Victim in Hoopa Homicide the Older Sister of the Suspect

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office has identified the victim of Saturday’s homicide in Hoopa as 33-year-old Angel Aubrey. Angel Aubrey is the sister of case suspect, 30-year-old Antone Aubrey.

Antone AubreyAntone Aubrey was arrested in connection to the homicide shortly after the incident occurred on Feb. 17. He was located nearby the scene of the crime.

Angel Aubrey’s cause of death has been determined as a gunshot wound. The homicide weapon was recovered at the scene.

The motive of this homicide is still under investigation.

Anyone with information related to this case is encouraged to contact Investigator Jennifer Turner at (707) 268-3642.

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  • Rest in peace, my dear Angel!! Give your mama and Issac my love! I will miss you!!

  • I just cannot fathom that I would step in front of a bullet for my sister. So very sad rest in peace

  • It’d be great if every assault/break in/murder crime press release made a point of saying if victim knew their perp or not. Or were one person removed.
    It seems like at least 90% of these types of crimes fall in that category(?)

    Personally I think its important to help quell unnecessary fears, when there are a lot of “random” crimes it of course puts people on edge.
    I dont know about anyone else, but the less stress and fear I have on a daily basis, the better.
    And sad but true, blood is not thicker than water!

  • How terribly sad. RIP

  • Sorry this happened cousins….i love u both…i can’t imagine what could have brought it this far…..but know I still love u😣

  • unbridled phillistine

    Geez would you look at this guy! Say he is average Joe from Hoopa? Hoopa scary place full of scary people like this guy…As for hurting a family member? Sure it is not his first time!

    • Forgive me, Kym Kemp, for my first thought in reading the ignorant comments. The words I’d love to say to most of you are better off left unsaid, which is exactly what you, and the likes of your kind, broadcasting in comments are unable to do. Tragic things happen everywhere. If I was unaware of the effects of a historical practice of maintaining a bloodline of royal blood thru incest caused, I would see nothing wrong with the way you people think. Your brains are naturally not wired right as a result of this generational incest. Therefore, your kind lack the mental capacity to see this is wrong or in any other way. So the rude & racist stupidity that stems from being descendants of incest idiots that you all must be, you are suffering from the inability to possess the quality traits which come naturally to all the rest. Unless you have been in similar situations yourself, have firsthand facts, or were there yourself – you have no clue what you all comment about so stupidly.Do yourself a favor and refrain from commenting on anything surrounding the rez, on the loss of a life, especially on the loss of a life on the rez. Any reservation for that matter. The reason for a lot of the stereotypes surrounding reservation life are a result of this very same inherent ingnorance thats still plagues us today. Crime isnt just here and nowhere else. The same kind of tragedy and crime and much much more far worse than I can even fathom goes on unreported in your neighborhood, your small towns, in your own home probably. But most of it gets covered up or hidden because money can make anything go away. The media is controlled by “upper class” and money makes it so don’t get put on blast in print their real crimes and if we pay the price, the shocking front page headline news-worthy stories won’t be only about us.

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