Why Don’t I Get Redheaded Blackbelt Posts on My Facebook Feed Anymore (An Answer and Some Suggestions)

deer on hill side“Why aren’t you showing up on my FB feed,” a reader wrote us this morning. “I know [Facebook] changed something recently, but I’m following you and I’ve liked you, but no posts.”

This reader isn’t the only one experiencing the problem. Others have complained to us, too. Facebook recently changed the way that news media (and other sites) show up in Facebook’s main feed. Although supposedly local news sites should still appear (Facebook even says that it will push local news up higher in the feed), a number of readers have complained about no longer seeing posts from us.

Here’s what you can do to still read the latest news for free:

  1. The easiest way to reach us is to access us directly at kymkemp.com. Here are two ways:
    1. Sign up for emails whenever we post new content. But be prepared—sometimes there can be over 15 per day so this isn’t for everyone. Here’s how to get those emails:
      1. Go to kymkemp.com
      2. Scroll down. On a phone, this will be almost to the bottom. On a computer, this will be on the right under the first advertisement.
      3. Under a green band with the word “Subscribe” in white letters, fill out the form. You should start getting emails with the next story we post.
    2. Here’s how to pin us to your home screen on a phone or a tablet for easy access. Click here for details. However, the basic steps are simple for many people. Try this first:
      1. On the device you want to access Redheaded Blackbelt, go to kymkemp.com.
      2. In the upper right corner of the screen are three dots stacked one on top of the other, touch this.
      3. When a new window opens, scroll down. Touch “Add to Home Screen.”
      4. You’ll be asked to “cancel” or “add.” Touch “add.”
      5. A pea green icon with a white K will appear on your home screen.
      6. Every time you want to read us, just touch that icon and you’ll be transported via the interwebs.

Though Facebook sometimes doesn’t provide the latest stories in your feed, there are ways to increase your chances of getting most of the stories on the feed.

    1. First, go to our Facebook page by clicking here.
    2.  Then, make sure you have liked the page.
    3. Next, click the “Follow” button.
    4. A drop-down menu will open. Click both “See First” and “Follow.”
      How to follow a page on Facebook
    5. In addition, regular visits to the Facebook page, commenting on, liking, and sharing posts that you do see there will also increase your chances of getting more of our posts.

Meanwhile, if you could let us know if you are getting our posts on Facebook as frequently as you were last fall, that would be helpful to us.



  • Always different instructions for different programs

    3 dots, go down to ‘more tools’ and that will open up the “add to desktop” on my computer… (Firefox)

  • Nope, I’m not getting you at all. This is the first post I have seen in weeks. Thanks for letting me know how I can keep getting news from you.

  • The Hermit of Grizzly Mountain

    Comrade codename Redheaded Blackbelt,

    The patriots at Facebook are diligently working around the clock to protect delicate Americans from distressing thoughts and truths. American Democracy, like American College campuses cannot withstand rigorous debate of facts and ideas. Facts contradict programming. Programming is necessary to preserve status quo. Thus it may be necessary for those who know best to unsubscribe those deemed most delicate from your news feeds.

    That is all. Please return to your normal approved activities.

  • Personally, I find Facebook overrated and overwhelming. I have not been on Facebook for about 8 months, and do not miss it at all. Redheaded Blackbelt reaches me with news via email several times a day on my smartphone. I really value you as a source for local news. If the Facebook thing is tripping up anyone’s newsfeed, emails are just as reliable.

  • To start seeing more posts you need to comment on a few of the posts. It let’s Facebook’s new algorithm know that your truly interested. And to keep seeing posts just make a comment every once in a while. Hope this helps 🙂

  • Friends don’t let friends Facebook.

  • Cove dwelling troll hunter

    Ahhh. That’s why I see all of kyms posts! I comment to much probley!?!? Any ways. The ONLY news I watch/read. Thanks kym

  • I prefer the emails, since I don’t live on FB. Also, I don’t always have the time to read the stories as they come in even if FB were sending a Notification every time.

    For those preferring the FB Notifications (I get about one a day on RB, ditto on LCO and most of the other local news pages), you can create a separate Folder of important FB Sites using your internet browser, preferably on the browser’s Toolbar if the browser allows it. Check the sites in that folder from time-to-time, to remind yourself of those you want to catch up on.

  • Candace Detlefsen

    It’s snowing here on the river in Myers Flat! Wow! Anyway, I’m still getting your posts regularly. Thanks.

  • Dumped Facebook years ago, found myself much happier, much more productive and found myself comparing myself to others much less frequently. Life has been so much better ever since I logged out and erased my facebook. I realized I really don’t need to be “in touch” with every last childhood acquaintance. What a sigh of relief!!!! Be here now, fully aware and fully present!

  • Stay away from Facebook. If you have an account, close it. If you’ve never opened one up, then keep it that way. It’s a tool for government surveillance. That little weasel Zuckerberg stays in a palatial mansion in Hawaii built on land that was fraudulently taken from native Hawaiians. Facebook is bad news. Leave it alone. Don’t support FB.

  • Ajmimissiingsomething

    I keep getting less and less. I follow and default to see you first. When. I first set it. Up I would get 5-10 every morning lately 1–2 if I’m lucky!

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