$3,200 Charged on Stolen Gas Card; Sheriff’s Office Wants to Know if You Recognize People Captured on Surveillance Camera

Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office is seeking the public’s help to identify suspects captured on video surveillance using a stolen gas card.
According to the victim, the Renner Petroleum credit card was stolen out of the victim’s vehicle in Arcata early January of this year. The suspects charged over $3,200 to the card throughout the month of January at Renner stations across Humboldt County.
If you recognize the people or vehicles pictured in these surveillance photos, or have any additional information regarding this case, please contact Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Allen at (707) 441-5302.Suspects in gas card theft Suspects in gas card theft Suspects in gas card theft Suspects in gas card theft Suspects in gas card theft Suspects in gas card theft Suspects in gas card theft Suspects in gas card theft Suspects in gas card theft Suspects in gas card theft Suspects in gas card theft Suspects in gas card theft Suspects in gas card theft



  • It’s the Bank Of Meth debit card. Easy payment terms. No background check. When you are done, just trade it for mo drugs.

    • This is just the tip of the Iceberg with this group. All fueled by Meth. Our local Humboldt homegrown addicts that need to be dealt with. These people have cost the locals thousands of dollars.

  • Eldon G. Whitehead


  • Did the victims immediately notify Renner once they noticed the fuel card was missing? Based on the date stamps on the videos, it appears the fraudulent charges occurred over about a 6 week period.

  • Faces of meth

  • Off with their hands!

  • The Pride of Humboldt

  • Looked like it was passed from dealer to dealer .addict to addict.

  • Sleepy Alligator

    The owner of the card should have cancelled the damn thing when it got stolen. Or at least after the first $100. Or at the very least well before it hit $3000. Looks like the card became the community free for all with that many people videod using it.

  • Eli perdita scott and the old man heavy set one is perditas dad others are local tweeker trash the one with the hood on was in shell two morning ago spun to the hilt they are ruthless thieves they will literally steal anything they were running with Ryan McNeil and his gf Jessica for a while lookout and lockup

  • Perdeda Hess,Eli,Kevin Roselund

  • Veteran's Friend

    It requires a code for me to use my RENNER card. And anyone with a brain knows not to write your code on your card. So let this be a lesson to everyone, especially the person who lost this particular card.
    Does the law that leaves one not responsible for fraudulent charges over $50 apply on this type card as it does on VISA cards? Or are these folks on the hook for the whole amount?

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Picture number seven is Grizzly Adams I’m betting his bear, Ben, was rooting through trash cans, cops should look for bear tracks and take plaster casts.

    Picture nine looks like some dude from Metalicca, cops ought to look over some of those albums for a name to that face.

    The last picture looks like Princess Leia’s doper step sister, Princess Tweekalot prolly find her at The Mos Eisley Tavern in Eureka or walking by the library.

    Hope this helps…

  • fuckwalterwhite.com

    They all knew the code for weeks. But the owner didn’t change the code,or cancel the card?
    Stolen? Or traded away.
    If you work in Old Town,you’ve seen most of these jackals around.

  • For your information the person in the 7th picture was not aware that the card was stolen. And his daughter wasn’t aware that it was either. The person that let my daughter use the card didn’t bother to tell her that it was a stolen card.

  • Kevin Rosenlund

    My name is Kevin Rosenlund, I am the one in picture no. 7. First let me say the comment made by Honeydew, Funny as hell. But seriously, this is the first i heard of any stolen card. I was asked to bring a gas can to the renner station in scotia and she would put gas in my car. I never saw a gas card nor did i know any code to use a gas card. I already put a call in to the sheriff and i got a machine. To the person that owns the card, I am sorry this happened and I am more than willing to pay for the gas I got. I did not know anything about a stolen card.

  • Thanks to you ones that know who they are, get their names out their so the rest of the folks can get them off the streets. Its that easy to work as folks working together to fight crime. Thank you!!

  • A cash card would be the only kind a thief could steal and use.
    That would be a fairly large amount of money on a cash card.
    Otherwise how would they know the code?

  • Under California Code, Civil Code – CIV § 1747.02, non-business users of pin operated gas cards are protected from fraudulent use the same as if it were a stolen credit card. If the customer’s credit application was for personal use and not a business, they will be liable for very limited reimbursement of the bill, at most. The card issuer will be familiar with this law, but will probably attempt to collect anyway.

  • This card was stolen from a wallet. No one noticed. The card owner has a local business and like most hard working people he got distracted and didn’t check his account for a month or two. It happens.

  • So they were the ones that stole the boat and jet skis from rio dell earlier this summer , recently they tried to steal a travel trailer from stafford and a dump trailer a couple nights later and last week Randall bulk soil by the old mill got their gate ripped down and service truck stolen the truck was found in Scotia I haven’t heard of what was taken They were running with that Ryan McNeil guy they got busted in elk River with all the chainsaws weed and drugs and they let him out of jail for hours later even though he have a truck full of stolen property that he probably stole from working people they are all scum bag junkies

    • They all live at Kim C. house half way down Belleview rd rio dell on the right , all a bunch of lying thieves, good morning Beau

    • You are too funny, I guess you got it all figured out then dont you? But in case you don’t, Ryan McNeil got released because all of the stuff in the back of his truck WAS HIS! Ryan has worked his whole life (10 hr days/ 7 days a week at times)and has quite a bit of tools that he paid for over the years. The only things that were “stolen” were the drugs. And why? Because the guy he took all that weed from is his former “best friend”, Donnie Godbey. This dirtbag, Donnie owes Ryan more like 30 lbs after Ryan was kind enough to help a friend, not just the 8 that was taken that night. But dont you all worry… poor Dirtbag Donnie got his weed back just not the felony drugs that were also his. It’s sad that so many people can sit back and shout out accusations about shit they dont know shit about because its easier to label someone than to give them a chance. I know for a fact that Ryan would love to be back working full time, and has actively put in applications all over. Its comments like this that make it impossible for him to get a job. Your comments and uneducated accusations just add to the communities problems when you criple people from even becoming a functioning part of society.

  • Looks like tye scumbag meth gang struck again. Why not just wait at renner for them?
    Are our investigatirs dummer then hese criminals? Apparently!!!
    Scumboldt style!

  • Rio Dell’s finest

  • 6 looks like Carrie springs

  • People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones
    Especially when there “local”

  • Well….hmm….looks like this card has been traded for other things

  • I know who all these people are did they get caught

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