Active Shooter Confirmed at Yountville Veteran’s Home in Napa County

Breaking NewsRepresentative John Garamendi tweeted about an active shooter in Yountville in Napa County. He wrote, “I’m following reports of an active shooter at the Vets Home in . My team and I will provide updates as they become available. Residents are advised to avoid the area at this time.”

The Napa County Sheriff’s Department is warning their community of “Police activity at the Veterans Home in Yountville.”

AP News reports that a gunman has taken hostages at the Home. 

According to traffic over a law enforcement scanner, residents and employees are being advised to “shelter in place and not be out in the grounds.”

The Napa Valley Register reports a man wearing body armor reportedly took hostages around 10:20 a.m. They said multiple shots had been fired and stated, “The suspect is believed to have been a member of The Pathway Home program for military veterans with emotional trauma.”



  • Best of luck to ALL concerned on finding a peaceful resolution to this s(h)ituation!!!

  • Oh, Dear God.
    Can we PLEASE not do this anymore?

    • Do what?? Release vets from religious wars into society with little or no rehab from PTS syndrome? Turning a blind eye to them when they come back home from fighting for your freedom that you take for granted? Look into the rate of homelessness and suicides of vets in this country. So yes… can we please not do this anymore. I donate to vet causes and every time I see or speak to one I shake his/her hand and say thanks. It’s the least we can do

  • Body armor, not body army.

  • I believe you mean “body armor” not “body army”. 😉

  • Tragic. I have a few friends down there. They tell me they are safe. Thank you all for your service. Pray it resolves with no injuries

  • Send in the therapy dog, stat!

    Sometimes, only a Vet can calm down another Vet.
    Let’s hope the police on scene don’t forget that.
    And lets hope that the bureaucracy that drove him over the edge gets fixed, and not just forgotten, as it seems to happen all too often.

  • Times have changed and keep on changing

    My mother use to work there when I was in elementary school.

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