Extreme Weather Shelter Open in Redway Tonight

Homeless man facing eviction from his camp

Homeless man [Photo by Bobby Kroeker]

Tonight, volunteers are opening the Extreme Weather Shelter at the Healy Senior Center in Redway for those in need of a warm place to stay. The National Weather Service

The Shelter will be open from 6 p.m. to 8 a.m. Peg Anderson who helps operate the shelter said that this makes the fifth night the shelter will open this week. Luckily, she said, “The volunteers are being amazing. That is a lot to ask to be there five days [this week] of doing sheltering for us.”

Dinner and breakfast will be provided as usual. Remember there is no weekend bus service and no accommodations for dogs at the Shelter this time.

Anderson asked for donations if possible. “We could use warm jackets and hats,” she explained. “We need men’s jackets, hats, and gloves…We don’t need women’s clothing.”




  • Everyone has the right to have a home to live in – but not in the richest and most industrially advanced country in the world.

  • Nobody has a right to a home, like everything else living in a home is earned. Its called working and earning a living. Some of these bums should try that instead of laying around doing drugs. The vast majority of the people are tired of paying these peoples way while they steal from us.

    • Some have circumstances that have stopped them from having a place to live. Grant it, some are just bums but there are people who are not bums who are homeless. Everyone’s allowed their opinion but I think you’re wrong!

      • Humboldt County has more than enough assistance for those who really want it and are sober enough to qualify for it.

    • well put

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