Valentine’s Day Burglar Confesses, Says Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office

Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

GingerichOne person has been charged in connection to the Valentine’s Day burglary of a McKinleyville business.

Tyler Blaine Gingerich, 21, has been charged with the burglary of a commercial storage facility on the 1600 block of Murray Rd. on Feb. 14. Gingerich and an accomplice cut a fence and broke into approximately 20 storage units. The crime was stopped short when sheriff’s deputies patrolling the area noticed suspicious activity and began to investigate. Gingerich and the second suspect were caught on surveillance footage at the business.

Gingerich was arrested by the Arcata Police Department on Feb. 17 on unrelated charges. While in custody, Gingerich confessed to deputies about his role in the burglary.

Gingerich is facing several criminal charges related to cases from the HCSO, Arcata Police Department and the Eureka Police Department. His total bail is set at $135,000.



  • That’s good a suspected theif behind bars .

  • Let’s hope he has begun to take responsibility. Good first step to turning his life around.

    • good luck, his friends list include Kangas, Eubanks, Aubrey, Bosworth and 450 other local scumbags. Bosworth is 25 years older than this kid [edit]

  • His father is his mom’s cousin…

  • Oh that’s nice Hun. 1st or 2nd cousin, and how do you know this?

    • Tyler’s sister was Tessa Gingrich, who was killed by a drunk driver in Mckinleyville December 2016. Be kind and remember that life can be so hard.

  • He should roll on his accomplice to deal a lesser sentence.

  • so,,if a brother and a sister get married in Eureka and move to Garberville and get a divorce,,,,, are they still legally cousins????

  • binbeareda4: Excellent question. I do not know the answer to your question but I do believe that the children produced by this brother/sister marriage are legally their parents’ grandparents.

  • stop being mean! does it make you feel good? there is a younger sister who lost her big sister when she was killed walking on the sidewalk by a drunk driver and now her brother has made a BAD decision. she is sweet as can be and SHE doesn’t deserve harsh words written by thoughtless people!

  • Did not mean to be mean,kid made a bad decision,shit happens, it’s human nature. Nobody said a word about any thing that has happened in his family. It was a kid who burguled a storage shed, nothing more. nothing I see was directed at her directly or the incident . I am sorry for your loss of a friend. I can’t speak for any others. I was writing about the general stupidity running rampant, not any one person. Again,no offence was intended.

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