EPD Seeks Two in Walmart Robbery

Suspects in a robbery

Stills from surveillance video.

Eureka Police continue to search for the suspects in last night’s robbery of the Walmart at the Bayshore Mall in Eureka.

At approximately, 8:20 p.m., the two suspects passed the clerk a note which threatened to harm “subjects on scene if they did not provide the suspects with an activated, loaded,…prepaid Visa card. There were no weapons seen or mentioned,” according to a BoLO broadcast over the scanner last night. (Listen to it here.)

The two suspects, a man and a woman, are believed to have fled the scene in a dark grey model sportscar.

Grey sport type vehicle

Note: Thanks to the North Coast News for sharing photos from the EPD.

Earlier Chapter:Two Rob Walmart of Prepaid Visa Card by Handing the Clerk a Note Threatened to Harm ‘Subjects on Scene’



  • Don’t those cards have to have a name to use?

    • No. I have bought many and never had to show my ID. There is a number on them and it seems it should be traceable to where the card was used.

  • Local Skeptic Thru Observation

    Local Business Owners & Managers:

    This is 2018. Come on, people – we have 4k video cameras available now, and CHEAP. There’s really no excuse for this 1970’s security camera technology anymore. We should be able to easily tell how many clogged pores there are on the suspect’s face. Instead, we have “blurryface perps”. With that chin, the male suspect might as well be Brock Samson.

    It’s not like WalMart can’t afford the upgrade…

    • Storage of 4k video becomes a problem.

      • Just my opinion

        They only have to store it for a short period of time, maybe a week at most. I only say a week because they may want to review something a little bit later that they didn’t notice at the time. Between DVRs and terabyte storage drives I’m sure they can handle at the very least a weeks worth of HD.

        • Local Skeptic Thru Observation

          100% correct.

          4k security cams eat about 24 GB per hour.

          8TB hard drives retail for about $130.

          12 cam systems with a controller/storage unit retail for about a grand.

          No problem.

          • They don’t even need to spend that. Most folks buy the cheapest & end up with a video quality of 700p, for around $150-$300. If one spends an extra $100-$300, they can a system with 1080p quality! It makes all the difference in the world. I found one on sale at Harbor Frieght $280 w/ warranty. off sale my system was $480 total.
            Also it doesn’t take lots of space for storage today. it can even be sent to the cloud, therefore, a person only needs the space of a DVD player available.

          • Mall Wart can afford that & then some!!! That is the current subject of discussion not some Mom & Pop grocery store or local gas station!!!!

          • This system works well. It is Burglar tested and approved. Produced video evidence with good enough quality to identify suspect, resulting in a conviction and 13 year prison sentence. It has remote cell phone and computer viewing. It is 8 channels and includes 4 cameras and hard disk. Shows up in less than a week after ordering. Got it on sale at frys.com.

            1 9400761 Swann SODVK-880754B-US 8-Channel Digital Video 159.99
            PRODUCT 159.99
            TAX 13.60
            POSTAGE & HANDLING 0.00
            TOTAL $ 173.59

      • Veteran's Friend

        They only need to save it WHEN THEY GET ROBBED. It is not like they need perpetual history. Good grief.

    • Usually boils down to user incompetence, those stills are pictures taken from a computer screen from a freeze frame of the video.. If the can’t figure out how to send out a full resolution picture directly from their DVR, they are not going to figure out setting up higher resolution or saving high resolution files temporarily, etc.

    • LOL @ BROCK SAMSON! that’s hilarious I totally see it.

  • “Mall Wart could WELL AFFORD better cams but they are too cheap to spring for them!!!! I’d say offhand they deserve to be robbed, with surveillance equipment as shoddy as the one portrayed here!!! The male of the pair does indeed look like a cartoon character, from this pic of him at least!!!

  • Conservative Stupidity

    BOYCOTT right wing bass turds.

  • I believe no money stays in our community from Walmart.
    They are corporate kingpins.
    Stealing your community away from you. I hope more tweakers go after places like walmart. They go hand in hand. Poor cameras lol that’s how they want it. Read between the lines. Insurance payed out from our tax dollars can cover it.

    • I helped personally, the donation of over $25000 dollars to LOCAL schools so your statement is incorrect. I hate Walmart but they do ALOT more for the community than you even know

      • Which is just one thing that is locally donated annually.

      • Oh yeah, WalMart shows they care. So they donated one entry level workers salary, while laying off hundreds, getting tax-breaks to the tune of hundreds of millions, while they sell ‘made in China’ crap to ‘patriotic’ Americans. (Who would “NEVER buy junk made in China! Gasp!”)

    • Oh and the picture on the left isn’t even taken at walmart

    • I don’t think workers drive from out of the area to work there right? So saying that money indeed stays here from Wally world.

    • The only problem is Walmart is the cheapest place to buy household staples and necessities. And if its a super center that’s a double win. really, i mean who wants to go to multiple stores and PAY MORE money for the exact same items AND take up more hours of your day when you don’t have to? NOT ME.

  • Is that Max Headroom?

    • Certainly looks that way, from the crappy picture posted, from the cheapo surveillance cams they use!!!

  • Bruce Atterbury

    Judging by the stills, I’d say you have a male and female hominid..certainly bipedal!

  • I saw them at Winco between 6-6:30 AM but didnt know they were wanted by EPD from Walmart until now, and its 5:02pm

  • “If one spends an extra $100-$300, they can a system with 1080p quality! ”

    Yup. Don’t need 4K at all.
    Looks like those photos are much lower resolution… 480 or 640.

  • That gift card can be deactivated at any time, they could have shut it off as soon as they left the building..

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