Major Injury Accident on Bluffs Between Garberville and Redway Last Night

Yellow dog and Australian ShepherdAn accident occurred on the Bluffs near Evergreen Road between Garberville and Redway at approximately 11:56 p.m. A Chevy Silverado went off the road and landed on its roof. One person had to be extricated and received major injuries, according to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page.

Two dogs went missing after the accident. Rochelle Agers reached out to us asking us to get the word out. She said, “[Three] dogs were in the truck of the …accident on the bluffs. 1 of them has been found and the 2 others are still missing.”

In another post on the Hey, Garberville page on Facebook, she said. The dogs answer to the French language. The black one’s “name is Weirikuta and other is Nippu.

She suggested messaging her on Facebook if you have information.

UPDATE 9:31 a.m.: The dogs have been located, according to one reader.



  • Om mani padme hum 💛💐

  • Kym, did you mean 11:56 PM?

  • Kym, Do you mean the dogs owner is French and therefore the dogs primary human language is French. The way it’s written at first it looks like the dogs answer to [the name] French. In other words, one would say “Viens ici, chien” for come here dog.

    • Thank you for pointing that out. I updated the piece to show that they are used to being spoken to in French. Luckily, they have been located.

      • There is probably nothing worse than being badly hurt and then losing your loved ones as well, human (of course) and animal. Glad for all. Now prayers for the injured soul.

  • Im so glad they found the other dogs, hopefully alive and well!?

  • Nippu looks so cute !!!
    Hopefully she wasn’t named after… ‘nip you’.

  • Obamastillisatraiter

    French dogs, how nice, are they rude?

  • Nothing against Rochelle Agers. We almost found out the hard way, years ago, that a harness and a medium/short sturdy leash attaching the dog to a strong part of the vehicle can prevent heart ache in an accident like this. We have setups in both our truck and our SUV, just for that. I came extremely close to being hit by another vehicle and had to slam on my brakes. My Labrador was in the very back of our VW bus, but ended up on the floor of the front. She was unhurt, but very shook up. That day, we rigged a “seat belt” for her. Every car and truck since has had full set-ups for all our dogs since. You can buy special ones or make a sturdy one. Just do not attach it to their collar or they could have their neck broken. Our dogs are like our kids. Lets treat them that way, too.

  • these are giant frenchies!!! Hope their all home and safe, they cant make decisions when riding, they have to make the best of it , there are best friends please take care of your co-pilots, there paws are in your hands

  • I work up evergreen road. Trust me people down there not all of them drive like there’s no tomorrow

  • groba dude osnt trustafarian

    Not gonna say it!

    Aw hell, slow down between Gooberville and Redway, it’s only about 6500 feet between the 55mph sign and the 35 mph sign, so you are not required to hit 95, and everywhere else out Briceland etc until you have to stop for the ocean. There is no reason to hurry…

    French folks drive for shit even in France…

  • I’d like to see the speed limit there lowered to 45.

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