[UPDATE 12:19 p.m.] Traffic Collision at 5th and T Street

Accident in Eureka

[Photo by Mark McKenna]

At approximately 11:55 a.m., a collision occurred near the intersection of 5th of T Street in Eureka. One juvenile was injured.

Accident in Eureka

[Photo by Mark McKenna]

UPDATE 12:19 p.m.: The road is clear.



  • Wake up and buy a coffee

  • Put down the phone, and nobody gets hurt!

      • Sorry to disappoint but a phone was not a factor in this collision just a very sudden stop by the pickup in the middle of the intersection which led to the van rear ending the truck
        The truck is very large with a camper restricting view of any forward traffic in front of truck, truck slammed on brakes in middle of intersection where most people don’t expect traffic to stop and she smacked the truck.

    • don’t be so judgmental.. she wasn’t on the phone..

  • PayAttentionToThe2WayStopSigns

    When I lived in Oakland, I thought that there couldn’t be a place with worse drivers. Then I moved to Eureka. Seen more crashes, on residential surface streets, in 1 year here than I did in 3 years living on a VERY busy street in West Oakland.

  • im thinking start charging people $500 to be on there phone. hire a under cover cop to just catch people on there phones. impound there car. next take license. this will stop. bet i see 10 a day fucking up traffic while on there phones.

  • Female Fortuna cop drove by me when walking dog just texting away, she had her phone in hand on wheel and typing with the other…. we’re watching you

    • Unfortunately, it’s legal for law enforcement to use handheld devices while driving. Of course, the science that proves people can’t multitask applies to all human beings, including LEO’s.

  • Broadway in EUK is always a mess! People driving autos like they are on a race track / bumper car derby, tweekers on bike or foot with all their belongs and dogs jostling about as they jay walk or run between traffic …. then throw in the weather, rush hours, drug/alcohol and a royal dose of selfish behavior and its a wonder there isn’t more accidents along this part of EUK roadway. We need civility or a better transit system (or both!).

    • I’m sorry to disappoint you but when we drive on the racetrack at Redwood Acres Raceway it’s 20 times safer than driving on Broadway and yes I do race at Redwood Acres

  • Also raced in the last four boat races which are a form of demolition race and was still safer than driving on Broadway

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