Two Car Collision in McKinleyville

Two vehicle collision

[Photo by Lloyd Snyder]

This morning at approximately 8:07 a.m., two sedans collided on Centra Avenue and Murray Road in McKinleyville.

According to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page, both vehicles impacted traffic. The occupants received only minor injuries.



  • unbridled phillistine

    So are we changing the name of McKinleyville also? Or what all the dips are in Arcata only? What he ever do anyway? Cept killed in office.. He really does not deserve the bad wrap..

    • You asked what did he do and then conclude “he” does not deserve the bad wrap. Perhaps you should do some research?

      • unbridled phillistine

        Not worth the effort when I have book burning, Statue removing [edit] like you telling me whats, what.Researched and guess what the natives lost the war! History is written by the winners and bad things happen in history when things are one sided.. I do not feel bad or guilty for anything my for fathers did to the natives here in Humboldt, Nor should I. You hold current values on life that did not exist back then. So sorry the winners statues should remain.

        • Interesting you came up with your name calling from what I first posted. As such, you are not worth it because people like you will always be ignorant– You have no appreciation for diversity or learning new things. Why don’t you grow up?

          • unbridled phillistine

            Don’t you have a statue to take down somewhere? You are just as responsible as everybody else that has made this world what it is..Why dont you grow up Dan and except the way things are and be honest about what reality we live in.

        • I love how you make no effort to sound like a sensible human being. Thanks for making it easy to pick sides.

    • William McKinley Dismantled Five Civilized Tribes

      McKinley took office as the Dawes Commission, headed by Henry Dawes, was dismantling the Five Civilized Tribes. Established in 1893, the commission was charged with convincing the Choctaw, Creek, Chickasaw, Seminole and Cherokee to accept individual land allotments and register with the federal Dawes Rolls.

      Prior treaty agreements exempted the Five Civilized Tribes from the Dawes Act of 1887, which allowed the President to break up reservation land and reassign it to individual allottees. But the Curtis Act of 1898, whose purpose was to dismember the sovereign status of the Five Civilized Tribes, overturned those treaties and abolished the tribes’ governments, invalidated their laws and dissolved their courts.

    • Please tell me you are joking. Can someone be that ignorant of history?

    • I think McKinleyville should revert to its old moniker;

      Little Oklahoma By The Sea

      • when you review the history and data associated with it. you find it would be more accurate to call it Missouri by the sea or Arkansas, due to the fact that most came from those two States to settle it. Crannell was booming at the time.

    • Killing savages for money..............

      Arcata was named Union town or just Union, back in the days. But a bunch of Republican lumber mill owners didn’t like unions telling them what to do. Somewhat like today. So they picked Arcata which is an indian word meaning “around the bay”. And just to make a point the Republican conservative Christian owners organized a group of racists, similar to the Southern KKK conservatives, to sneak late at night onto Woodley Island with knives, hatchets, axes and clubs and murdered over 240 peaceful native old men, old women, young children, babies and pregnant mothers. They were told not to use guns as the shooting would alarm the people in Eureka. Because the sheriff was a conservative Republican and a friend of the mill owners no one was arrested or charged in the massacre. It was one of many massacres of indians in California that resulted in no arrests. If Trump lived in those day he would have loved the environment. The Sacramento State Library has all of the recorded history.

  • Mckinley he hollered, Mckinley squalled,
    The doc says “Mckinley, I can’t find that ball.”
    From Buffalo to Washington

    Roosevelt in the White House, he’s doin’ his best,
    Mckinley in the graveyard, he’s takin’ his rest.
    From Buffalo to Washington.

    From “The White House Blues” sung by Charlie Poole 1926

  • Those vehicles look pretty mangled. Glad to hear there were no serious injuries.

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