‘Trinity County Continues to See Increasing Influenza Activity’

Trinity County Health & Human Services states, “Trinity County continues to see increasing influenza activity throughout the county. Public Health is still giving flu vaccinations, in an effort to prevent influenza from spreading.

If you have not received a flu vaccine, it is important to do so.”

The following is a press release they’ve issued.

Press release from the Trinity County Health and Human Services:

Influenza outbreaks continue throughout communities and schools in Trinity County. There have been concerns regarding the effectiveness of the flu vaccine this year; however here are the facts surrounding the current available flu vaccine:

  • It reduces the likelihood of severe illness and death by 36% in adults.
  • It reduces the likelihood of severe illness and death in children by 59%.

In a recent Flu Activity report, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that of the more than 80 deaths in children nationwide 75% were unvaccinated against the flu. Trinity County Public Health wants to remind residents that it is not too late to vaccinate, and urges vaccination for all persons aged 6 months and older. Flu vaccination continues to be the best defense against severe illness, and death. Other ways to prevent the spread of influenza, in addition to the flu vaccine, include the three C’s of prevention:


  • Cover your cough or sneeze with your hand, elbow, or tissue
  • Clean – wash your hands frequently
  • Confine – stay at home if sick, limit contact with others that are sick

Flu vaccines can be obtained from health care providers, pharmacies, and your local health department. For more information on flu vaccine and where to get one, call the Trinity County Public Health Department at (530) 623-8209.



  • The CDC said the available shot for the flu was only 8% effective this year… if your sick stay home, your kids too. Take your vitamins, wash your hands often. If you fall in the category for needing one get one. If you have a compromised immune system, get one.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Frontier Fuel’s flies spread more germs than unvaccinated people…..

    Prolly Weaverville with the courthouse and the sickly government sheep are sick…

    Ask me, lawyers deserve the flu, and a landslide, too.

    Anti Weaverville & Proud!

  • You REALLY ARE NUTS aren’t you???!!!!!

  • HHS – after pumping $44 million in bribes, err Grants, into THE COUNTY, 1,000 of ’em swarmed in -probably from San Diego, to administer their toxic man-made solutions. 1 in 56 of America’s sons and daughters have autism. By 2032 it will be 1 in 50. That’s leaving out all of the other vaccine induced dis-eases, and deaths. My oldest brother died from a flu shot. In flu enza. 1918. 2018 -repeat history without ever knowing what caused the 1918 epidemic?

    “Get your shots” so everybody around you can succumb to the toxins your body is throwing off. People who don’t read what’s in that jab-and-stab, believe the commie status quo, and get injected should at the very least, stay away from public places. Maybe stamp your forehead with an “L”

    HHS was granted a patent for cannabinoids. US 6630507 B1

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