City of Arcata Seeking Public Opinion on Establishing New Policies Regarding Adult Cannabis Retail Sales & Services

This is a press release from the City of Arcata:

City of ArcataThe City of Arcata is currently in the process of considering new policies and establishing regulations on adult cannabis retail sales & services and is encouraging the public to share their opinions.

The City of Arcata’s Community Development Department has put together a short online survey where citizens can weigh in on topics including the possibility of allowing retail cannabis sales & services in all of Arcata’s commercial districts, future cannabis retail business permitting requirements, cannabis retail business cap limitations within the Plaza and Arcata city limits, cannabis sales & services location standards and regulations, the consumption of adult cannabis on the premises of designated businesses and regulated adult consumption of cannabis at outdoor fairs, festivals and special events.

The survey can be found at, by visiting the City of Arcata’s Facebook page, or by clicking the following link:

The survey will be online and open to the public until 5pm on Friday, March 9, and its results will be presented to the Arcata City Planning Commission and City Council to help inform their upcoming decisions on these matters.

Citizens are encouraged to contact Arcata’s Community Development Department with any questions or comments regarding the survey by calling 707-822-9955.



  • Hmmm. First legalize it? Federal laws aren’t changed by just a couple of states outside a US Congressional debate. Permission of all 50 states is mandatory or CA/Humboldt/Arcata are functioning as cartels. Is one of the questions on the survey about exporting excess pot out of the state? Just wondering.

  • Alas, I doubt my checking “None” on every question will result in any actual reduction of cannabis consumption in the area…

  • Sharpen your pencil

    They want public opinion or mob rule?

  • Local Skeptic Thru Observation

    Arcata City Council members:

    First you ban growing altogether, then you raise power rate tax to the high-volume users in an attempt to make $$ off of those you KNOW are breaking the law… not to mention the public smoking ban.

    Now you want to do a 180 and encourage it all instead?!?

    OK, I’ll stoop to a new low and say it: WE TOLD YOU SO. TIME & TIME AGAIN. BUT YOU KNEW BETTER, RIGHT?

    More short-sighted, greedy local politicians making stupid & costly decisions, right from day 1. The city council is obviously so out of touch with their constituents that they ALL NEED TO BE VOTED OUT.

  • it just wants to get in on the tax windfall and get its share.

  • Is that the McKinley statue near the center of the Arcata city seal?

    • I think you just opened up another ‘can of worms’. ……….and let the protests begin, once again………..Thanks for the Sunday laugh!

  • Po ick ur battles

    Yea but they’re gonna replace it with a homeless guy spanging in front of the storehouse.

  • With the huge surplus of marijuana in humboldt County good luck selling that shit for 3-6 grand a p at dispensaries inside county limits.

    • Not just a county surplus, a nation wide surplus. Alot of states besides Cali who are over producing and flooding other states. Mass and Maine are flooding non legal east coast states with cheap indoor commercial cannabis.

  • Time to call for emergency funding to economic rehabilitate Rural Northern California. It is time that we are treated the same as others through out California. We deserve the same treatment!!! Look at the You tube videos for Sacramento. Ag Capital of the world. Farm to Fork programs which engage 1000s of Farmers growing crops that they can sell without the horrible stress of being robbed or killed. What a concept. Interfacing with healthy people who are open to communication and making money legally! Not addicted to drugs.
    Time to implement work training programs for Adults and the youth. Look at U C Davis extension programs. Absolutely no excuse not to allow Rural Californians the opportunity to train at home. No excuse to deny this region an opportunity to find economic autonomy and stability outside of the Cannabis market. Hey Politicians!! Stop diverting work training funds and lift the Emerald Triangle out of poverty and chaos. This was your promise. Keep it! Next Town Meeting Retraining Funds and Small Businesse grants.

  • Better off working on building a time machine to go back and change all of the terrible decisions this council has made so far regarding this issue. It is long since over people, seriously. Let’s get onto something more current. Like, how are we suddenly so flush that we can toss $70,000 at REMOVAL of a statue?! Do we not have any more pressing issues left? Nobody in Arcata is hungry, sick, homeless, or needs our help in any Way? And, we still have $70,000 or more left? Yeah, totally, let’s drop it on statue removal. Oh, and dirt cleaning, our dirt in Arcata is dirty. We should allocate some funds for that immediately.
    Come on Brett, you are our only hope in there right now. Don’t let them intimidate you like that again with that mob rule b.s. Force the discussion, bring new ideas, and stand up for them, don’t be just another shill. They got that pretty covered

  • ~the above comments give me heart pleasure . . .

    Crimes committed in furtherance of a ‘policy.’ Policy is Not law. ‘Police,’ just change the ‘e’ to a ‘y’ and you get Policy Police Practicing Policy Procedure. Scary -esp. w/30 too many, per population, costumed Eureka Police.

    ‘Ordinance,’ for fact, is not law either. An Ordinance is for the corporate, don’t-add-any-value-to-society, jobs, and, on quasi-municipal entity’ land. Like a NO Parking zone.

    The prohibition against graven images is before the prohibition of murder. Greenhouses reek ginormous mounds of nasty dirt to produce a facsimile (idolatry) plant.

    No reason whatsoever for not choosing to focus on ‘something more current.’

    “Economic depression cannot be healed by legislative action or executive pronouncement. Economic wounds must be healed by the action of the cells of the economic body – the producers and the consumers themselves. -Hoover.

    The status quo and their funny money gotta go, one way or the other, or we’ll fail fruition of why we’re now here.

    Serve the trinity without name:
    love, light, and life

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