In 24 Hours, the Coast Guard Aided Three Fishing Vessels From Mendocino to McKinleyville

Coast Guard rescuePress release from the Coast Guard:

The Coast Guard rescued two fishermen aboard a 38-foot commercial fishing vessel approximately three miles west of Mendocino, Wednesday evening, and assisted two additional commercial fishing vessels near McKinleyville and Fort Bragg, Thursday.

The crew aboard the 38-foot fishing vessel, Seabird, contacted Coast Guard Sector Humboldt Bay watchstanders via VHF-FM channel 16 around 11:15 p.m., Wednesday, reporting a high-bilge alarm and flooding aboard the vessel.

Two Coast Guard Station Noyo River 47-foot Motor Lifeboat crews were dispatched to the scene.

The rescue crews transferred two dewatering pumps to the Seabird once on scene and the crews attempted to dewater the vessel. After two hours of dewatering with no positive results, the sinking vessel was deemed unsalvageable and the crew prepared to abandon ship with the help of the Coast Guard. All crewmembers were transferred onto the Coast Guard boat and taken to Ft. Bragg with no reports of injuries.

The Coast Guard aided a second fishing vessel approximately four miles west of McKinleyville, Thursday morning.

The Jumpin’ Jack’s crew contacted Coast Guard Sector Humboldt Bay watchstanders via VHF-FM channel 16 around 9 a.m., reporting they were in need of assistance after becoming disabled due to engine problems.

A Coast Guard Station Humboldt Bay 47-foot Motor Lifeboat crew launched, arrived on scene and towed the Jumpin’ Jack to Humboldt Bay with no reports of injuries.

The Coast Guard aided a third fishing vessel with three people aboard which was disabled approximately 100 yards off of the jetties at Noyo River near Fort Bragg, Thursday afternoon.

The Kono’s crew contacted Station Noyo River watchstanders via VHF-FM channel 16 around 2 p.m., reporting they were in need of assistance after experiencing engine trouble.

A Station Noyo River 47-foot Motor Lifeboat crew launched, arrived on scene and towed the Kono back to Noyo River with no reports of injuries.

“Conditions can change at a moment’s notice,” said Chief Warrant Officer Chris Ramp, the Coast Guard Sector Humboldt Bay command center chief. “We urge all boaters to ensure they have the necessary safety equipment onboard – especially life jackets for everyone aboard and a VHF marine-band radio to contact the Coast Guard in case of emergency.”



  • Stupid is as stupid does..................

    These crabbers think the Coast Guard exists for them. They don’t. The CG should charge them for their rescues.

  • So, did the first boat sink?

    • That is the implication of the press release. I would say yes.

      • these guyz are my heros, (sector Humboldt Bay) coastie engineer showed me how to split a lane on a bike … actually maintaining the speed limit on broadway in 4 to 5 hundred feet of bumper to bumper traffic … stopped colision … not even a mirror. All legal… and safe … if done right … DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS AT HOME (not even in real life) Yes sector humboldt bay saves lives by putting thiers on the line … its VERY real … deal with it.


      • Wonder how many gallons of oil , fuel,grease etc went directly into the ocean when it sank.Bet it’s a whole lot more then 1 gallon of hydrolic fluid. Machines use petroleum products, no one deliberately puts it in the water but one way or another it inevitably ends up in the ocean.Dont blame the unlucky trucker or boater, until the world chooses other ways to power and lube it’s going to keep no way do I view the article as blaming, it’s always the commenters

  • What’s up with all the boat issues this season? How awful to have to watch your boat sink!!

    I think of the coast guard mainly helping those in trouble on water and in steep terrain.
    The words themselves imply their duty; guard the coast.
    Crabbers are a part of our area and it would be so bad to lose our small time fishing folk. Id way rather see my taxes help them than a lot of the other b.s. we pay for.
    Coast guard is awesome!

  • The coast guard is like the dentist you don’t appreciate them until you need them and once you need them there is no substitute.

  • So over the last month, how many fishing boats has the Coast Guard rescued now? Seems like a lot!

  • Go coasties! Every day hero’s who really save lives! Now why the heck are so many boats breaking? Seems odd?

    • It certainly seem like a lot this year are having breakdown issues. I thought that maybe with the delays to the season perhaps maintenance was put off or not done and many boats? Does seem to have become a daily occurrence all of a sudden.

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