[UPDATE 7:51 p.m.] Most of Hwy 101 Shut Down South of Arcata After Hail on Roadway Causes Multicar Accident (Reports of 19 Vehicles Involved and 16 Injured)

traffic accidentAt approximately 7:19 p.m., a  heavy covering of hail on Hwy 101 south of Samoa Boulevard in Arcata caused a multi-car accident.

Five vehicles needed to be towed but there were more vehicles involved–possibly as many as 19, according to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page. Reports also said as many as 16 were injured.

“Most of the roadway” is shut down, a dispatcher told us. Ambulances have been sent to the scene there are reports of spinal injuries and facial lacerations.

Please be careful driving during this weather and avoid the accident area if possible.

UPDATE 7:51 p.m.: A reader, Chryste Johnson, sent in the following video showing that traffic is getting through the area now.



  • Mother Nature Creates a slip and slide for vehicles.

  • Is it sad to say I was waiting for news like this. People are so stupid when it comes to winter weather and driving.
    When there’s a freak hail storm like that you expect accidents. You just hope they are small. This sucks for everyone involved.

  • Why video it as you are driving through an accident scene?? Trying to cause another accident?? I hope everyone is ok.

  • Driving on marbles just does not work at all.

  • >”Driving on marbles just does not work at all.”

    Driving on marbles made of ice… doesn’t work at all !

  • I think posting a vidio from somebody breaking the law in a very dangerous way is a very irresponsible way to report.
    It is against the law and extremely dangerous to use a phone to vidio an accedent scene.
    This reporter could and should be held libel for crimes they decide to condone and share on social media.
    The danger that driver is pitting those hard working emergency workers in is lame.
    I am looking into how you can be held accountable for promoting this behavior. This is not the first time i have seen this on your site and i am sickened and tired of it.

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      Libel doesn’t apply here Cy, as there is none. People may find recording of a disaster in poor taste, but it is not illegal. You can be angry, and you can try to find a way to hold the site owners responsible, and you’ll probably get laughed out of court. THis is the nature of news; sometimes ugly things get reported on. And wouldn’t you like to know what’s going on up ahead of you? What if a loved one texted you as you were about to travel and gave you a heads up that the road is closed because they saw the photos online. Or they saw someone they know and need to find out more info or their condition because they didn’t show up somewhere? News is not always pretty, but it is necessary.

      • Maybe you didn’t read my post.
        Recording from a hand held phone while driving is illegal and dangerous. Doing so while going past emergency personnel is even more so.
        Promoting this action is potentially libel.

        • Lol there’s no way an arrest warrant will do any good against the person recording footage.

        • No, Cy, nothing about that is libel. It’s stupid, but it’s not libel.

          Libel is the act of printing factually incorrect information that could be damaging to a person’s reputation or well-being.

          Recording video of an accident scene is 1) not printed and 2) not factually incorrect. It may be reckless, inconsiderate, and dangerous, but it is not libelous.

        • You don’t even know what libel means

        • You are right, it is very dangerous and plain old stupid.

      • I think he was commenting that holding and aiming a camera, while your attention should be devoted to the road, is illegal and dangerous.

    • Uh I dont think its illegal to video a car accident after it happens. If it was every tv station on LA would be constantly cited.

      Videoing while youre the driver of the car in the accident can get you in trouble.

      Where are you getting that????
      What reporter videoed this accident? If you actually read the article a reader sent the video in.

      If you dont like it then you better not turn on tv news cuz guess what they thrive on showing the most tragic&shocking as much as possible. Its real life, anyones allowed to video stuff and post. Someone can post video of you if they have it.
      And if you dont like kyms site then simply dont read it.
      I find your stance a weird one to take on what with the state of the world where young teens are committing suicide over live stream.
      But to each their own.

      • If it bleeds, it leads (on MSM), unless of course it’s your taxes funding bombing hospitals and schools for regime change. Smfh

    • Actually, using your phone while driving is totally illegal. Just saying. Lol. If the person giving me the heads up about the accident wasn’t driving, then I would totally want them to let me know. Otherwise, no. I’d rather they stay alive than being distracted on the phone while driving haha

    • sour grapes huh ? no onegot hurt while i agree the video is evidance thatthe driver commited a crime, i hardly agree that a website could beheld accountable for posting it . you have better luck attempting to get charges against the one who made the video

    • Cy, I’m looking into how you can be held accountable for not knowing what words mean.

    • Do we know for a fact that a passenger wasn’t recording it?

      • It's From the Driver's Seat

        The video is from the drivers angle as it captures the speedometer and center stack. A passenger’s video wouldn’t have that in it.

    • My daughter thought the person using the phone was, perhaps, seated behind the driver.

  • well speedand the sorry state of roads and the vehicials that are on them as well. dont know how many cars i see that shouldnt still be on the roads. tires are important, more so in bad weather as are working lights wipersand defrosters folks, they arent just a added feature they are required.

  • Again HSU really needs to give infirmation on how to drive in our area to every incoming student.
    The majority come from LA and can barely drive in drizzle none the less real winter weather. They speed and tailgate like crazy. I’ve friggin had it with them. Arcata is the worst to drive these days, & the roundabouts have become so super dangerous from students thinking they dont have to yield. I wish they’d tear those damn things down and go back to stop signs. I take my shopping to eureka these days as does most everyone I know, HSU is costing us so much in police response by not preparing their students for our road conditions.
    It gets cold here people if you dont know how to drive in it then please practice when youre not having to be somewhere & before getting on the highway.

    • why is it anyones responsiblity to tell someone else what they should already know ? maybe ca drivers should be required to spend more time training before being allowed to drive on their own ?

  • Good God, cold weather sure brings out the worst in people. I can’t believe the comments here. The video was a crime?! Come on folks lighten up. It’s going to be a long three days.

  • Typical liberal Arcata implants. Can’t keep their feeble minds focused on the real story. Lmao@tm’s.

  • At about 7:10PM, I drove north past the accident scene after just 2 CARS were in involded: A van had rear-ended a small car.
    Approaching the scene, from Bayside Road north, the roadway was more and more covered by ‘ice’ (hail). As we began to slow, I applied my brakes and found my car started to slide. Then as we saw the accident, car next to me, in the fast lane, was flashing his/her headlights at oncoming traffic trying to warn them. Sounds like some of those cars did not notice or heed the warning. Sad.
    Just at Samoa Blvd and north there was NO ice on the road (…microclimates?). And our north bound traffic proceeded at 40MPH.

  • [edit] Unfortunately. Prayers to the victims and their families. Most definitely people need to be extremely careful out on the roads. Unless needed should stay off them when it’s during that kind of weather which is not typical in the area.

  • Hey! I was in that wreck and I resemble these comments!

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