[UPDATE: Fatal Accident] Pickup Over the Embankment; Technical Rescue Requested

Hwy 36 Fatal fatalityAccording to scanner traffic, a white Dodge F250 went off Hwy 36 and over the embankment at mile marker 30 east west of Bridgeville. The incident was reported at approximately 3:05 p.m. but may have happened earlier in the day.

A request was placed for an ambulance as well as the technical rescue team.

UPDATE 3:21 p.m.: The occupant is reported to be deceased. The correct mile marker is 23.24.



  • Hoping for the best for these… people!!! It take skill to drive this road without snow on it but with snow forget it you absolutely NEED chains, or this will be your result!!! Not the smartest thing to do!!!

  • Condolences to the family, sorry this happened!!!

  • Was this the one from yesterday or is this a new one today too? R i p condolences to the family

  • Is this the same story as the one that was stuck in a tree?

  • The one from yesterday are in the hospital recovering it was my friends parents

  • Highway 36. How many people die on this road every year? It seems there’s a gnarly wreak there once a week. Godspeed on victims soul

  • Not quite once a week but at least once a month!!!

  • * passed it on our drive…No snow there just wet…it was one of those spots with no shoulder 😔 prayers for the family

  • Another Highway 36 deaths statistic

  • Carlottaresident

    I saw this when my sons and I drove up to Bridgeville to play in snow. It’s actually on the west side of Bridgeville.

  • So that would put it somewhere around Goat’s Rock?

  • Not a good time to be on the road if you can help it. If not, throw an extra coat, boots, flashlight, and some water (eating snow is not a good option) in the vehicle. Let someone know your intended route and schedule. Fully charge the phone, if you have one; you might get lucky and get stuck somewhere with reception. Know the capabilities of your self and vehicle; if you are not sure, don’t do it.

    And if you have the option of hunkering down and staying off the road until Sunday, why not do that? Just my $0.02, it can be pretty scary out there.

    • Yes- people are such busy bodies. Just stay home, save the first responders some grief. Pretty much anything can wait for a day or two.

      • … such an insensitive thing to say without knowing the details .

        “Save the first responders some grief!?!???”” …


  • This was my brother ….

    We are from San Diego, not familiar with your roads or conditions etc.

    He was up there helping a friend by watching their dogs.

    He was not a careless man, a “busy body”, “ignorant” for not having chains or what we else people decide to assume when someone ends up this way.

    It was his friends truck, not his.

    He was a great man, brother , father and friend.

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