Extreme Weather Shelter to Open Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday Nights in SoHum as Snow Level Drops

Extreme Weather Shelter

The Shelter will open in Redway Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

With snow predicted in the mountains tonight which could be dropping to as low as 1000 feet on Sunday night, according to the National Weather Service, the Extreme Weather Shelter in Southern Humboldt will be opening. And snow could stick at even lower elevations Monday morning.

On Sunday and Monday, from 6 p.m. to 8 a.m.,  the shelter will be open at the Mateel Community Center in Redway. On Tuesday, it will be open at the First Baptist Church also in Redway. “Dinner and breakfast will be provided,” said Yashi, one of the program directors.

For those people that are in Garberville, he said, there will be free bus service on Monday and Tuesday into Redway and back. “Tell the bus driver that they are going to the winter shelter and they’ll get a free ride,” Yashi said.

Temperature, he said, could drop down to 31 degrees on Monday and down into the mid-twenties Tuesday night and Wednesday. Thursday will be back up to the high thirties, Yashi said.

There are no accommodations for dogs at the Shelter this time.

  • Laytonville Rock


  • Dogs need shelter to

  • Thanks everyone who makes this happen lots of love to you !! and GOD bless

  • But you can’t have 1 day a week access, to info and needed necessities donated from the public, but here ya go, now we feel better now. Sigh.

  • Wish I as a working man and homeowner, could enjoy a free night and meal such as this. But being successful I deserve nothing but what I create……

    • C’mon, this is no thick mattress, warm fire, private place to hang with family like you have. Be glad that you’ve made choices and had good luck that allow you not to need this. Don’t begrudge a little help to those who are down for a couple of nights a year.

    • It looks like you would be welcome there as long as you don’t bring a dog. Be careful what you wish for. You might just get it.

    • Dont be silly. You don’t even deserve what you’ve earned. Just look at your gross before and after taxes…

    • Dude. I think you may be underestimating the role luck has played in your life. I also have a roof that I worked for, etc. But I also know that I would have none of those things without fate giving me parents who spent 18 years raising me to be hard-working/responsible/well-socialized, etc. But for random chance, one of those people could be you. Try to have a bit of the generosity others have shown you for you to be where you are.

  • Shelter dogs. People suck

  • Luck does not account for work, applying yourself in school, and sticking to supporting yourself for years and years.

    Those who have nothing, built nothing, did nothing: sorry you may suffer, but why do you think everyone needs to support your poor decisions while you complain about “luck”?

    I am not feeling sorry for you, and I caution anyone who does not to listen to your excuses. If you have a drug problem, stop using. If you have no job, get to work. If you have a mental health issue, get help.

    People who work and who care, they get what they need. Slackers who lay down and complain while drinking, using drugs, and refusing to participate, get nothing from me, and I hope they get nothing from anyone else either.

    Mollycoddling these folks is a dead-end. They take and take and take, while giving nothing, and begging and stealing a living. They will damage your churches, eat the food, and leave a mess.

    If you want to help the homeless, buy them a bus ticket to somewhere warmer. Give them a sandwich and wave as they drive out of town.

    • You’ve been in my house too long you say a bus ticket and a sandwich is all you need some people have walked a long hard Road these worn out shoes might fit your feet these winter shelters can save lives and help turn people around sometimes even veterans need a helping hand in the name of our freedom I’ve been there an old broken-down man you can pick up your bus ticket at Social Services and I’ll give you a sandwich at the shelter are you so deserving of what you have to criticize others for what they don’t judgment coming

      • Goodness! Bless you, sister! God makes it all different….

        I believe that God helps those who help themselves, so help yourself to some more local charity, while on your way to the bus station…

  • All that we really have is our soul judgment is a sandwich I wouldn’t want to eat

  • Yikes, farewell…

    • [edit]

      Have a beautiful day! Brrrrrr it’s cold in Northern CA! There’s a free-box at the Jerold Phelps ER desk. Maybe some socks and a sweatshirt for you!

      If I see you in Garberville ask for you ticket to Phoenix!

  • Doom and Gloom for you step on throttle it will only happen faster 51-50 breakdown Diesel Dualley on the hook now get in your little hoopty and go home

    Good thing the shelter was open snow all over

    Thanks for letting everyone know where there’s free clothes

    • For you, it is a pleasure. Let me know how I may serve you going forward…

      Remember, at Jerold Phelps Hospital you can show up in the ER for just anything, a headache, a hangnail, herpes, the clap, head-lice: anything at all. Care is free for the homeless…
      Ask for a room for the night, a carton of smokes, a change of clothes, a shower, [edit] a box of candy, a sandwich, and they will provide it for you!
      It’s all free to the indigent!

      Service with a smile at JPH!

      They love the homeless in Garberville. Until summer…

      • Don’t you think that the level you stooped to in that was a bit much? I do.

        • Sorry to say this, but if there’s ever a violent event in SoHum, the cops should probably look into some of these post-ers as the deranged possible perpetrators, so full of negative feelings. Reminds me of the ‘ unibomber’. They think they are so righteous but they may be delusionally dangerous. They need help. Enough is enough.

        • I got my ticket to Phoenix and I’m going to take my sandwich and go thanks Kim have a good night and God bless
          PS the shelteris a good thing it save lives thanks for helping post up

          Oh and sorry about the sandwich it didn’t taste vary good but i’ll take it with

        • Hey, I think I was just called “delusionally dangerous” and a “unibomber”…

          I get that this is a sensitive issue, but I said nothing more ridiculous than the idea that the folks in the streets need a church to sleep in when it’s cold.

          Garberville is actually one of the more schizophrenic, paranoid, provincial and parochial towns I have been to, and I have worked the ER at JPH, so don’t assume I don’t know what goes on there in the winter.

          I don’t wish harm to anyone, but the drugged up rantings of street people who have smartphones no longer amuse me.

          If you mean I have been dragged down to their level, you may be correct, and it IS a waste of time to argue with the logic they apply to their situations.

          Don’t worry, street people, there will always be someone to feed and clothe and shelter you, whether I think it’s appropriate or not, and I don’t expect anyone in SoHum to appreciate the subtleties of my comments…

          • I don’t think there is anything subtle about suggesting that homeless people go to the Garberville Hospital for handjobs.

            • I do apologize if I said something that offended you. Out of control. Don’t miss the point.

              I hope that folks in SoHum will donate an article of clothing to the free box at SHCHD, and drop off a $100 bill at the SHCHD foundation when they can.

              I spent 25 years in the care of pregnant low income women, and then 10 more years serving the corporate health care environment. The last 6 years I have been in service to various hospitals in remote areas. I am not finished.

              I wish I could have known a single thing about Garberville before I went there to work, and to Redway to live. I watched my neighbors sell out and leave since they were afraid of what they were witnessing around them. I would certainly have not gone to this area had I known what I would see: the desperation, the lack of hope, the level of degradation…

              Go down to Ukiah, see the fence Mendo County had to erect around the entrance to the County Social Service office to keep the homeless from living there… See what the “Cannabis Industry” has caused in other small towns… Go try to live in Willits or Fort Bragg.

              Garberville is just starting it’s decline, and the purported collapse of the “Cannabis Economy” will not improve the situation

              There exists a wealth of services for the folks who “fell through the cracks”, but be careful what you establish on a local level.

              If you want to help these folks, get them to rehab, mental health services, occupational therapy, counseling. Alcoholics Anonymous and NarcAnon, is a good place to begin.

              Supporting the homeless in their lifestyle choice is unlikely to help, and is called Codependency.

              I do not expect the situation to improve anytime soon, but letting your town be overrun is no answer.

  • I guess there’s some warm clothes at phelps’s emergency room don’t know if that’s just a joke or not and Paul can probably help some with warm things if they need it thanks everybody for helping out God let me know that she’s sorry for getting upset too

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