Woman and Partner Injured While Trying to Rob Man Sleeping on Sidewalk, Says EPD

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Jessica MinasianOn March 11, 2018, at about 8:00 a.m., the Eureka Police Department Communications Center began receiving calls regarding a male and female with stab wounds and a robbery that had occurred. Based on the investigation, it appears the incident occurred as follows.

36 year old Jessica Minasian and 42 year old Brian Bickerstaff confronted a male sleeping on the sidewalk on the 300 block of F Street. Minasian and Bickerstaff yelled at the man to leave and began assaulting him. Brian BickerstaffBickerstaff assaulted the male with blunt weapons. The male took out a knife, in an effort to stop the assault. The male ultimately stabbed Minasian and was able to flee. He was soon able to obtain police assistance. Minasian and Bickerstaff took items belonging to the male and also left the scene.

Minasian ran to Humboldt Bay Fire Station at the 500 block of C Street for medical assistance. She was transported to the hospital by ambulance with a significant but non-life threatening injury. Bickerstaff was located at the intersection of 4th and F Streets and had a small laceration on his chin.

Both Bickerstaff and Minasian were transported to the hospital for medical treatment. Due to the care required for Minasian’s injuries, she was cited and released to the hospital staff.

Bickerstaff was arrested for robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. Bickerstaff was transported and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility. Bickerstaff is being held on $50,000 bail.

Earlier Chapter: Stabbing Victim Leaves Trail of Blood Into Eureka Fire Station This Morning



  • I have seen this thug harass elderly homeless a few times over the years. he’s an R street bridge troll. I assume he uses the pay for protection scheme.

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      Had friends staying at unnamed rv park by the bridge with kayaking behind the airstrip and believe this thing was driven off, loudly, after trying to steal a portable generator. Maybe, maybe not- but that thing had a machete and was trying to cut a chain, before learning not to bring knives to certain shows.

      Eureka needs a wall, Escape From New York style, it’s lost and good people should begin evacuation to safer areas and hold tight.

      Walls and armored bulldozers are needed to stop The Bum Insurgency, and try to salvage what can be saved.

  • I’ve seen that gal’s mugshot previously on your site, I think…

    • she has no previous arrest record. she has lived in Eureka prior to being homeless. most likely an evicted addict like most. we have seen his mugshot on this site before. same crime, different outcome. maybe we should arm the homeless with guns? its tweakers like this that give tweakers a bad name.

      • I am the father of Jessica. Jessica is a meth addict, to state the obvious. She is a walking cautionary tale.

        Her story is a testimonial to how horrible and tragic methamphetamine is.

        Jessica graduated with honor roll grades from a small arts high school in Berkeley. Her life was full of opportunity – she easily could have gone to a UC or a private liberal arts college, and I would have happily paid her way but, the day after she graduated, she demanded to go up to Eureka where her alcoholic druggie mother lived. I bought her a used Volvo, wished her well, and hoped she would take a few months and come back to “civilization.” She soon totalled the Volvo and, six months later she was addicted to meth and pregnant, and over the years has lost her three (or is it four?) children to adoption due to her addiction. Jessica has now been addicted to meth for 18 years. Her teeth are rotted out and she looks horrible.

        You see that mug shot in the news article? Well, here’s the last of “healthy” Jessica at my sister’s wedding in 2000, in the company of a Nobel Peace Prize winning freedom fighter…

        That’s what meth does. It takes lovely human beings by the soul and makes them rot from the inside out.

        • If she made honor-roll grades, why hadn’t she applied and been accepted to colleges in the months before she graduated? Then, at least, she would have had a plan to continue her education, maybe hook up with a friend, and be roommates at some school–didn’t she have any friends in school who were planning college? Weren’t they surprised she had no plans after graduation?

          It’s a little hard to believe this sudden visit to her “alcoholic druggie mother” changed all her life plans. Something must have been brewing long before this…

          • It was not a sudden visit. Jessica spent her entire childhood dealing with her mother – a lot of trauma, a lot of sadness, a lot of shame. And a good deal of effort trying to help a parent who is self-destructive.

            Meth looks for the vulnerable.

            • It’s a sad story and I’m sorry for your difficulties, your daughter’s difficulties. Maybe things will turn for the better–have hope!

              Why is your daughter pictured with Archbishop Tutu?

  • Hey! It’s Memphis! Stay down wood! Oui Oui!

  • The neck tat says it all

  • Hahaha. The neck tat. Too much. Theres a simple cure for this.

  • Jessica isn’t a bad woman just addicted and emotionally detached from reality due to child loss. That guy is prob the one who plotted and carried out the crime. It’s not in her nature

  • So great full to live out in the country away from all that .

    • I was just going to say we beat that dude silly behind the Dinsmore store around Christmas time. I think it will go better for him in the city. He has been seen in Dinsmore and Ruth

  • Hahaha..good for the homeless man protecting himself..

    • Yes, good that he could and did stand up for himself.
      And a sad reflection of our culture and community that he was homeless to the point of sleeping on the streets, and needed to protect himself from urban predators.
      I applaud the Police for not turning the victim into a criminal as well. They did something right…

      • Veteran's Friend

        If the cops had rousted him for sleeping on the sidewalk, he would have been arrested for the knife….

    • Yep. Hope that will give the rest of Eureka’s thieving scum a second thought.

      I wonder if it was the guy who sleeps over in the Carson Block doorway. He doesn’t seem to cause much trouble.

  • Yup. Arrested May 2017.
    (Excerpt from a John Chiv article.)

    .”Upon further investigation, Bickerstaff was arrested and booked into the
    Humboldt County Correctional Facility for multiple offenses including brandishing
    a deadly weapon, possession of methamphetamine, unlawful possession of a concealed dirk or dagger (two fixed-blade knives were located in his pockets),
    and probation violation.”

    What was he doing out on the street ?

    • And why do we allow this guy to hang out in our community?

    • That was 11 months ago. How long in jail do you expect him to spend for being a pathetic dummy? Which at that point was the general nature of the charges.
      Whyn’t you spend your energy moving our economy back to sanity…then we won’t create so many people fukked from birth

      • Just a “pathetic dummy,” ?–Carrying around a concealed dirk/dagger, brandishing his deadly weapons, under the influence of meth… this is not just some poor loser. This guy’s a walking violent crime in the making. How long do i think he should be in jail? Depends on how good the probation program is. Maybe 11 months would be long enough, if we knew that when he came out he would have constant supervision, no access to meth or other deadly drugs, and no personal freedom to pick up and carry around hidden (or unhidden) weapons.
        Without that, i’d say “forever” would be how long i’d keep him under lock and key. Someone who attacks poor homeless people in their sleep! Jayyyyyzus. No. This creep has no right to walk around among the innocent. No rights at all. Forfeited when he decided to take out his revenge for being born on other living beings.

      • He was not a pathetic dummy, but people who defend and enable a pos like this are! Why don’t you spend your energy rehabilitating him in YOUR home, and save us other taxpayers the bill for incarcerating him?? YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM! People like you are exactly why this shit will never change in Eureka.

      • Ernestine, what the fuck exactly are you doing to “move our economy back to sanity”? Besides defending armed felons. Seriously, clue us in. Inquiring minds want to know.

  • I award 2 internet points.

  • Grant Me the Serenity

    Omg the walking dead!! Higher Power needs to help us all but especially the addicted and violent . Soon! Cuz , Geez makes ya feel not safe.

  • This guy, and many others, continue to commit crimes time and time again, and our supervisors and city council are scratching their heads wondering how to clean up Eureka and attract tourism. Un friggin’ believable!

  • bring back the chain gang.

  • Yeah, let’s let some high school kids decided what type of weapons we should own

  • The pair are a strong argument for the 2nd amendment

  • What does his chin tat design mean?

  • Ansuz, Manna and Ansuz reversed.

    It might transliterate to: god, man, devil.

  • You mean to tell me that dude in the top pic with the mustache is a woman? Oh my wow!!

  • Pffft. He’ll be out by tomorrow. He seems to have more authority in this town than any law enforcememt or public official. He’s an extortionist, a con-man, and a bully It’s pathetic really; he basically collects “protection” money so “bad things” don’t happen to those around him; and yet he IS the bad thing. It’s only a matter of time before he murders someone, but even then EPD and Eureka City Council will probably still be kissing his ass.

  • Throat tatt sums it up. Smh!

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