letting 10 to 15,000 illegal grows proliferate over the past 10 years.

      • Busting all those would take national guard levels of people. Do the math, if the HCSO could do 10 raids a day, thats still 3-5 years worth of raids with no weekends or holidays off.

    • Good post Rusty Cage! I have been here saying this for years, as others praised Emerald Scamily Farms- they suck. Their plan was always to develop a name and then sell to outside interests. They brought in outside interests to help purchase the golf course in Willow Creek. They were a big part of that CCV-H bullshit that wined and dined supervisors while establishing huge grow limits while bullshitting smaller growers about how it could also work out for them. They used naive and wishful people all along the way. Of course they would sell out!! That was their plan. They were three greedy guys, one local and 2 imports who wished to blow out huge grows and didn’t care if they destroyed their neighbors. Criminals who should have been shut down but were instead allowed to pull off massive grows with zero police intervention. The 7 acre grow in Willow Creek- that was no track-and-trace don’t kid yourself. Isaiah was raised local by a deadhead mother. Brian came from New Jersey in the late 90’s. Patrick Murphy ran huge loads of weed back into Carolina before moving here in the 00’s. These three will use any word you like (hey- we are community deadheads who really care) to throw you under the bus. Of course they are selling out! That is the end game for people like this. Parasites.

      • Yup. No surprise to anyone with a brain. Hippiecrits, who cry about the evil corporations that lobby/bribe scumbag politicians for special privileges all while doing the exact same thing. Fuck all of you douchebags masquerading as “the little guy” while selling your sole for special permits/permission. You exalt yourselves for ” trying to do the right thing” and want everyone else banned because they didn’t pay their overlords like good serfs, like you. You suck the !@#$’s of crooked politicians and people like Emerald Scamily Farms in hopes of special privileges, your neighbor be damned. In the end, most of you will have pissed your money away. A bigger fish with bigger bribes will step on you like the cockroaches that you are. And once again you will cry about the evil corporations, oblivious to your own hypocrisy. Long live the real free market bitches.

        • Jealous much?!
          You sound very jealous, and kind of whiney. Pull yourself together, and be the change you wish to see. Yes, they were in the same business as the rest, just a lot more successful at it than you were. It’s a great time to get the heck out though, and for 8 million dollars, are you kidding, sign me up. Only a true dumboldt would say ” na ma stay”.

      • BigWeed has arrived y’all. County supes bought and paid for, time to cash in and skip town.

      • Yes, they suck big time.

      • CCVH’s ordinance had a ten thousand square foot cap and only allowed existing farms, not any new, to operate. Better check your facts before you try and point the finger at a group that had a better plan for preserving small farms than the public could even understand because they never bothered to read it.

        • CCV-H was avidly pushed by Emerald Scamily. I remember the meetings at the golf course in Willow Creek. It was gonna be great for everybody- ha ha ha! Many of us saw right through the CCV-H fantasy and as it turned out we were correct- CCV-H only greased the skids for all this corporate raiding, bought the supervisors into the plan and led many small believers into ruin. I didn’t need homework. I was there paying attention and saw the shitshow and the sell out. So thanks a lot for nothing but crap.

      • Just like all the rest of them growers, nothing but but a bunch of liars.

      • Trillium Hummingbird


        In the end, Humboldt will be hollowed out to a rotten core and we’ll have nothing left except a crappy economy and undesirable unemployed folks without skills.

        Isn’t this what you have NOW?

        Finely crafted sentences, bud!

        Someone got out, and for a nice pile of dough…

    • How many people know that the pot growers that bought the willow creek golf course have now closed it?

      • Lots. And now theres one less thing to do in that crap hole.

        • Just like all the rest of them growers, nothing but but a bunch of liars.

        • It wasn’t a shithole until the sheriff’s office and the stupervisors refused to do anything about the pot situation. One of the deputies actually said he would not do anything when he was called out about loose animals so there was no way he would confront a grower or trimmagrant. It used to be a nice little town and a lot of people used to come here during the summer.

          Most of these assholes that grow here and make a mess of our town don’t live here and I know some that don’t want to grow around their own kids but have no problem growing around someone else’s kids.

      • Brian moved his family to Arcata. Guess he sees the future of WC and what he did to help it get there?

    • How is it the supervisors fault?
      How did they invite the gangs?
      It seems to me the growers got greedy

      • The many problems have happened and grown over many years. Everyone knows it.

        The Board of Supervisors damn well knew what was happening for some time and they chose to take both a blind eye and a laissez-faire attitude towards it. Now the problems and undesirables have festered too far out of control for any measure of containment.

        In short, they knew and did nothing– and now we’re past the point of no return.

    • Thanks Rusty that was my first response. sold us out to the Canadians, and for how much$? And do they get Stock options in future too? The people should be swarming on the supervisors ethics! Lapse.

  • It looks like Humboldt Healthcare has a lot more than there ducks lined up a few local political pockets are all lined up aswell . It looks like Humboldt Healthcare is a lot like Lagunitas and Cordova Cann Corp. is just like Heineken.
    Early multi million dollar retirement plan is moving full speed ahead breaking the sound barrier and passing us up at the speed of light see you later in a few light years small Cannabis farmers . Donald Trump should slap some big tariffs on Cordova Cann Corp. for trying to undermine American farmers and God bless Humboldt small Cannabis farmers who deserve big tax breaks for there hard work , dedication, and loyalty to there country and fellow countryman. 🇺🇸👩🏽‍🌾 👨🏾‍🌾 👩🏽‍🌾👩‍🌾👩🏼‍🌾👨🏿‍🌾🌱🇨🇦🧛‍♂️ Oh Vampire as Peter Tosh would sing 🎵.

  • Canadian companies dont have the same federal regulations that US based companies have in regards to investing in cannabis companies and using banks. over the past year canadian companies that are publicly traded (Canopy growth, Aurora, Aphira etc) have been raising shit loads of money on the stock market (investors seeing weed as the next big thing) and are going nuts acquiring other companies. never heard of CordovaCAnn, this is the first ive heard of them buying biz in Humboldt County. 8 mil sounds like a shitty deal for a farm in blue lake

    • Ponzi scemes, investor money gets wasted left and right in this industry. These companies are overvalued, good luck squeezing profits back out of all of this. Won’t be an easy task.

      • Great point, could be a ponzi or even some insider trading for pump and dump purposes… Most likely not even that interesting. Probably just some savage investors just starting their acquisitions to gain market control here in Humboldt alone. Humboldt is a easy target because people are unaware of the fact that venture capital is willing to spend $500 million to grab majority share of a $5 billion industry. The war on drugs has the Humboldt culture so wore down emotionally and spiritually that Wall Street will easily plow right over the top of them. When people undervalue themselves they’re easily taken advantage of by sophisticated investors. Get your shit together Humboldt if you want to be relevant or you’ll just be a story in History.

        • I did some digging into Cordovacann’s financials. looks like they are burning approx 800k a quater, they only have about 125k on hand. they apparently made an announcement a little while back about acquiring a producer in Nevada, then the deal never materialized. this screams pump and dump to me. They straight up dont have the 4 or 8 mil needed to close the deal, they just announce it in a press relase to try and get gullible investors to give em money. This also screams to me that EFF arent making money in the legal market and are desperate to get an infusion of cash to stay afloat. GOOD LUCK

          • Seems about right. It’s easier for these people to ponzi investors than it is to make money in the industry at this point. The speculators are going to be taking big losses for a while before they figure this out. I think your correct about EFF, seems to be a struggle going on. I don’t think they ended up being very relavent in legal market.

    • Yup a Canadian stake holder can extract their profits and head right to their banks with the money. That is profit that will not be spent in Humboldt.

  • Now you know who not to vote for in the next election.

  • What does Humboldt Health Care do and how are they valued at 8 mill?

    • I’m guessing they grow a ton or two of weed and sell it . I could be wrong though

    • PERSPECTIVE: They are Emerald family farms. Large local commercial growers. Been buying up land such as the golf course and country club properties in Willow Creek..

    • They have licenses, a million gallon (illegally installed) pond, grows, etc. Marketing is big, apparently.

  • When life imitates South Park, you know we are in deep shit.

  • Steve Madrone for 5th District Supervisor!

  • Sundberg is a slippery devil.

    • Sundberg isnt for the people

      I voted for sundberg time and again. I can’t stand up for him when he’s wheeling and dealing instead of helping the people

  • Sundberg and Bass have no scruples. go figure.

  • Hold them to task.....


    Send your comments to them!
    If they do sell out then spread the word to boycott their products and any store that carries them.
    Thats how we got rid of the awful rat poisons in local stores, which I guess is a fitting example as these types of actions are a poison to our true small farms and economy.

  • They put microchips in maple leaves. Beware Canada.

  • The Emerald Family Douchebags strike again….

  • New Free Trade participant?

  • In other news, Humboldt county filed six more abatement notices last week, all on Wilder Ridge. You can see em here;


    $10,000 a day fine!

  • I’m confused. Emerald Family Farms LLC says they are a group of “200 member farmers.” Are they a collective or just a front for the five guys selling out????

    • They’re part of their new Canadian overlords.

    • just a front for the 5 guys selling out. Their ganja is garbage and the california market only wants high quality indoor. these dudes sell clones, lbs, and sauce on INSTAGRAM. COME ON.

    • How much of the company do their “members” own when they sell out?

      • Exactly! They had a “buy in” fee at one point and even as recent as last year, they were scamming people out of there 215. I’ve said it before, I hope the “members” get some of the money.

    • Front. It was never about the members. Most all the farms that had aligned themselves with EFF, eventually broke away from them.

  • Westhaven Wabbit

    This points to how bad the current board of supervisors is and how they have sold out to Big Canna. They have crafted an ordinance that will force the mom and pops out of business as prices plummet and these big businesses come in and set up shop. The corruption is blatant – Fifth District Supervisor Sundberg’s appointee to the planning commission voted on an ordinance that he stood to materially gain from and he did not recuse himself from the discussion nor the vote. That should be grounds to toss out the ordinance and write something friendlier to the pioneers that started the local strains that became world famous. Anyone paying attention? Sundberg’s donors include big growers from out of his district – he is part of the corrupt government we have on the County level. His opponent Madrone will not take donations from Big Canna – he will advocate for common sense land use regulations that favor stewardship and incentives – not just for cannabis but for all land uses, whether you are growing beef, timber, vegetables, or cannabis should be secondary to ensuring good land management practices and stewardship of our natural resources.

    • Medicine at its heart is as much of an art as a science, and while it may be possible to establish our ‘best guess’ standards for the science end of it, there is no way to uniformly package or mandate the style of the art. The issues aren’t part of an intellectual exercise. The downside of restricted trade is very real for real people.

      Public private partnerships – conflict of interest. Tow guy contracts w/city of Fortuna Police Dept. — i’m not a party to that contract. Fortuna, like The County, don’t have the sense they were born with, no show at trial. Just send in the talking heads.

  • I’m guessing the newspaper article i’m Attaching gets thru.

  • Westhaven Wabbit, . . .all land uses should be secondary to ensuring good land management . . –
    Including you and me -parasites w/tennis shoes (Bill Hicks). It’s not about us,

    Are we stuck w/Estelle for another 2 years? We won’t make it. If we don’t drain the HumCo swamp soon, it’ll be disaster. Property tax (unconstitutional), sales tax (unconstitutional), and of course, crop tax (unconstitutional). This is where we have to go, click your heels and return to the land jurisdiction . Once you incorporate you leave the land. ‘Color of Law.’

    Taxation is theft pure and simple.

    KERRS CYC CODES OF CALIFORNIA 1920 political code (Now Government Code) Part 2 sections 3395-4505

    on the cover page,

    “The constitution is the fundamental law of the state, in opposition to which any other law or any direction or order must be inoperative and void.”– Cooley’s Constitutional Limitations,4th ed., 56 (*45)

    “An act repugnant to the constitution can not become a law.” Marbury v. Madison 5 U.S. (1 Cr.) 137, 2 L. ed 60

    “this is a government of laws not of men”
    6 U.S. (1 Cr.)137, 163 2 L. ed. 60, 69

    “ to what purpose are powers limited, and to what purpose is that limitation committed to writing, if these limits may at any time be passed by those intended to be restrained?” Marbury v. Madison 5 U.S. (1 Cr.) 137, 176 , 2 L. ed 60, 73

    Chapter 1
    Sec. 3607

    All property in this state, except as otherwise provided in the constitution of this state, is subject to taxation. Nothing in this code shall be construed to require or permit double taxation.

    The question is how do they define all property in this state?

    1 In General- property Taxation
    1. as to in general– So vast is the power of taxation and so readily does it yield to passion, excitement, prejudice or private schemes, and so frequently is its execution committed to incompetent hands, that any stretch of power on the part of the legislature which authorizes the tax, or of the ministerial officers who levy or execute it, should be unhesitatingly opposed and condemned– Spring Valley Co.v County of Alameda, 24 cal. App. 278. 804, 141 Pac. 38,41

    22 Any attempt of the state or of the county as one of the subdivisions of the state, to take the property of an individual for public purpose by way of taxation must find an express constitutional and statuary warrant, and all laws having this object are to be construed strictly in favor of the individual as against the state.An inconvenience to the city does not justify the despoiling of its taxpayers. Connelly v City and County of San Franciso, 164 Cal 101, 127 Pac. 834,836, citing Johnson v Williams, 153 Cal. 368, 95 Pac. 655

    57 Power as incident of sovereignty .–
    Right of taxation is an incident of sovereignty, and is coextensive with that to which it is an incident. All subjects over which sovereign power of the state extends are objects of taxation, but those over which it does not extend, are, upon soundest principles, exempt from taxation.
    (Gob of case sites)

    59 “Property” Meaning defined in constitution–
    Constitutional provision, article 11, section 13 restrains or limits power of legislature as to what is comprehended in the word “property” People v Hibernia Sav. & L. Soc., 51 Cal. 243, 244 21 AM. Rep. 704

    And the best one!

    91. same– Exemption of private property–under general revenue act of 1857, as amended in 1859 (Stats. 1859, 343). so far as it includes private property is in violation of constitution. People v McCeery, 34 Cal 432, 457.


    I have a copy of the California 1857 as Amended 1859 General Revenue Act ordered from the California legislative Archivist and have looked at several other states as well, this act is one of the first Acts created by any State. It had to be so, because it’s the Act to start generating funds for the creation of the State and its infrastructure.

    The other States’ G. R. Acts that I looked at were almost verbatim to Calif’

    So it’s the filing/recording of an incomplete corporate looking deed that the county transfers the property tax obligation from the prior corporate land owner to the current corporate land owner…look at your DEEDS, in all cap name without the required private paragraph “acceptance and acknowledgement”?

    The 1857 as amended 1859 California General Revenue Act is the Act that created property tax…on corporation owned property and only corporations owned property, there is no authorization for privately held land to be subject to property tax but for volunteering into the system.

    So the [pretend] county recorder is doing her job, by operation of legalese they have no choice, we need to stop blaming them and correct the record, correct the recording of the deed, including the A & A for privately owned land on the Deed.

    The fiduciary agents (Real Estate agent, Broker, Title company) hired to help transfer the land into your name failed in the duty to properly create a correct transfer record and instead created an incomplete record leaving you to believe it was correct and proper, say claim for damages? And you paid them for this sham!

    They didn’t know any better, however they took the responsibility and should have known….

    You can read about recording deeds in the Government code as it mentions allowing the county [pretend] recorders to record incomplete deeds? What? Why? To keep the sham property tax going.

  • Under the current cannabis ordinance, no person or entity is allowed to have any interest whatsoever in more then 4 canbnabis permits of any kind whatsoever. It is hard to imagine how this group could both acquire the Glendale property with 100k square feet capacity and the Willow Creek property with only 4 permits. It’s possible but it would be very interesting to do a public records act request for all the associated permits, check the ownership interests behind the applications and see if the number of permits any individual or entity was associated with was more than 4. In that case, I imagine all the permits would be null and void and subject to revocation by the Planning Department, Board of Supervisors or a public interest law suit.

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