[Listen] Girl, backed by bikers, testifies against ‘spooky storyteller’; Last week’s top stories

Humboldt Last Week (8:36): (Warning: Disturbing content) Following preliminary hearings, a judge determined he’d heard enough to send a “spooky storyteller” accused of child molestation to trial.

Suspect John Robert Beideman is known in the community for dressing up in a skeleton costume and telling ghost stories, calling himself “Carpathian.” He was also a clerk at the courthouse. According to the Lost Coast Outpost, a 17 year old girl detailed disturbing crimes she says were committed by him against her over three years from the age of 5.

Beideman is currently set to stand trial on five charges, with a trial date possibly being set next month. He remains at the county jail in Eureka.

At least 20 members of the international organization Bikers Against Child Abuse were in the courtroom audience to support the 17 year old. The local chapter’s president said they show up in situations such as this only when invited and stressed their mission to protect and empower abused children while following a number of protocols. He provided additional details about the Humboldt County chapter.

The story begins at 8:36.

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Creative Commons photo of motorcyclists, press photo of “Carpathian”

John Robert Beideman, booking photo



  • May he live in interesting times (but not for very long) disgusting pos

  • Weirdo. Why would he name himself after an Eastern European mountain range.

  • Regarding the McKinley statue and the burg called McKinleyville very nearby…it makes me wonder, what’s the connection between the area and the former president??

    • Here’s something on it. Turns out mck survived the fires after SF 1906 earthquake.

      The Plaza’s central green space recalls the New England common or the squares of the southern United States, where people pastured livestock in early years and in later times, gathered for social events, picnics, parades or simply conversation and a little sun on a summer day. Former Arcata resident Charles Murdock wrote the Arcata Union in 1895:

      The Plaza should be a thing of beauty and a center of life and interest. No building should rest upon it, but green sword, and well kept walks, a fountain, shrubs, and trees should be so attractive that it would be the pride of every citizen.

      After a slow start, the Plaza Improvement Committee finally got off the ground and began developing ideas for beautifying the Plaza. The center bandstand was completed in the spring of 1901, the cows and “Charles Richards’ goat” were ordered off and the old fence came down. In 1903, Louis Shorlig planted three dozen roses, twelve dozen boxwood plants were set out on the lawn around the outer walk, the first palm trees were planted and the much-enjoyed benches made their appearance. More palms were set out, the boxwoods torn out and the bandstand was removed in 1906 as the Plaza prepared for the arrival of Arcata’s best-known work of art, William McKinley, a statue commissioned by Arcata resident George Zehnder in remembrance of the slain president. Haig Patigian, a sculptor working in San Francisco, received the commission. A May 1st celebration by the Masons and the unveiling of McKinley were canceled when the news of San Francisco’s devastation in the 1906 earthquake reached Arcata.

      Located in a burning San Francisco foundry, the McKinley statue was moved to the street by workmen and survived to take its place on the Plaza in May 1906.

  • Concerned Trinity County Resident

    Where was the mother over those three years? Why would she subject her young daughter to such a monstrous-looking story teller?

  • I enjoy your podcasts alot your biggest fan .keep up the great work thank to u to kym.

    • Thanks for the kindness, Mogtx! Always makes the day so much better.

      • Sorry to be a judged but there’s gotta be more to this story,
        A. I thought sex crimes had a 7 year statute of limitations and B I’m pretty sure he’s a respected member of the community. Just a one-sided story like this is enough to get someone hurt bad in jail or out of it. Be careful what you write.

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