[Listen] Jury considering fate of man accused of murdering wife’s boyfriend; Last week’s top stories

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Humboldt Last Week (9:04): (Warning: Graphic content) A jury trial began for a man accused of murdering a man he once believed was a friend, but was reportedly found to be involved in an intimate relationship with his wife.

Tim Smith, a volunteer firefighter and beloved member of the community, was shot multiple times and died in front of his Fortuna home in September of 2016.

Defense attorneys for suspect Jon Goldberg say he tragically shot Smith in self-defense in a moment of fear and confusion. Prosecutors say Goldberg drove over 30 miles with a loaded weapon to commit cold-blooded first-degree murder.

In the podcast, Lost Coast Outpost reporter Rhonda Parker discusses her coverage and the trial so far.

The story begins at 9:04.

Also covered

Humboldt is getting a doctor residency program as early as this summer, Eureka’s potential amendment to policy on needle exchange, Marci Kitchen’s lawyers dropped her as a client, a big win for the Yurok Tribe, Fortuna settles a wrongful death lawsuit, HSU alum Alex Cappa continues to thrill at the NFL scouting combine, crime updates, and more.

Suspect Jon Goldberg and victim Tim Smith



  • My favorite guy and favorite show.

  • “Marci Kitchen’s lawyers dropped her as a client”… what, did she run out of money or is this one of the few lawyers in the nation with any morals?

    • She DID run out of money, the bottom fell out of the Cannabis prices, so her Grower boyfriend can’t afford to “Feed the Sharks” anymore!!! My $.02 worth YMMV!!!

  • I think her bail should be revoked, and throw her in the hole .she is a flight risk now that she got no more money .Mexico is looking good right about now ,but I think they took her passport ,so I guess swimming the Rio Grande is in order.

  • As far as the Goldberg case, it’s my opinion that this is one of the most excusable cases of murder. Crime of passion.. your friend screwing your wife is one of the most excruciating things in the world. Hope he doesn’t get the book thrown at him too bad. This type of murder has been going on for ages.. I think thieves and burglars deserve bigger sentences.

    • you hate “assault” weapons but it’s ok to murder someone for having consensual sex.

      • How’s that again?

      • Yup prty much.. don’t fuck another mans wife, (esp your friends) .. it’s playing with fire and you might get killed.
        And if you need assault weapons to feel tough (and everyone knows that’s the only reason people need them- name one real good reason!) you aren’t much of a man or a good person, considering what is going on in the world.

    • The Hermit of Grizzly Mountain

      Long story-

      I was just reading about the guy who invented the precursor of animation & film, Edweard Muybridge. He set up a row of cameras along Leland Stanford’s race track in Palo Alto way back in 1877. Each camera was rigged for exposure when a thread was pulled. A horse and rider galloped past and the resulting photographs a) proved that all four hooves do in fact leave the ground simultaneously (winning a huge $ bet for Stanford), and b) when viewed in sequence like a flip book create a playback of sorts. It was decades before the Lumiere brothers and (separately) Thomas Edison developed this idea into movie cameras and projectors.

      Muybridge had been working with the US Army Corps of Engineers as part of the survey of the Pacific coastline from the Canadian border to the Mexican border (including along The Lost Coast). Along the way, he married an Oregonian farmer’s daughter. He had left her at the army camp (then posted somewhere along the peninsula) when he was summoned to Stanford’s ranch, along with the Army captain. At dinner Stanford posed his conundrum (whether horses retain one hoof on the ground during gallop) and Muybridge posed his solution. He stayed in Palo Alto while cameras were assembled and special triggers were rigged. The Army captain was dismissed, and returned to camp reportedly fuming that the civilian photographer was received with more pomp than himself.

      The army captain hooked up with Muybridge’s young wife. When the photographer returned victorious, she was no where to be found, having fled to Mexico with the Army captain. Muybridge traveled to San Francisco, bought a gun, took a ship to Acapulco, searched every hotel until he located them (in the act). Shot them both dead on the spot.

      He gets hauled back to California. Big trial in Sacramento. National headlines. Is exonerated due to “act of passion”, having convinced the jury that despite having purchased the firearm, and despite the long ocean voyage, he had no intent of causing harm, but was overwhelmed with grief and jealously at the sight of his wife and boss together.

    • Agreed, and people that spread lies about others committing adultery when they ARE NOT, need to be prosecuted.As far as Edweard goes ,if my wife left with another man and went to Mexico, I would call it over, he is the true meaning of stalker, probably went all that way to try to get her back ,dumb, how fitting he died of prostate cancer, karma is a bitch,

    • sounds like possession to me.

  • Loving the sound effects!

  • So it goes…..mess around with married women and bad things are bound to happen.

  • Free Goldberg.

  • Never monkey with another monkeys monkey

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