Yesterday, We Seized ‘Five Pounds of Suspected Methamphetamine,’ and More, Says Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

drugs and firearms HCSOOn February 15, 2018, the Humboldt County Drug Task Force with assistance from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, Eureka Police Department, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Bureau of Land Management, United States Forest Service and the California Department of Justice served six Humboldt County Superior Court search warrants.

The search warrants were related to an ongoing investigation into a narcotics trafficking and distribution operation being conducted in the Eureka/Arcata area. As a result of the warrants approximately five pounds of suspected methamphetamine, a butane extraction lab, approximately 12 grams of suspected cocaine, 2 grams of suspected heroin, 7 vicodin, 54 xanax, 14 hydrocodone, and 13 clonazepam were seized. drugs HCSOAlong with this was evidence of sales including scales, packaging material and prepackaged narcotics. Additionally, Agents seized three semi-automatic pistols that were illegally possessed.

Six individuals were arrested in connection with this investigation.

26 year old Vicente Lopez-Garcia was arrested and booked for possession of a controlled substance for sale, possession of a narcotic for sale and maintaining a residence for the purposes of distributing controlled substances.

52 year old Vicente Lopez-Moreno was arrested and booked for possession of a controlled substance for sale and maintaining a residence for the purposes of distributing controlled substances.

25 year old Isis Maldonado-Salinas was arrested and booked for possession of a controlled substance for sale and maintaining a residence for the purposes of distributing controlled substances.

23 year old Alexis Juarez-Pompa was arrested and booked for manufacturing concentrated cannabis using a volatile solvent without a license, and maintaining a residence for the purposes of distributing a controlled substance.

25 year old Yesenia Hernandez-Pulido was arrested and booked for manufacturing concentrated cannabis using a volatile substance without a license.

29 year old Christian Castillo was arrested and booked for possession of a narcotic for sale and possession of a firearm while in possession of a narcotic.

This investigation is ongoing and future arrests are anticipated. Vicente Lopez-Garcia Isis Maldonado-SalinasAnyone with information related to this investigation or other narcotics related crimes are encouraged to call the Humboldt County Drug Task Force at 707-444-8095 or the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Tip Line at 707-268-2539.



  • The War on Drugs will end when Americans’ appetite for drugs ends.

    • The War on Drugs stops when we don’t play war no more it’s not about America it’s about treating everyone in the world as equals if I put you down by putting a name on you it doesn’t make me better most drugs are like the clothes we wear they start becoming a part of us emotional scars can cut deep the moral High Ground is a even playing field the higher you climb is the stack of clothes you’re standing on it’s not much of an advantage just shows how hard it can be to get there

  • This is ridiculous. Americans are getting tired of Mexican drug cartels running rampant in our communities because Jerry Brown thinks these people are great.

  • illegals or dreamers??

  • Illegals or dreamers these are the ones we need to send back to Mexico.

  • Our local “Sanctuary City” at work. This is what we get. Thank you Arcata !

    • Humboldt Hillsman

      Interesting how blatantly racist people are. There are more Hispanic people living in california than whites. And the vast majority of the Hispanic population are legal citizens. Assuming that someone is an illegal because they are of Hispanic decent is racist.

        • No, they just might be racists imposing their own diabolical rascism of the defenseless non hispanic minority. Isn’t that the assumption most popular at the moment? That racism is the one constant evil faced by any minority?

          • Your only racist if your white

            • I just think the word racist is applied as an inarticulate curse word with not a thought as to whether it is appropriate. It’s just a diversion tactic for unanswerable
              Charges that what they are foing is wrong. If the people using it so freely in the cause of defending illegal immigrants were right then any country having immigration rules is racist and the term becomes meaningless.

              • When their crime is drugs, yes. But when their crime is being born with brown skin, then it’s just your hate. By the way, hate crimes are also illegal in California.

            • Its also appearantly racist to speak up for hardworking, taxpaying americans( legal citizens) and expressing the idea of assimilation for those coming to this country.

      • Racist? Maybe. Latently stupid? Definitely!

  • Thank you to the other depts and their K9’s and handlers too.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Out of work marijuana growers finding a new business, if you ask me.

    Lazy people deal drugs.

    Marihuana lost it’s value, so they deal meth now.

    Only Apache Helicopters can save us from the Caliphate, they mean drug business and won’t stop.

    Growers would sell Tide Pod Slurpees to children if there’s money to be made.


  • Drone pollinators inc.

    Yes finally the cops come around. Clean this community up. Start DUI ing all the people high on marijuana in our area. This is a great start to our new year. Thank you EPD and all other law enforcement, we really do care.

  • That is not even enough to keep 2% of the tweakers in Humboldt happy for one day

  • It’s a bout time bravo DTF keep up the good work get more next bust .I bet they are illegals . I have been saying it and saying these are the types of busts that need to be done

  • Two major Canadian auto companies a truck and car manufacturer just moved into Mexico Kia also is moving a big plant into Mexico smaller worldwide tariffs and a quarter of the wages u.s. Autos will follow soon

  • Build the wall,this is killing our beautiful area we all grew up in,safe and quiet no more,please people protect, and lets take back our neighborhoods. These folks need to all be ran off before they get a foot hold

    • So are Chinese racist for building a wall?????

      • I don’t think the Great Mongol hoard came in looking to pick China’s grapes.

        • I don’t think the great Mexican hoard come here to pick grapes, besides why not pick coffee in Mexico. They come here to use the American “system”. Picking grapes is just the “In” card. Keeping unwanted people out of a country is now racism,besides we could go on a tangent how grapes are killing California,but that’s another topic…..

          • Our country is in perril. Our system is being pushed to its breaking point. I know…. let’s “help” millions of Mexican immigrants by letting them in so we can be paraded as unprejudiced! I know, let’s put our foot down and say enough is enough and take care of the people who are already here living in poverty. Educate our youth. Care for our old. Feed our hungry. Then…and only then do we need to take on other country’s poor,sick,tired,and uneducated

            • “Keeping unwanted people out of a country is now racism”

              Reckon so, for about 500 years I guess.

              Racism us such a loaded deal. I don’t know if you’re racist or just focused on only you.

              Because, in my observation, most Latinos are north American indigenous whereas you probably are not.

              And, Cali was mostly theirs until we took it with guns, after we got bored killing indigenous closer to here.
              Dude. Theres been racism along long time. Ain’t nothing all-of-a-sudden about it

              • 1) no they were just the first immigrants. Well maybe. There isn’t evidence of earlier people but who knows. 2) even the word Latino is not native to North or South America.

                What has changed is the application of the word racist to everything negative under the sun. And apparently it can only be a one way street.

                • Latino = Latin = Spain So Mexicans too are from Europe! All Mexican beer has Europe roots along with most of its food. The only true North Americans are “the people”. The ones that were here when the Vikings and the crusaders landed

              • Valiant effort, but you can’t educate the stupid. We’ve been trying for years. But, as you can see, hate and ignorance are more popular around these parts.

            • LabelledaNazi, you are living in occupied Mexico, [edit]. Your hate and fear of what is different from you will never prevail. The United States is a melting pot of ethnicity and culture. Your grandchildren will probably be half Mexican. Trip out on that [edit].

        • But the British promoted opium addiction without regard to the Chinese government objections to the trade. And who were the racist in that scenario? And, if the Chinese could have built a wall to keep it out, would they have?

          The racism does not lie with those who wish to build a wall but with those with no respect for a border that doesn’t have one.

          • I have been to Tecate,(border town) spoke with minute men, what a task, crazy at night if one thinks border patrol has an cush job, not, folks need to check it out in person youll have a hole new perspective on the cat and mouse game of sooo many crossing over.

          • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

            Really? Going back to the Opium Wars to support your arguments. Someone is showing off their liberal arts degree. From the point of view of the general populace (the non drugged up bunch) we are delighted that these fine citizens of other countries are in custody. Perhaps they will like a free ride south of the border.

            • Yes. And my degree was in physics. However, I have read a lot of books.
              It’s unclear what you read into my post.

              • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

                Ah, physics. Lots of numbers thrown around proving very little if anything. However, has nothing to do with illegals providing drugs to the poor souls who do not have a physics degree….

                • I guess reading is not your strong point as you apparently have decided attack the point of my post by repeating the point of my post. How does “The racism does not lie with those who wish to build a wall but with those with no respect for a border that doesn’t have one” lead you to believe that “illegals providing drugs to the poor souls who do not have a physics degree…” is being supported?

            • Speaking of the Opium Wars, y’all should look into who produces the most pharmaceutical opiates that are consumed in America, Apparently the Chinese learn something from that little venture.

              Building a wall on our southern border has nothing to do with Mexicans, it has to do with Mexico being a different country from the United of only two other countries we have a physical border with, personally I think Canada needs a secure border too. A secure border is not anything racist towards Mexico, it has to do with protecting the United States from people not authorized to be citizens, which a lot of lately have been Asian and from other countries south of Mexico, not to mention quite a few from the Middle East. if poor people from Mexico want to come up and pick “grapes” fine, get a fucking work visa like everyone else. I really don’t understand the argument, it is common knowledge that the majority of methamphetamines and heroin come across the southern border. THESE ASSHOLES IN THE NEWS REPORT WERE NOT HERE PICKING ” GRAPES”.

          • I think it is a stretch to call people’s desperate search for economic well-being and physical safety racism…. It’s fair to question whether it is in our country’s best interest but to accuse people desperate enough to pick fruit on hot summer days far away from their birth home of somehow being racist is disingenuous at best.

            • Sheesh. Give me a break. The US does not have jobs for 13 million “fruit pickers.” It does not have room for 13 million agricultural workers of any kind. Most illegals are busy staking their claim for a piece of the pie in urban market places, competing for natives for jobs. They make available labor at discount prices which creates a downward spiral of wages for natives too.

              Many Native American cultures came close to being wiped out by mass migration and not a few were wiped out. European countries did not send massed armies to conquer. They sent boatload after boatload of settlers. You know, those earlier desperate people seeking “economic well-being and physical safety”. Those settlers, being so numerous, pushed and shoved until they were almost everywhere. They formed armed aggression to push harder.

              It is sheer arrogance to think that it can not happen again. Or that last year’s winners will be this year’s winners. The minute enough of any one group arrives in massive numbers, they bring the power to force the natives to adapt to them, not they to the natives. That can’t be called racism if it involves one brand of humanity and not racism simply because it involves another brand. Any group that is large enough to sway will do so. And any group that has as its intention to increase their particular sway by mass immigration against the laws of the natives can’t be called anything else but racist. I don’t have to hit the ATM button for Hindi, Mandarin, Tagalog, etc. I have to hit it for Spanish. And it’s not because of a bunch of Spaniards.

              Reality sucks but there it is. Any culture that is too arrogant to do its own hard work or too careless of its own history will be eaten up. And deserves to be. Enforcing regulation on immigration is the only civilized way to avoid it. And illegal immigration is the only way these days to defeat it.

            • Or to make it relatable, what if masses of American arrive in a foreign country, enter against the laws of the country and start demanding accommodation in English or space in the Universities by quotas or march on local government offices because the government takes exception to their presence? And the American government supports this?

              Would you be as willing to defend the Americans as not racist?

              • Wow… you don’t know? When was the last time you’ve been to a foreign country? Do you realize that THE ENTIRE WORLD hates Americans? They see us as ‘entitled’. Entitled. It’s not the homeless welfare recipients giving that impression; only the moneyed can afford to travel enough to project that image.

            • Valiant effort, but you can’t educate the stupid. We’ve been trying for years. But, as you can see, hate and ignorance are more popular around these parts. Why argue with someone whose statistics- entire arguments for that matter, still smell like the ass they were pulled from?

    • Humboldt Hillsman

      And….another racist. Let’s send you fucks back to Europe.

  • The people you speaks of have had a foot hold on crank manufacturing for 25 plus years this is the first major a Mount I’ve ever heard of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s office has gotten in a bust .

  • Middle easterners are to isis what hispanics are to the cartel these people look unusually usual for suspects.
    pretty low key looking. The end of the chain, fall guys. You looking at the faces of organized crime.

    • Not “hispanics” in general but to certain Mexicans and others who are like the Mafia is to Italians. Or Nazis to the Germans after WWII. Or royalist to the British at one stage of our history. Or, apparently, seditionists to Russia at the moment. Are the Democrats racists for harping on Russians?

  • If these people are dreamers, then we are in a night mare , If you read Atlas Shrugged, you will see this proposed “solution” in action. It doesn’t work. It doesn’t work because there are always going to be those that contribute more than others in society. It doesn’t work because it starts with false assumptions…that the wealthy aren’t entitled to their wealth and that they didn’t create that wealth. It doesn’t work because it takes away the incentive to work hard and earn. In fact it punishes that ethic. It rewards those that don’t work or don`t produce because they have the most “need”.

    • What are you going on about? I guess something about right wing vs. left wing politics… am i close? I can’t see what the arrest of drug dealers possibly has to do with this. Nothing said about socialism, or removing incentives to work hard, or whether or not the wealthy are entitled. This proposed solution you mention… you mean busting criminals?

      If you did want to get political about it, you might note that these people were really just taking capitalism to its extreme… black market goods are always profitable, addictive ones guarantee a captive market, etc. It’s a caricature of capitalism. Also, black market trade and white collar crime, all means of “cheating” the system, are constant companions of capitalism.
      I’m glad they were caught, and hope they are punished to the extent of staying out of this business completely. It’s as nasty as cigarette peddling.
      Now back to your Ayn Rand, which i guess does tie in as we’re on the topic of the merits of cut-throat capitalism.

      • if you read books you’d know what this person is talking about and that it was written long before your left vs right logo! Der!

        • Please spell it out. I read Atlas Shrugged ages ago. Left vs. right is as old as industrial society; Ayn Rand came later.
          No, if these people were low-level beneficiaries of the welfare state, they’d be sitting on their butts enjoying television, cigarettes, and junk food.
          Instead they’re out there hustling to make the buck, the big bucks. Very ambitious, risk-taking ambitious.
          I’m not saying i admire it, i’m just saying it’s NOT anything to do with lack of personal initiative or freedom. Kind of the opposite of what Ayn Rand seemed so worried about.

          • That comes of not having any respect for those who do take on hard jobs for most of their lives but not get rich off it. The people who go to work daily, trying to accomplish some task people want, despite the unpleasantness of carping individuals they meet along the way.

            No. The attractiveness of crime is the dream of getting so much more for such a short period of work. And of course, the risk involved adds spice to an otherwise sad life.

            You would lose your enthusiams for the entrepreneurial crook if you focused on those who pay the price for the crook’s attempts to short circuit the dreary parts of otherwise good lives.

            • I am not “enthusiastic” about the entrepreneurial crook, in fact i wrote out that i did not admire him. I am just saying, there is nothing in these crimes that Ayn Rand shouldn’t like–drug dealers are a reflection of, and product of, capitalistic values. Competition, greed, “I got mine, don’t worry about yours,” winning by any means necessary to prove “fitness” for the system of stongest, most ruthless takes all… they got it all.
              I am hardly in favor of this. I don’t like Ayn Rand, corporate pigs, or dealers of hard drugs.

            • Oh good godsky! The 99.99% of immigrants are so freegin hard working it’s unimaginable to me how they stand at the end if the day. And they do well, but they work and work for it.

              • I had to check a man’s work record with him to make sure it was accurate. There was a question because about 30 years ago his earnings suddenly cut in half. Had something been lost?

                No. He worked as a butcher in a chicken processing plant. The owner of the business had laid all his employees off and then replaced them with illegal immigrants at less that half the wages. He never again was able to earn what he had those decades ago, even though he found other work. The business was later raided by immigration and the press reported it in sympathetic terms to the illegals “forced out of work.” No one reported what happen to the people the illegals had replaced.

                There were a number of other instances of these sort of things happening. But over the years they have become so common there is apparently no interest anymore. Yet there should be. The same people who seem to favor the illegals’ right to be here are also complaining about low wages. Well, duh. How do you think we got here. It’s one of the things on which Republicans and Democrats agree. Low wages are good for their donors even if it screws up native workers.

  • Finally!!! It doesn’t look like these guys are going to be immediately released on their own recognizance like the cartel mules usually are. In case after case, the local PD’s would bust mules with multiple pounds of meth and/or heroin and the Sheriff’s Department would release them within hours so they could disappear back over the border. Here’s just a few examples for those who want proof:

    Looks like Billy Honsal, the new guy in charge of the Sheriff’s Dept. is either making a big show before the elections to make sure voters give him the job, or hopefully, he’s not putting up with the corruption that used to be par for the course in the Sheriff’s Department. If it’s the latter, then the next step is rooting out the corrupt officers that were facilitating this kind of behavior and bringing them to justice.

    From a distance Sheriff Honsal seems like a genuinely good guy. I sure hope that’s the case. However, I want proof, and it’s going to take some time to build trust. This is a great first step, but the next step is to clean house in the Department.

  • 7 vicodin14 hydrocodone is the same drug,
    was this a typo?

    • one is a generic form of the other one it didt list the mg dose either one could be a higher dose than the other.
      really though what right do we have as a people to say what people can put into their bodies to self medicate as they see fit ? If all of this was legal we would not have jails full of people with so many problems. let folks take all the things into themselves as they want, who truely cares , if it is so bad they will die off in a short time.
      the excuse of the cost of healthcare for it doesnt work for me as the cost of processed sugar and booze is just as high .
      the main reason so many have such problems with it is merely because there is a sickness of people that want to sit back and think they are better than others simply because there are more of one group of activity type things than another. all the while breaking laws themselves. the average Americian commits 3 felonies a day without even realising it, yet distain runs so high if someother classes commit a differant crime.
      would be so nice if all these judgemental types would seriously look in the mirror before condoneming so many others


        Except it’s not always their own lives they destroy.
        Many laws are to protect us from people without courtesy or common sense.
        Don’t drug and drive.

        • to protect you and what you want to do from one else doing what they wish to do, see my point. but merely having something not being the influance shouldnt have any effect on anyone. if they get high later and walk down the street who cares ? if they get high amd want to stay up all night who cares it is their body their health their life. who is anyone to tell another whst they are supposed to agree with or how they much act or else ? if you think that your ideals give you more right than anyone else , you are nothing but wrong. the same princiables that allows you to enjoy your freedoms also allow them theirs. that is fact . umderstanding that and embracing it is the only way to truly be free. they decided to use drugs , you did not. you drive a suv the walk . see ?

          • Right. Like a neighbor who lights their brush on fire in a wind storm has a perfect right to do so. Like your rights only exist when the fire crosses to your house. Of course it is too late to worry about your rights then, just like it is too late to worry about your rights when the addict ceases to give a crap about whose property it is that they take or who dies in the car crash they create.

      • I would be okay with drugs being legal and letting people fuck themselves up all they want, as long as there’s actual punishment and consequences when they break the law fucked up on drugs. Which right now is a joke at best.

      • Three felonies a day??/
        Sorry, I am calling BS on that one.
        I’ll believe break three laws a day, but not felonies.
        Please show where you got that stat.

        • there is a book called 3 strikesor something like that i read it with disbelief ,but it is true.
          the things that are called crimes or even felonies are crazy.
          playing i on line poker for an example is a felony in several states. just because a law isnt enforced doesnt mean it wont or cant be at anytime.
          the fact that a person in a suit and tie can steal millions of dollars at a time and not even get arrested , but a person stealing a six pack of bear can do 10 years in jail, proves just how unjust our legal system is

    • Vicodin is a trade name, it is a combination drug which also contains Acetaminophen (Tylenol), which is why you should NEVER mix Vicodin with alcohol. Acetaminophen + alcohol is extremely toxic to your liver.

  • “If these people are dreamers, then we are in a nightmare”; hilarious!

  • I have decided not to comment.

  • I for one, am very glad to see that much of such an evil substance taken off the streets.

  • We should see a lot more of these busts seeins how the weed game is about over…

    • Kinda reminds of what happened after prohibition was lifted. The gangs did what any other organized business would do- look for replacement income by expanding their still profitable sidelines of protitution, gambling, extortion, etc. Criminals, like many other people, like to keep to their trade.

  • They just got low level players,no big Mexican cartel members.The scumbags who flood our streets with this crap and don’t care about our children,only profits!

    • and why should they care about other peoples personal problems , having kids today doednt mean anything other than you dont care, you feel that you need want or must have that little thing, and other folks must change or worry about how their actions migjt effect them ? where was the parents concern for the rezt of us and the impact that little thing is ? world is over populated as it is world is messed up and always will be , why in hell would anyone want to bring a child into this world and watch them suffer nust to feel more complete as a women

      • I agree completely. And there are folks who do not spay and neuter their dogs for the same reason. Fifi will be “fulfilled” by littering…
        If you cannot securely raise a child and educate it, take a pass. Please.

      • For the same reason men going around spreading their genes without regard for the results?

        • it is appearantly not the males right to decide if his genes are kept or not. takes 2 to male one and only one has the right to flush or keep

          • Bull. Any male can chose to restrict his activity. He can say no to sex and the whole issue of keeping the child is moot. He could also -gasp- help raise the children he creates. It might further the retaining of a pregnancy he creates by the woman knowing she will not have to do everything herself. Would more women be willing to carry a pregnancy for the father if they knew they could simply hand it over to him at birth and leave him to raise it? An interesting thought. I wonder if there have been many instances of this put or shut up scenario. I’ve never heard of it.

            • so a female can do whatever she wants and can decide but a male must not or risk everything ? so wrong , if a female can abort without the males rights , then a male should have legal protection to say i dont want this to be born and if she keeps it i will not be reaponsible for it. or if she wants to flush it and he wantz to keep it there should be something similiar. it is only fair and a more equal ideal

              • It’s not all about you once conception occurs. It’s much more about the oarties at direct physical risk- the woman and the baby. So sorry that the idea diminishes your control but investors always take priority over non investors.

                • so, if she decides to keep it , that responsibility to care for it is also on her. the male not having a say should in all fairness release him from responsibility, and if she doesnt like it , maybe she should have refrained ? no that is equally messed up, if she doesnt like it she has the right to abort it , or donate it. but not trap a male and have her wants and desires paid for by another

      • Antichrist,,,, You are just crushing this thread man. Thumbsup!

  • The state could always legalize meth and tax it, it’s been a win-win for weed.

    • You expect criminals to happily share their income with the government? Like now? Illegal drugs generally are a win-win, aren’t they? I mean really, just look around you.

      The problem is the people who decide like needs any drugs to be good. A certain precentage of them will have no self control. Yet, unlike any “big pharma” kneejerk attacks, somehow that is dismissed as not the provider’s problem.

      • oh and how much in taxes do these forgien big pharma companies pay, compared to the average small company in the states ? the venom in your statement seems to be saying that other people only have tbe right to be free if they are willing to pay the king ? that is not freedom.
        maybe we should demand a tax on blog comments. they can be just as harmful. we could use the tax tohelp schools and provide better and more internet to all, lets say we tax it at 1 dollar per post.

        • I’ll happily go down that road if it can mean that I can hold on to my delusions that mankind isn’t as rabid as it apparently is. It’s not all about you. Even when you are involved, itls not all about you.

          • thats just it. it isnt about any single person , it is about equality. what makes something fair maybe isnt what most respectible folks would do or want , but that is jading equality with values and emotions. Laws should never be written for emotional responces or values as then it would be imposing ones values and emotions onto others, I am speaking about personal rights to freedom from laws that aim to control and segerate based upon one groups set of values or moral high ground with no reguard for any other.

  • how about a banishment law.oh, no the liberals would decry it as reverse immigration and give sanctuary!

  • The spirit of the law when written DOWN, becomes the letter of the law. We can’t communicate unless we agree as two witnesses. If i grow hemp and harvest it prior to flowering, then ‘cannabis’ isn’t even a part of the picture.

    Humboldt Homegrown Hemp Homes
    Humboldt Homegrown Hemp Clothing – stops the electromagnetic frequencies we’re being bathed in.
    Humboldt Homegrown Hemp Rope

    Leave the word ‘Legal’ with the Old World Order where it belongs -right beside the 1937 mongrel word “Marijuana.” Keep repeating the same thing expecting a different result doesn’t work.

    We must chose a language that better serves us.

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