Butane Hash Lab Located in Motel Room During Search Related to Burglary, Says Fortuna Police

This is a press release from the Fortuna Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Carrie Fuller and Leland ShinnOn February 19, 2018 the Fortuna Police Department received a report of a burglary that had occurred on the 1900 block of 9th St in Fortuna.  The victim reported that they had several subjects and vehicles on surveillance entering the property and taking items.

At approximately 11:00 am, the victim contacted the Fortuna Police Department and advised that one of the possible vehicles associated with the burglary was located on the 800 block of Main St in Fortuna. Officers responded and observed items in the vehicle with the victim’s name on them.

Officers contacted Carrie Fuller in association with the vehicle at a motel room on the 800 block of Main St. A probation search was conducted on the room. More suspected stolen property was located in the room with the victim’s name on them. Through the investigation, officers identified the suspect of the burglary as Leland Shinn. While officers were conducting the probation search, Shinn arrived on scene and he was taken into custody.

A detective with the Fortuna Police Department responded to assist with the investigation. While searching the room, the detective located a butane hash oil (BHO) extraction lab. Based on the items located in the room, Fuller was taken into custody.

Shinn was arrested on the following charge and transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility:

459 PC- Burglary.

Fuller was arrest for the following charges and transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility:
496(a) PC- Possession of stolen property.

11379.6(a) H&S- Manufacturing a controlled substance by means of chemical extraction.

636.5 PC- Using a scanner for the purpose avoiding police detection.

This case is still under investigation, anyone with information should contact the Fortuna Police Department at (707)-725-7550.

Earlier Chapters:

Carrie Fuller

Carrie Fuller in December of 2015



  • A couple more off the streets now next is the ring leader.


    I read this article on the Outburst. We need to make a determination with this issue! These are the average garden variety criminal, robbery, drugs, hotel rooms,, But now extraction labs are being legally set up!!! At one turn I hear of some new promising business startup extraction lab, then I hear of some gory criminal hash lab explosion.
    If the LEGAL drug market should evolve it should be done with trained scientists in white lab coats working for medical professionals , if not our society is setting up for mass fail , or already has!

    • Mercer-Fraser trolls work a lot like Russian trolls.


        No, No Mercer-Fraser. No Big corporation can legally contaminate water runoff anyway.
        In the new rush for profits criminals and legal corps will be body slammed into the cold concrete left with a mass rush of populous trying to cash in on a worthless commodity.

    • We are way in to the failure part, not quite past the point of no return but definitely approaching it.

  • Same motel next to Chevron that is a known ‘drug addict infested’ motel. When are the owners going to start being held responsible for this stuff?? Every business and everyone living anywhere near that place is at risk of being burglarized.

  • That shit show of a motel needs to be shut down! Always been drugs there. Lab explosion a few years ago. Owners should be held responsible for maintaining a place for sales, production of drugs. CMON, CHIEF DOBERSTIEN!!! STEP UP!!!! CALLING YOU OUT! Close this highly drug trafficed area!👊👊👊💪💪💪

    • Plus this place is around the corner, less than 1000′, from the elementary school. I’m sure Fortuna PD could use it to hold the owners responsible for knowing this stuff is going on; and add additional charges to these pos. Parents need to go to city council meetings and make some demands!! “Clean it up, or get inter district transfers”. Parents would have that right.

  • namaste, peace , serenity

    scumbags constantly getting busted and released. in other countries these people would be executed . seems like a good idea to me. namaste.

  • Nicely said Sharon I’m with you let’s get these dirtbags off of our neiberhoods and streets, these are some fine individuals and as far as that shithole motel close it down.☠☠

  • There is hope for fortuna. Maybe. If we act now. That motel is ground zero.

  • Ok delusional take it down a notch, there was no hash lab explosion in this instance.
    Youre living up to ur name if you think hash labs are the bug issue.
    Meth labs are way more dangerous and most likely by this point we’ve all got some toxin from them.
    When was the last time you heard of a meth lab bust here? Its too dangerous and expensive for local police and the feds wont help with anything but pot busts (no money in seizing cash&property from meth heads). If you think rat poison is bad for wildlife you should read the chemicals dumped from meth labs.

    There are labs everywhere, even in the trunks of cars. If you learn about the meth scene here part of the crazy people problem is a lot of them are “testers” for new chemical formulas of meth and crank. The new product is tested on people to see what it does.

    Sometimes I wonder if its meth&heroin makers as well as dealers of coke, ketamine, xanax, oxy, ketamine, gbh, etc who get on comment sites to blame all the problems on pot. Theres way more money and way easier production methods to produce heroin. You can buy the yeast or produce it to mix with fresh poppies to easily make heroin/morphine at home.


    • Meth hasnt been made in Ca in commercial amounts for over 4 years. Mexican cartels make it cheaper and purer than anyone here and in large quantities. The amount of meth labs has dried up since then according to police. That article was printed 3 years ago about things that were happening 4 or more years ago. No one ever got those super yeasts to make home Heroin, either, again cartels moved in and make it cheaper than anyone, and with them cutting heroin with fentynl they make even more profit. Sorry, your whole post is all outdated, old info from years ago…

      • This might be true as far as large quantities are concerned, but your local meth mongrels are cooking their own. Its cheap and fast. Look up the chemicals they are spewing out every night. Toxic,toxic,toxic!

        Our local police don’t have the funding to process these labs since the federal funding went away in 2012, when the war on drugs ended. They also don’t have the knowledge or equipment that is necessary to close them down. We also don’t have any local hazmat companies with chemical suits to remove the toxic chemicals. Then what do you do with the contaminated houses. They will just sit vacant and look bad for the community they are in. No meth labs have been busted for many years here in Humboldt County, not because they are not here! Meth labs are treated like they don’t exist. They are way too expensive and dangerous to deal with. Not something you want to hear, if you have one in your neighborhood! Something has to change with this, and soon, before possible law suits against the cities start springing up, from lack of enforcement! I know what I see, smell and taste, I don’t need to read past articles about it.

        Read the local information report out about alcohol and other drug related deaths in Humboldt County for 2017, put out by the Sheriff Coroner. The number #1 killer at 29% was Methamphetamine/stimulant related with Alcohol coming in #2 at 21%. I think we have a major problem we can no longer afford to ignore and hide, with our heads in the sand! It’s costing us more to ignore it than to deal with it.

        We again need to see the felony, “H.S. 11379.6, Manufacturing a Controlled Substance”, enacted and again being enforced to the maximum. With contaminated air, water, and food we will not survive and thus nothing else will really matter. It’s time to get our priorities straight with this major problem and find the funding to address this major predicament we are in.

        How much crime in this county do you think is related to the tweeker way of life?

    • Because apparently it’s racist to control the illegal drug flow across our border…

  • It’s my very close friend that was being ripped off, for a very long time. She ,and her husband who I add is Gravely ill they’ve been dealing with health problems with him ,for very long time also they don’t need scumbags like these ripping them off in fact they have some of their belongings out at my house just to keep it from getting ripped off like their four wheeler and their car dolly Something’s Gotta Give some time cheif doberstein needs to shut that Motel down. But this is just the .

    tip of the iceberg they are probably still getting ripped off by other hordes of tweaker thieves running through Fortuna. I hope they’re not out of jail already

  • They can’t shut down that motel, the city of Fortuna has a large investment in it and they need the revenue.

  • unbridled phillistine

    Wow two years of meth has taken a toll on the female! That stuff changes ur appearance rather fast! Yikes…

  • Chief Dobberstein stole my car. Then, no balls to show at trial. Send in the ‘born here working for a foreign jurisdiction,’ traitors, labeled BAR members.

    The incorporations -from Trinidad to Rio, including “The Friend;y City of Fortuna,” don’t need “revenue.”
    Pick up a copy of the city’s Annual Financial Report. Stop swallowing and reiterating the lies.

    • Ya I’m out cause I didn’t rob anyone an if u want to call 3 cans of butane an three soda bottles whith weed in them a hash lab than ur all fucking stupid an the room assent mine u guys just like to make me look bad u don’t no me so fuck all u scumbags an I don’t think I look that bad rude merry Christmas all u shit talkers not ur fault u don’t no no better

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