EPD Sends Care Package to Troop in Afghanistan

From the Eureka Police Department:

One of our officers sons is serving in Afghanistan right now. We decided to collect items and send a surprise care package to his troop. EPD employees and their families donated numerous items to send. [Tuesday] we packaged 12 boxes of snacks, toiletries, games, and a flag signed by our officers. A big thank you to Kiwanis of Henderson Center for donating items and helping with shipping costs!



  • I would very much like to see all of our troops come home.

  • Uncle Sam, that's who I am

    First off I respect law enforcement and military personnel. They stand in front of the worst the world has to offer every day. Bravo! Now, they signed the flag. Are you effing kidding me. The flag is not a banner or pennant or poster it is Our Flag. Police personnel should know how to respect it and should pass that education along through words and deeds. If you want respect, show respect. Ok I’m done ranting. MAGA!

    • I thought the same thing with the scribbling on our flag. MAGA!

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      I don’t see the offense. It all depends on context. I salute the EPD for this project. Did you ever burn an American flag? I have. As a Boy Scout I learned that the proper disposal of a worn flag is burning it with an appropriate ceremony. I hope this post is not from a left-over, Russian -financed troll trying to keep up the good work since their presidential victory.

      • Uncle Sam, that's who I am

        Exactly. As an Eagle scout I learned that as well. I also learned you don’t write on it

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