[UPDATE 10:14 a.m.: Open to One-way Traffic Control ] 101 Blocked Near Orick by Down Trees and Powerlines

Road closedAt approximately 7:42 a.m., two fir trees fell across Hwy 101 several miles north of Orick. Powerlines were pulled down into the road. The entire highway is blocked and multiple vehicles are unable to get through.

According to an emergency dispatch operator, the California Highwy Patrol and Caltrans, as well as PG&E, are responding to the scene. PG&E is reporting that it will be around 8 a.m. before they are able to get to the scene.

About 50 PG&E customers in the area are without power.

Please let folks know that heading north on Hwy 101 past Orick will not be possible for some time. We’ll update as soon as possible.

UPDATE 9:11 a.m.: According to a caller to dispatch, the trees are down near Lostman Creek Road.

UPDATE 10:14 a.m.: One-way traffic control is set up and vehicles are moving through the area.



  • Last night was scary. Trees breaking and falling all around. It was like thunder without the flash. I may need the chainsaw to get out today.

  • Ice and snow taking down trees here (just South of Pillsbury) 20F and beautiful…from my warm kitchen window. This could be the year I use the “emergency stash” of firewood. Be safe. (I had thunder here last night.)

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