Supervisor Fennell Hosting ‘Budget Roadshow’ in SoHum March 8th

This is a press release from the County of Humboldt:

Here’s a view of what the Budget Show looks like.



  • New supervisor would be a start.

    • My thoughts exactly, Estelle “Getty” & her compatriots tried to foist an unqualified Public Defender on to us, for starters!!! Then she & the rest of the Board of Stupidvisors, screwed over the Cannabis Growers by likely illegal means!!!! I think we need to throw out the whole bunch of them!!!!!


    Really The Benbow inn ? Half of southern humboldt has been black listed from the place .The porters hate back to landers Where is our public place ? A hotel WTF

  • Not MY supervisor.

    Please vote that ass-kissing hypocrite out of government.

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    The most constructive thing we can do in SoHum, is dispose of Estelle Fennel, who represents the epitome of incompetence in government, and, dishonesty in the application of services.

    This woman is far too self-serving and vain to be fit to serve in government.

    In fact, every person, elected to the Humboldt county government in the last 20 years, needs to be replaced.

    • Taurus Ballzhoff

      Sorry, I meant to say that I believe Estelle Fennell is incompetent, dishonest, and corrupt.

      Just wanted to clear that up. Thanks!

  • I’m shocked and surprised this is not being conducted at the Southern Humboldt Community Park, since they are now rezoned and permitted to have “public assembly” (Thanks to Fennell). i wonder how much was in the “Budget” for the Benbow Inn vs Redway School Gym or Redwood Playhouse?

  • Yikes, I share many of the above sentiments concerning holding this event @ Benbow Inn (show off the new construction?, are they donating the space to the county for this event?). And I too am ready for a new supervisor to represent the South County. I wonder how the northerners of Estelle’s district feel about her performance, (Fortuna area+)?
    None-the-less, I hope all you that have strong opinions show up for the meeting. It would be good to have all voices heard.

    • I live in Bridgeville & would LOVE to see a new face in her place, at the Stupidvisors meetings!!!! I trust her about as far as I could throw one of the MANY Hoop Houses that dot the landscape over most of her area!!! She seems to have it in for the Growers now, instead of encouraging them!!!! She seemed to be all in favor until she & the rest of the Stupidvisors decided to stick it to Mom & Pop growers!!! Corporate grows are A-OK but Mom & Pop have got to be eliminated is evidently her view on this matter!!! All the more reason to oust her IM (ns)!!! (NS = Not So)

  • Veteran's Friend


  • Holding a public meeting at the Benbow Inn is bizarre. Do we need to wear ties? Pantyhose? Show up. Speak up. Shut her down! This dumbass hippiecrit needs to go!

    • Veteran's Friend

      Does the bus go there? Not evenings I’m sure. That must be WHY it will be there. Limited access.😠☠😨

  • Booooooooooooooooooo!

  • Sounds like she should have a body guard.

  • I get a kick out of all the hard left leaning people around here bitching about the government it took them 30 years to set up. How many of you voted for Estelle? Or the over-regulations and over taxation that is prevalent in California government? Now it’s only a problem cuz it’s finally effecting you. Instead of voting a party tickets out of simple spite, maybe you should start researching the people you vote for,before you vote for them. And no I’m not trying to say it would be better under a Republican government,it should be pretty obvious by now that both sides are playing for the same team and it’s not our team they’re playing for.

  • We had her and Clenden. She had major backers $$. TMZ, she was bought and sold. The hidden agenda, all awhile undermining her constituents who voted her in. A bait and switch campaign. The community should be outraged. I think what pisses people off the most is she got away with it, along with other supervisors

  • We can start with a new supervisor. Do not know how she can come into town after what she has done to the community. Sorry I ever believed her b.s.—-Please go away, and take your business partners with you.

  • Fire all the stupidvisors especially Estelle

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