White-Faced Bandits Helped to Find New Home

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The letter below in part credits this site, Redheaded Blackbelt, for assisting five white-faced horses wandering in the Ettersburg area, but, in reality, it was the letter writer who contacted us to begin with and the community that stepped up that provided the help the herd needed to finally have a home.

Here’s the letter:


I want to thank you for helping us in Ettersburg come together and take care of the white faced bandits (5 horses) who were running loose. Three have been taken to a equestrian center in CA. where they will be well taken care of. The other 2 will be transported down as soon as the travel is coordinated.

Many in the Ettersburg community helped with this, feeding and containing the horses, finding a place where they can still be together as a family and just taking care of them in general.

I was gone to help my sister who came down with pneumonia during much of this. Thank you Kym and thank you Ettersburg neighbors and community!!

painted horse



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