Parole Denied for Man Who Lit Partner on Fire

Gregory Patrick Beck herry CarltonPress release from Mendocino County District Attorney:

Gregory Patrick Beck, now 55 years of age, appeared at a parole board hearing last Tuesday at Corcoran State Prison for his fifth attempt to gain release from prison since his horrific 2001 attack on then-32-year-old Sherry Carlton.

On behalf of the DA, Deputy District Attorney Elizabeth Norman attended what turned out to be a six-hour parole hearing, accompanied and supported by the victim’s father, mother, and co usin. Supporting DDA Norman’s forceful arguments opposing Beck’s release, the family presented the commissioners over 52,000 online signatures, along with hard-copy petitions signed by over 150 individuals, all opposed to Beck’s parole.

After deliberating on their decision, the parole board denied Beck’s renewed application for another five years. Beck was told that his current denial was based on his continuing evasiveness, his minimization of what he did, and his “need to come to terms with the truth.”

A Mendocino County jury decided Beck’s guilt at trial in April 2002. After hearing the evidence that Beck poured lighter fluid on Ms. Carlton and lit her fire (because she was trying to leave him), the jury convicted Beck of torture, assault with caustic chemicals, and domestic infliction of a traumatic injury.

During that trial, prosecutor Rick Martin presented the part of his evidence the chilling 9-1-1 call for help made by Ms. Carlton. In an anguished voice, Sherry is heard telling the dispatcher “I’m burned … I’m burned … I’ve sprayed lighter fluid all over me.” Sherry tells the dispatcher, “His name is Greg Beck, you gotta eat arrest him … he tried to murder me.” She repeats that Beck tried to murder her near the end of the tape before her voice becomes mostly inaudible as she gasps in pain. “Oh god it hurts so … oh my god, I’m sorry, I hurt so bad.” The last voice on the tape is that of the dispatcher trying to keep Sherry talking. “Hello? Hello? Hello?” the dispatcher kept saying, but received no further response.

District Attorney Eyster applauded the decision of the parole board, as well as the good fight fought by DDA Norman and the family. “While Sherry passed away in 2016 after 15 hard years of bed-ridden care in a convalescent home,” Eyster said, “Beck has not seen the last of us. that time comes to keep this monster right where he belongs. “



  • Veteran's Friend

    Sounds like he should be retried…for murder this time, eh?

  • Was he retried on murder 1 charges? He should be. He should die in jail.

  • Fuck this guy, let him rot behind bars forever..

  • If she died from complications of her injuries, this should be treated as a murder.

  • How often is the county and the woman’s relatives required to spend time keeping him in prison? Why is he even eligible for parole? If he does it enough times, these parole hearings will teach him how to fake them out to get released.

    Now I suppose some idiot will pipe up with “You do not know him. He is always been good to ” someone or another. Somethings are so evil they should never be forgotten. 15 years bedridden in a convalescent home.

    • The didn’t sentence him to life without parole. Keeping these people in longer is why the tweekers are getting out of jail without doing time for all the crimes that keep eureka beautiful. There are only so many beds in prison. And you can only over crowd them so much, and then your turning them in to hate factories which turn out monsters to come back here and teach your kids how to join prison gangs and do drugs.

      It should be simple, two types of crimes, those which you hang for, and those which you pay restitution for. Thats it. The restitution ones can be made to work for public works.

    • Simple does as simple is. Not surprised you don’t understand our justice system.

  • It’s bullshit that every five years the family and DDA have to petition and “fight” to keep this jackass behind bars. Parole should only be considered on non violent offenses.

    • Better yet, non violent offenses should NOT be charged at all. Restitution!

      • And while we’re at it, let’s hang people who never learned the simple rhyme, “i” before “e” except after “c.”

      • How does that work worth a person who has nothing, doesn’t honestly work ever, blames everyone else for his crimes, etc. You know- the infamous common criminal.

  • Any one know what this POS original sentence was?

  • Rest In Peace. Sounds like this poor woman suffered terribly for 15 years. He should not ever see the light of day again. [edit]

  • Why let him live at all. He lit someone on fire! Either execute him or turn him over to the women’s family. This piece of trash should have life without the possibility of parole. But then again, why should we pay to house him? He don’t deserve a bed, a roof over his head, or food. You know, if sickos like this knew that whatever they have done would be done to them in return. A better majority of them would think twice.

    • The death penalty has no effect on recidivism and is more expensive than life incarceration. So what are you doing here? Just jacking off thinking about state sponsored murder? You’re a pathetic limp-dicked fascist.

      • Aquaman knows the answers

        I would just point out in its current state the systematic application of the death penalty cost millions of dollars. This in not a moral call on my part, I’d just factually point out the death penalty could be administered for as little as 50 cents. Of course, then we’d be on par with the Philippines and Mexico.

      • no need for this expense, can be handled along side a county road after dark. central American countries do this a lot. leave the carcass there the buzzards can do a much better job than a mortuary.

      • On the contrary, the death penalty has the ultimate effect on recidivism as that individual can never reoffend. It isn’t a deterrent though. And it is morally offensive that it does cost more than life incarceration, which is another classic example of gross government overspending and ineffectiveness. Also it is state sponsored murder, but that is because it is punishment for a crime that society as a whole (mostly except for Berkeley and Arcata) has deemed appropriate and necessary. Also throwing around the term fascist would be more insulting if you actually knew what it meant.

      • *The death penalty has no effect on recidivism*

        Not taking sides on this board right now, just wondering if there are a lot more Zombies running around when it’s enacted?

      • Um, wrong.
        There is an effect.
        After receiving the death penalty, people rarely reoffend.


    What would happen if the word did not get out about a possibility of parole? He was sentenced to 7 years to life. If something went wrong, he could get out.

    • Thank you. I was hoping there was a ‘life’ element to his sentencing. Its sad the family has to be drug through this each time his eligibility for parole comes up.

    • THANK YOU FOR POSTING PETITION! People, please go sign! Its great to discuss amoung ourselves but put it over on the petition sight where it will do extra good!

  • So many dumb people here with idea’s about crime and punishment. Simpletons.

    • Most people who have not committed crimes are woefully uninformed about criminal justice systems from start to finish. However the largest body of somewhat informed people, criminals, is a rotten source for opinions on it.

  • Women need to beware! Guys like this get out of jail, end up on Internet dating sites and con their way into an innocent victims life often continuing their abusive actions. Lighting someone on fire should go to trial as an act of murder. Her life was taken having to spend 15 years in a bed from wounds he inflicted! Wow. It wouldn’t take me six hours to come to the conclusion he should be denied parole! How disheartening our justice system has become.

    • Please don’t blame women. Instead, teach your boys to be real men. Get rid of toxic masculinity. I love a man who treats others well.

      • Women DO need to be aware! And men need to rise up and above the violent culture they’re raised in. ‘As I See It’ wasn’t blaming anyone.

  • Equality needed...

    Add in those who cant afford bail. They take up a lot of beds these days, unfortunately. For profit bail bondsmen are illegal in most of the world.
    This article is from new York 2013 & still applies. It has a good general description of how bail really works, at that time they estimated at least 2/3 of inmates were there because they could not post bail.

    • Self involved maybe? This is a story about a horrendously brutal attack on a woman , not about your agenda on bail bonds. Beck would probably think with you that that agenda is more important.

  • When will it end? Probably not in my lifetime

    Triggering article.

    Anyone who has endured any kind of abuse and then actually gotten out knows the mind-bending soul-gouging horror. And if you haven’t, you don’t know. 

    Fact: A woman’s greatest risk of homicide is not at the hands of a random stranger but by her spouse or boyfriend. In fact over half of the killings of American women are related to intimate partner violence, with the vast majority of the victims dying at the hands of a current or former romantic partner.


    Red flags in relationships should be recognized and broadcast far and wide! Men should be shunned for physically, emotionally, mentally or financially abusing or manipulating their wives and lovers. And equally they should be made to suffer for ignoring or abandoning their  children.

    Fact: More than 20 million children live in a home without the physical presence of a father.  Millions more have dads who are physically present, but emotionally absent. 


    But instead our culture celebrates infidelity and pays no mind to a man discarding his spouse or children. Our culture shames women, further victimizing them, for “staying.” Our society and our own community refuses to take a side by just parroting the oft repeated exit strategy   “there is two sides to every story.  ”  Or worse,  they ignorantly BLAME the victim stating “she deserves it, ” which actually strengthens the position of the abuser and further invalidates a woman’s struggle and pain. The veil of shame and secrecy that covers domestic abuse is real.  

    16 years bed ridden before a premature death, and her family has to argue against parole?? That’s wrong.

    I lost my youth, my passion , my identity and my health to an abusive charming  con like this man. Oh they are attractive. And good in the sack, but broken. No amount of effort towards pleasing them will ever suffice. A man like this can break you, can destroy you, can murder you ladies !

    Please,  break the silence. Know your truth. Don’t dismiss a sister’s plea for help. Help her get out. Please, if it’s you, get out! They never change. Get out with your life …. if you can.  

    • I’m glad you made it to the other side. I admire your courage, and thank you for your inspiring words.

    • Firstly, thank you wwie for your time and info. I thank G– everyday that I was not raised in a home/family/immediate community where it is EVER acceptable for a man to put hands on a woman in anger. That said I understand that many,many men were and in fact are subjected to this despicable behavior regularly and thus are at an increased likelihood of continuing this unacceptable behavior. However, at risk of being labeled a fascist by some idiot that most likely just learned how to spell the word, has no real conception of its meaning and who’s opinion means nothing to me personally (don’t worry little guy or girl, mom still thinks you are special). I will say this.. I respect our legal system warts and all…
      BUT… IMHO, an adult human being that has shown the ability to douse another (male or female or an animal for that matter) with a flammable liquid or excellerant of any kind and then ignite them is beyond rehabilitation.
      Now.. That said,. Once someone has shown themselves and their behavior to be beyond societies ability to correct or rehabilitate (pay close attention rapists and child molesters/abusers and senior citizen abusers because study after study after study by our best and brightest doctors scientists and mental health and correctional professionals have shown this logic to apply to you as well) I feel we should to use a business term “cut our losses” or in medical terms “excise or ectomy the tumor”…
      Remove and dispose of them..
      Plain and simple..

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