Search Warrant Served But Suspect Not Home


Fortuna Police along with other law enforcement raid a residence near Rhonerville Road.

Fortuna Police along with other law enforcement raid a residence near Rohnerville Road. [Photo provided by witness]

A search warrant was served in the 2100 block of Rohnerville Road by Fortuna Police today around 11:40 a.m. No arrests were made, according to Sgt. Charles Ellebrecht. At this time, he declined to release the name of the suspect.

Note: The Fortuna Police animal control truck was there on unrelated charges of fowl play–The officer was catching a loose chicken.



  • This is really a case of timely reporting of a non-event…

  • The chicken attempted to cross the road without sufficient justification, and was arrested.

  • looks like around $2,000.00 ( an hour ) in wasted law enforcement

    • As a reporter, I make a lot of phone calls before I get the answer I’m looking for but the calls are just steps towards the goal. I don’t consider it time wasted.

  • The picture is of the neighbors house not the house being searched, rather irresponsible reporting, I’m wondering how this reporter would like their house to be misrepresented as a crime scene?

    • There are at least four structures in the photo. None of those have been identified as the site of the search. I suspect you might be one of the very few people who are aware which is which. I certainly don’t know. The photo shows a line of law enforcement vehicles down a major street in Fortuna. While I’m sorry that makes you uncomfortable, I think showing a line of law enforcement vehicles is well within the norms of good reporting.

  • The picture is not on rohnerville road.

    • I’d say it’s right near where South Main and Rohnerville Road merge a little south of Wyckoff’s Plumbing Hardware.

      • You are correct in the location although it is Main and not South Main which would be further out Rhonerville Rd in the area of the old town of Rhonerville.

  • They look like the ghetto apartments on 12 street before the high school

  • I’m pretty sure it’s the house with 3 bmw in the driveway. I walk my dog past this house twice a day. 2 Tweakers in an orange corvette sit out front injecting drugs with no concern of others. The Victorian in the picture have working adults that live there. Just my thoughts an observation

    • well, this is another one of the situations where you dont know what your talking about. orange corvette? really? injecting drugs? seriously? im the owner of the home in the picture and how do you know i dont work? your assumptions are ridiculous. does anyone write stories or follow up on the outcome of these bullshit ass raids? NOPE, and if you did, you would look like a damn fool. get all of your god damn facts straight before you go and push some buttons. i drive the bmw and that is my home where they did not find anyone or whomever the suspect was……HHHMM? sure is funny because when they came here to do a search the cops told me it was for an illegal grow ?! and get this, they found NO ILLEGAL GROW. since they didnt find any illegal grow they looked and high and low for anything becasue they know they look like idiots so what did they come up with? apparently upgrading remolding your home has to have a permit. ok, i guess. so as officer taylor is making his frantic phone calls to the city because my wiring was apparently not up to code the suspect with whom they were looking for cruised on by and the funniest thing is that i was watching taylor watch the suspect go by and i can see taylors head slowly turning and watching not sure of what to do next… he looks at me and i just shrug my shoulders, cause its not my job to identify people its the cops, im just a tweeker in a corvette injecting drugs with no ones concern!!! HAHAH LMFAO. FYI*FYI* slander is NOT COOL and i promise this much, i have a better camera and i can play bullshit stories too! ever write any stories on any LIBEL cases….. ?????

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