79-Year-Old Fortuna Woman Arrested for Selling Methamphetamine

This is a press release from the Fortuna Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty: Barbara Engels

On February 20, 2018, Fortuna Police Department Detectives arrested a 79 year old Fortuna resident after receiving information that she was selling methamphetamine out of her residence.

Detectives obtained a search warrant, and arrested Barbara Engels after locating 3 grams of Methamphetamine at her residence in the 2100 block of Smith Lane in Fortuna.  Along with the Methamphetamine, detectives also located scales and packaging materials, all which were seized as evidence.

Engels was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, and released on her own recognizance at the scene.



  • unbridled phillistine

    She brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘Old School”… Crazy. Hard to fathom.

  • Supplemental (anti) social security.

  • If that is in the senior living village they should up her rent based on her actual “income”

  • Age does not confer sainthood. Means that more chances to learn have been offered but that doesn’t mean the person learned. I suspect that there might have been a long line of other transactions in her past.

  • does she have a 40/50 something year old loser offspring that is trying to get the house. if so got get them. this smells more like a plot by a tweaker. 3 grams is a hundred bucks.

  • Dang, can’t live on Social Security. What’s a girl supposed to do? Take up Knitting or Crocheting in your spare time 😉

  • She looks like she’s been spinning for a long time. Go granny, go granny, go granny go!

  • Easy money. It’s like Christmas when you have income coming in beyond your means. Drugs have become the quickest way to make a lot of money in a jiffy, feed your addictions and be on your own 9 to 5 schedule. Humboldt-we need to take matters somehow into our own hands. Addiction and crime are becoming cancerous. It is starting to over shadow the magic and spirit of our community. It makes me very sad some days.

    • “Humboldt-we need to take matters somehow into our own hands.” In deed.

      A real Grand Jury by June. I have four+ litigations in limbo. One is hemp, one is the million-a-month extortion labeled Measure Z, one is over a water meter on a private well, one is my car stolen by the Friendly City, (I have the whole shebang on Grand Jurys from Maine.)

      Myself +99 committed to getting the Firestorm meters off of our homes and businesses before we go up in flames this summer. inpowermovement.com

      freedomtaker.com has analog meters for $89.

      ~my two cents

  • Sigh of the times!

  • Cool! What an enterprising lady!

  • Dammit grandma, am I gonna have to bail you out again?


    Very sad read , there has to be more to the story,,, and she looks pretty good for the golden years.

  • Bluehaired Hillbetty

    There were a couple of old time dealers in our area for a long time. 30 plus years.One has passed but the other continues to deal, amazing. We always wondered why they never got busted, maybe Humboldt County has finally had enough.


    Maybe some sweet looking young Illegal immigrant came knocking on her door trying to sell Avon products then had a meltdown saying her kids were starving and the senior citizen bought the story, then the illegal immigrant male walked in; and you can take it from there…

  • I know this old gal, she only slinging it because she trying to pay rent and still have enough money for some grocery, like my old gran pappy use to say “if you cant make ends meet, your goin to end up on the street” thats what my ol gran pappy use to say.

    • I think she’s been ‘slinging it’ for decades, one kind or another. No one ‘needs’ to supply poison. But someone certainly “needs” her to hawk their product.

    • Marylee Richisonoconnor

      Do you know were she is now her phone dont ring anymore is she staying with her nina or her friend in mckinleyville.sorry her daughter nina this is her niece marylee richison oconnor an Im very worried about her.I live in corning ca.an cant get ahold of anybody that knows were she’s at

  • Sometimes I just want to go stand in a corner and beat my head against the wall. This is one of those times.

    • It’s not only that some people are stupidly self destructive. It’s that they have a cadre of greedy SOBs willing to profit from expediting their slide to the bottom, some wanting to drum up sympathy for their sliding and some saying it should be their choice to slide. Those people may be few in number but the shout loudest.

      • food for thought. adhd treatmrnt drugs are basicly meth. in the late 80s up till now the reauirements are fairly low to get a doctor to perscribe these to children. as the grow up , they often get take off of these legal meth drugs. however the addiction and habbits ha e been engrained deep in their coping skills. just as with pain suffers taken off their legal pills and turning to street drugs . this is a real thing. it isnt the street legel dealers that get folks hooked it is doctors andbig pharam. however most dont care as those folks drive fancy cars live in the city have lawyers etc. folks get upset about the street dealers because it is easier to blame all their troubles on that drity person with a run down house. the problem is larger than most want to admit and all factors never seem to be understood.

        • I was finding what you say about adhd drugs interesting and something I never heard. Right until you got to the street dealer issues. Then it went to sounding like an axe to grind. If doctors, teachers and parents are creating a problem, then they need be made aware. If doctors or drug manufacturers are doing it for greed, everyone needs to know. But street dealers are never anything but bad. Saying others are a problem too can never justify their existence.

          • i wasnt justifying them i was pointing out that there isnt much differance between doctors and drug companies and street dealers, other than with the street dealers they arent trying to convince you they are making you better. there was a doumentrey about this on net flix last year

      • Cristal is apparently analeptic in effect,destructive in nature and you, noisy people are educators,even those naive. Depressing.

  • At age 79 she should be allowed to take any drugs she wants. What a load of ageist comments!
    How could YOUNG people need speed? The wonderful little heart shaped “diet pills” in the fifties
    were perfect==Dexedrine + Miltown—Many many oldsters took them–(take them)–
    and doctors used to readily write the prescriptions.

  • ~well, there’s 16 that don’t care if we go up in flames.

    Continue to document your demise -that should help.


      Wrap lead foil around your smart meter I trust aftermarket analog power meters less than the pge approved smart meter I signed the petition, kept the old analog on my place up until 2 mos ago pge came in when I was gone changed it WRONG TOPIC anyway here

  • fuckwalterwhite.com

    Typo: she’s actually 37.

    This is what meth will do to you,kids.

  • Yes. Well. Probably a grandkid put her up to it. I’ve seen my neighbors have to walk away from the pharmacy without lifesaving medications because they can’t pay their rent and eat and pay for their meds. So maybe they ought to just let this one off with a warning. And three grams seems more like a personal stash to help her get up and meet the demands of the day, anyway.

  • I’ve seen my neighbors have to walk away from the pharmacy without lifesaving medications because they can’t pay their rent and eat and pay for their meds…. medications like insulin and thyroid medicine, maybe this Elderly woman couldnt make it on a 1200 social security pension just like most people could not, let alone buy her medicine. Maybe this is time for compassion and time to get a senior counselor to step in and help grandma out. Hardtimes ahead for Mendo and Humboldt.

  • In 2016 there were 4 1/2 BILLION prescriptions written in USA. That’s 15 for every man woman
    and child. There are MORE this year. Just putting things in perspective.

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