Kind Deeds by Eureka Police Bring Smiles

Eureka Police Chief Steve Watson Operation smile

Eureka Police Chief Steve Watson hands out flowers at the Senior Resource Center during the second annual Operation Smile. [Photos from the Eureka Police Facebook page]

Sara Trout who works in Henderson Center wants to make sure a kind deed doesn’t get missed. She wrote us, “Out of all the tragedy in Florida, the good deeds of our police have gone brushed under the rug. I haven’t seen any other post about it.” She drew our attention to Eureka Police spreading flowers and smiles throughout the city on Valentine’s Day.

“We really appreciate all of their efforts and presence in our community,” she wrote on her business page. “And, of course, we love the flowers!”

Eureka Police Chief Steve Watson passing out tulips in Henderson Center.

Eureka Police Chief Steve Watson passing out tulips in Henderson Center. [Photo provided by Pacific Paper Co & Arcata Stationers]

This is the second year in a row that Eureka Police have passed out flowers. Their Facebook page shows Chief Steve Watson handing out flowers at the Senior Resource Center, Old Town, and other areas. The EPD’s Facebook page credits Sun Valley for “donating the beautiful flowers.”

“Receiving a single tulip was the highlight of my day 🌷, ” Trout posted.


Eureka Police Chief Steve Watson Operation smile

Smiles from recipients were bright–though we must admit the dog looks skeptical.  [Photo from EPD]



  • Close this thread from any comments. Please. It doesn’t need them.

    • Have a little faith. By the end of the day, let’s count and see if supportive comments outnumber the negative. My guess is that the supportive will be substantially higher.

      • But, then, of course, there is Stormy below. He could be counted on to take a story about mermaids riding on unicorns to rescue stolen children into something negative.

      • Sadly so far the Negative ones are winning!!! :-<

        • Ack! My faith in the commenters is trembling.

          • I want the story about Fairies, Mermaids and Unicorns please!

            Chunky Eureka cops making news with flowers and smiles seems disingenuous, especially when they sit in their patrol cars and ignore drunk drivers, speeders, and indigents up to no good almost 100% of the time.

            Guess what? I wouldn’t live in Eureka if you gave me a large pool full of buxom mermaids, a dozen roses every day, or, anything else!

            Tell those cops to do their job, and end the PR campaign! And leave the doughnuts alone for 6-8 months, get some PT and smarten up!

          • Well, you at least tried. I liked it; nice change of pace in the news!

  • Handing out flowers instead of stopping crime?? Eureka is overrun with druggies, crazies and violent street thugs. We need enforcement, not touchy feely “community relations.” This makes me sick to my stomach. They teach this nonsense in community college classes. The police academy is a joke. The citizens of this town deserve law enforcement, not flowers.

    • Sooo true stormy, I just saw a black Mercedes totally speeding down 6th st. with a police car waiting to cross street, the police car saw the Mercedes and did not do a thing about it, meanwhile the Mercedes almost smashed into a car crossing 6th, it was scary…

  • If we had no faults of our own, we would not take so much pleasure in noticing those of others.

    – La Rochefoucauld –

  • Friendly Observer

    This pathetic act by Chief Watson is no less frivolous than when he handed out fidget spinners to school children, these mindless toys being the bane of public school classes from coast to coast.

    What a knucklehead.

  • As with most blog comments..” there’s nothing to see here, break it up, move along”

  • Cops have a rough job, especially where there is so much crime and among people who don’t appreciate the job they try to do. My only other comment is, if you feel so strongly about it, why don’t you at least volunteer to help them out or better yet, apply for a job with EPD.

  • EPD does an outstanding job with the resources they have budgeted to them.
    If you feel they don’t do enough then vote out our present city council as your first civil act.
    Then start weeding out the City Manager and planners.
    If you want to change this community get behind the people who will make it happen.

  • Suzanne you hit the nail on the head.

  • Wow! condemned no matter what they do. I wonder if people ever stop and think what it would really be like to live in a community with no law enforcement. I wouldn’t wander out much! What a great story. Thank you, Kym, I thoroughly enjoyed it,.

  • Great Job Chief Watson! Thank you for all the good work you perform. We appreciate everything you and your Department do for our community.

  • I recall seeing former Chief Mills just beaming during the Women’s March last year. I recall wondering how many cities were fortunate enough to have someone like that in charge of their police. I’m glad to see his successors are still acting like humans first, police second.

  • EPD doesn’t need any more police. The City’s Freeman’s Charter allows for a Chief of Police who lives in Eureka and is hired by the Mayor, a Sgt., and a Lt., plus one for every 1,000 population. Eureka hovers between 27,000 and 28,000. So, thirty total police in today’s population. How many are employed by the City of Eureka? 55. Eureka is supposed to fund the police and firemen’s pension accounts, but doesn’t. Seems that 25 less cops and pay the remaining 30’s pension plans would be a better fit.

  • We have a good police chief.

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