[UPDATE 2:38 p.m.] 101 Seeing ‘Significant Snowfall’ on Hwy 101 From Piercy Through to South of Laytonville

Snowfall north of Laytonville March 2, 2018

[Photo provided by a reader]

Snow is impacting travel on Hwy 101 from Piercy to the Bell Springs Road turnoff south of Laytonville. The CHP Traffic Incident Information Page reports, “Significant snowfall.”

There has already been one accident just south of Laytonville. Caltrans is being requested to plow the highway.

For the most recent information on roads throughout the Emerald Counties, go our post Highways and Byways: Snow Continues to Fall Impacting Travel.

Snowfall north of Laytonville March 2, 2018

Laytonville [Photo provided by a reader]

UPDATE 2:38 p.m.: Caltrans has issued the following alert: “Hwy 101 – Multiple traffic incidents around the Laytonville area due to weather. Reduce speed and drive with extra caution!”

Video of snow falling in Laytonville by David Jefferys



  • and all i’ve had here in clearlake city is a short flurry around noon .
    could get more , Cobb is all white up there and its only 37 right now as i type with lots moisture heading our way.
    drive safe
    or better yet , stand back and get a laugh at the crazy ones driving in it .

  • Maybe they mean ‘Covelo Road south of Laytonville?’

    • My error. When I initially began the story the snowfall was reported just to Bell Springs Road. Later reports took the snowfall to south of Laytonville and I neglected to delete the part about Bell Springs.

  • At first I was surprised they closed the schools, but as today unfolded, I was glad they did. It was not a good day to be on any roads.

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