Freezing Fog Predicted Tonight, Extreme Weather Shelter Open

Frost and fog

Tonight, volunteers are opening the Extreme Weather Shelter at the Healy Senior Center in Redway for those in need of a warm place to stay. The National Weather Service is predicting freezing fog with temperatures down to 27 degrees tonight.

The Shelter will be open from 6 p.m. to 8 a.m. Peg Anderson who helps operate the shelter said that this makes the fifth night the shelter will open this week. Luckily, she said, “The volunteers are being amazing. That is a lot to ask to be there five days [this week] of doing sheltering for us.”

Dinner and breakfast will be provided as usual. Remember there is no weekend bus service and no accommodations for dogs at the Shelter this time.

Anderson asked for donations if possible. “We could use warm jackets and hats,” she explained. “We need men’s jackets, hats, and gloves…We don’t need women’s clothing.”




  • Thanks Healy Center and Peg Anderson and the other volunteers for showing the compassion that is all too often lacking around here.

  • No dogs… that ensures many are left outdoors regardless of the offer of shelter. Oh, you have a dog? Stay outside or leave it outside? That sucks. How’s that work? For many, their dog is their only companion, often performing a service of health and safety. I for one would rather freeze than leave my companion; I have. Why’s it so hard to allow an occasional animal at the discretion of the shelter volunteers?
    On the same hand, thank goodness for the shelter. Thank you to the volunteers who care enough to help. We’re all just human and being freezing cold is awful.

    • Or maybe its because they have their dogs to keep them warm? Hmmmm?

    • Hay Your mom why dont you set up something to help the dogs

    • You’ve clearly never spent the night outdoors in below freezing weather. I have, more than I could count. With and without my dog. A pet is nice to have to help stay warm but they will not keep you from hypothermia in most extreme situations. Many people would never, ever leave their companion just for their own selfish needs of shelter. You can’t dismiss this.
      I also have and will continue to help shelter people less fortunate than myself at this point. Yeah, with dogs. So, thank you for the suggestion. I don’t have the means to set up a community shelter or I would. It breaks my heart to see anyone suffering, I know exactly what it feels like to be out there, you dont forget. I also understand the logistical issues having multiple pets and personalities in one small area presents. I’m not suggesting anything other than more consideration for “those people’s” lives and companions. It’s a hard situation. I am utterly grateful to each and every volunteer and the organizers of our local shelters. Regardless of my observation, not complaint, I thank you all very deeply for everything you do to help.

  • I feel sad for the dogs .

  • It’s sometimes easy to be judgemental and think a person who can’t take care of himself shouldn’t have a pet. I’ve been blessed enough to have never been homeless but if I were, I’d probably try to have a dog. A dog will reliably “watch your back”. A dog can be a great psychological comfort. One can also be warm on a cold night. I understand why people have them, even people who really can’t afford it. A dog could easily be the most important “possession” a person could have.

  • I volunteer as a Host. I find it interesting and disturbing the comments about what we volunteers “should” do, from people I have never seen volunteer time or other resources. Anyone can participate and help out, Anyone complaining can shelter people or dogs. You could fund raise. You could ask the other churches and bldgs managers about using the space and about accepting dogs.
    “Lead, follow, or get out of the way”. Don’t complain about something others are doing voluntarily, when you aren’t doing something yourself. Often we can’t shelter because there aren’t enough overnight volunteers. Contact Yashi or Peg Anderson. They are too nice to say anything, so I’m speaking up. Goodnight.

    • I’m not complaining a bit. I’m completely thankful for everything. Sheltering people saves lives and there is nothing to complain about there. Only gratitude to you… I can’t thank the shelter volunteers enough.
      I was only pointing out an issue which is actually very upsetting to some people who are in the position of needing help, seeing help, but being unable to reach out and grab it. It’s a big deal when you’re the one who’s cold and outdoors. It matters. It’s something to think about. For those people who do have the means to organize shelter for their fellow humans, accepting pets at the discretion of the volunteers could be considered in the future. Well-behaved, leashed, tethered to the wall, pet people in a separate area, limited numbers, etc., if possible. This is not a complaint. I just know that we are all human and the love and companionship we feel for our families and pets and community members on a whole should not be considered disposable, nor should it be limited to people we deem personally worthy, needy “enough,” or fit to provide help to.
      There is not a fraction of a complaint in my words. And, let me assure you, i have spent untold days, months, years, attending to the daily needs of our homeless population.
      Just speaking up.

  • Question. If the Mattel Center is near broke and strapped for cash then how can they pay to advertise here for shows that probably won’t pay the basic bills?

  • I say leave the people out side and Bring the dogs in.

  • The Healy Center is very near the Respite that Paul Encimer is trying to open in Redway. I’m glad the hate-the-homeless trolls haven’t hit the Healty center yet, and I urge you, Kim, to keep them away from those that are doing good with limited resources. Thanks to the Senior Center, and may Redway find it in their heart to allow Paul to continue his good works.

    • Yes I agree with you and I think that the community should be working with Paul to help with a security plain and other issues and not tryings to push him out if they work with them it’s more likely to work in a way that is good for everyone keeping the yards clean Community Watch and helping over see what’s going on if they try to push him out it might just cause a bigger mess that can get out of control of those who think they are the powers that be
      God help us all

      • I thought the plan was the 10.9 earthquake in the Cascadia subduction zone then the FEMA camps and let them sort it out from there

        • Remember the rainbow Joe Dirt Let me judge man as he judges his brother as he cast down his brother let him be cast down it is not time to judge the multitude but the time is coming 2 seconds to midnight is but a blink of the eye

  • Thank you volunteers! Yes it’s cold, and I appreciate all that you do for others. However, as far as the homeless and animals go. It frustrates me that many people don’t realize that if you have a dog (pet), you can collect an extra $150.00 a month through our governmental services, ie: Welfare, SS, SSI, etc. Yet, most is spent on drugs and alcohol, not food for the animal. I do know this! Anyone can look it up, and then the dogs are tossed aside. Totally not blaming the volunteers, but the owners use them for a profit, many do need the companionship, then they drop them like stink on shit when times get tough, and now the dogs get to freeze alone. Shame on them! Again, not the volunteers problem. Just say’in.

    • Really? I’ve literally never met a homeless person who’s done this. Ever in all my years. What, do you know like a couple piece of trash street kids trimagrints who did that so that’s what you think now? Or you see homeless people with dogs, then you see loose dogs, so you put 2 & 2 together all on your own and get that?
      No, that’s not how it works. That’s like saying hey some foster parents take the foster care money and then neglect the kids. It happens. But you don’t just say hey screw foster parents, all they do is use the system and abuse the kids. Because most of them are wonderful loving people. Same here.
      Your statements are bullshit, judgemental, dismissive, and full of disdain for people you don’t even know or deserve to know. Sorry if the only people you know are the types who would spend their aid on drugs and alcohol and then kick their pets to the curb. That’s not real life. You should either widen your social circle or your emotional perspective.

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