[UPDATE Saturday] Car Caught in Trees After Plunge Over Side of Hwy 36; Search and Rescue Enroute

Traffic Collision Car AccidentA search and rescue team, the Hayfork fire crew, and an ambulance are responding to where a vehicle slid off Hwy 36 about nine miles east of the junction with Hwy 3 at approximately 5:17 p.m. The vehicle is estimated to be about 60 feet over an embankment and reportedly suspended in trees. The vehicle is unstable and a man is trapped inside.

The responders are struggling through snowy conditions to reach the accident scene where a 65-year-old man needs to be extricated. Caltrans is on scene attempting to assist the victim. They have already helped a woman exit the vehicle. There are also two dogs but it isn’t clear if the dogs are still in the vehicle or have exited it.

Hayfork Volunteer Fire Department is having to respond from about 45-minute drive away as Post Mountain Volunteer Fire recently disbanded due to lack of volunteers.

UPDATE 8:22 p.m.: As of 8:05 p.m., crews were still working on extrication.

UPDATE 9 p.m.: Cal Fire reached the accident scene at 8:42 p.m. The ambulance is en route to Trinity Hospital with the female patient. Crews are still working on extricating the male.

UPDATE Saturday: The male victim was taken to the hospital about 10:24 p.m. on Thursday night.



  • May they all make it home safe!

  • May Post Mountain find enough qualified volunteers to reopen SOON!!! It will make a huge difference in response time!!! Which in cases such as this are critical!! Hope they make it out of the car unharmed & soon!!!

    • I’ll settle for not too badly injured instead of no injuries, looks like that one is off the table!!! Best of luck to the victims & a big thank you, to EMS / First Responders whether paid or volunteer!!!

  • This was my mom and her boyfriend big thank you to everyone

  • It was a huge job car 75′ down in trees on its side in heavy snow and the male victim trapped weighed 400#
    Great job Hayfork fire, Trinity county life support, cal fire, Trinity SAR , cal trans. Over 5 hours start to finish

  • Thanks for the update grumpy, we have some truly dedicated folks helping out there.
    Many thanks to them a million times over ♥

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Forest Service used to always lock horns with Pot Mountain FD, just as they do with Cal Fire. During Stafford they were screaming at Cal Fire over who was in charge of the pad we cleared when the fire broke out. Fires seem to drag on forever with The Green Bullies around, Cal Fire will help defend your place if you stay and fight.

    Pot Mountain really needs to get that back up and running, because they have kept many small fires from going big, where The Green Bullies sit and watch, waiting for law enforcement claiming they fear the dope growers.

    Granted some dope growers are aggressive towards FD, shooting at them, blocking roads, etc. This is where a local scene can really help.

    My guess is most of the Pines will empty out as dope growing goes bust.

  • The Weather is happening, slow down and pay attention.

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