Tsurai Ancestral Society Thanks 3,000+ People Who Signed Galindo Street/Tsurai Graves Petition

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The Tsurai Ancestral Society would like to thank the over 3,000 people who signed the Change.org petition regarding the proposed closure of Galindo Street Trail and protection of Tsurai graves in Trinidad California. The Tsurai have been working hard toward closing this trail for over 20 years.

The Tsurai Ancestral Society, California Coastal Conservancy, Yurok Tribe and City of Trinidad began working on a project to close the trail in 2000.  The original installation of the trail was done against the advice and recommendation of Axel Lindgren II.  Through the work of the TAS, Yurok Tribe, Conservancy and City, an agreed upon alternative route was chosen.  The project was to: close the Galindo trail; install the board walk at the foot of Edwards Street; and place signage at the intersection of Van Wycke and Galindo to direct foot traffic to the board walk. 

To date, the boardwalk is completed, the agreed upon signage at Van Wycke was installed (then at some point removed by an unknown person), and Galindo Trail remained open.  The concerns of the Tsurai Ancestral Society regarding the lack of follow through by the City, protection of the graves, and incompletion of the agreed upon project remained in the following 18 years.

We are encouraged by the support of the community, and understanding of the need to protect the final resting place of our people. We look forward to working with the City and Yurok Tribe to finalize the previously agreed upon project by closing this trail.

Thank you again for joining us in our efforts to protect those who have gone before us, and supporting us in this important work.


The Tsurai Ancestral Society


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