Butane Lab Exploded Near Wildwood


Boxes of butane canisters. [Image provided by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department from an earlier incident.]

Press release from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Department:

On Tuesday, February 13, 2018, at approximately 4:15 pm the Trinity County Sheriff’s Dispatch center received a call of an explosion and structure fire. The Hayfork Volunteer Fire Department responded to Cannon Ball Lane Near Wildwood, CA where they located what they believed was a burned up Butane Honey Oil lab that had exploded and requested Deputies from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office to respond.Deputeis responded and identified the items as part of a Butane Honey Oil Lab. A search warrant was secured by Narcotices

Deputies and the property was searched.

During the service of the search warrant a large, partially buned up Butane Honey Oil Lab was found, as well as hundreds of small Butane canisters, numerous 5 gallon Butane bottles, and over 200 gallons of isopropyl Alcohol. Also found were 400 indoor growing marijuana plants, 989 pounds of processed marijuana, 1 handgun, and an Isopropyl Alcohol concentrated cannabis lab.

Trinity County Environmental Health personnel responded to the scene and identified much of the material burned on the property as hazardous material.

No suspects were contacted at the property and the case is under investigation.
 Trinity County Sheriff press release




  • Oopsie!!! Don’t ya just HATE it when your whole BHO Scene blows up, & NOT in the Good Way!!!

  • unbridled phillistine

    Wait? I thought Isopropyl Alcohol drys it leaves crystals that are really bad for you to smoke? People do some crazy stuff! Well they do not sound too smart if they are blowing them selves up. Must be a guy heading for out of town medical attention, Burnt all over.

  • As Bob Marley say ” Catch a Fire “

  • Half ton of weed? Poor bastards.

  • Who writes and/or edits their press releases?

    Good to know both the “Deputies and the property was searched”.

  • How is it that places like Trim Scences Solutions, w/ Born & Raised Logo, have no care they contribute to this kinda mess with their pure alcohol sales by the Barrels and Tank & Master Case quantity pushing on butane canisters, that pollutes their home, they’re supposedly proud of? I’d think if they fly that logo so much, they’d at least give an inkling bout the community & not contribute to things that make the problem worse, like not giving a flying f*** when supplying these power grows with all the dangerous material they need. How much did their souls & dignity cost when they sold to scenes like these & the 4 who went down in Ohio? Are They even allowed to store and distribute as much hazardous materials they do without proper hazmat storage approval from the cty?

    • fuckwalterwhite.com

      Because they don’t care. Non weed worshipers lose again.

    • If they don’t sell butane and alcohol, Was Mart and Big 5 sure will. I guess you guys don’t care about huge multinational corporations making money off of drugs, just local businesses and humans.

      • Sure they want to order from Wal-Mart & Big 5 cause they want to leave a LG digital trail of Bulk purchases leading right up to their labs. So is big Corp really making that $ or is your comment an excuse you tell yourself, so you feel ok about what you do for a living?
        Also clean yo glasses, & reread your last sentence & re-read my 1st sentence. You contradict what I said and tried to throw some shade. If your gonna do that at least do it right, than sound like a dumb***

        • What did I contradict? The first sentence was blaming local businesses for selling butane, when a quick trip to Wal-Mart or Big 5 shows they have shelves and shelves of butane in store, purchaceable for cash. Dumbshit.

          • Yes you did. You disputing….since multimillion dollar corps make that money anyways, y not them.

            While your statement is true bout using cash to purchase in city, it severely lacks additional info. Yes, they can use cash, if they want to leave their name& #, due to the city ordinance, that limits it to a min amount a month in Eureka, which affects Wal-Mart & Big 5. Arcata & Fortuna, soon to follow.
            So no, they are not really making that cash either.

            My original point was, maybe they shouldnt toot the proud horn so much, since they could care less what it does to their local home, knucklehead!

    • It’s all about the money, and only the money.

  • bankrupt on selling

    Wow, Wildwood looks like a fantastic road for a motorbike – anyone know how long the loop is and the road condition?

    Pretty impressive scenes from Google Earth in those parts – almost artsy looking from above if you can get past the deforestation aspect.

  • great job , thanks dopers? hopefully legalization will put shit bags like this out of business.

  • >”Wow, Wildwood looks like a fantastic road for a motorbike – anyone know how long the loop is and the road condition? ”

    Good MC road. Wildwood road is 17 miles (+-) or so.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Wildwood is sweet, don’t buy gas there, it allows sweet access to the 5, and if you’re smart, sit still, and listen, cars can be heard anywhere in the hills with a good space of the cow creeks on the flats.

    Smart people running to LA, will just watch, listen, and move at the right time.

    The bar there is cool, but the area has been over run by Caliphate, degrading the community, attacking nature, and creating a place that is no longer a nice place to raise children.

    Hitting the dips on the straightaway at high speeds is super fun, and Home Depot is right over the tracks.

    Either way, Caliphate may be blowing themselves up on purpose because the price has dropped, the debt is there, and much like Wall Street people jumping from rooftops, Caliphate may choose to go out in butane.

    Sad reality, only building into a greater novel as the air leaves.

    Good Luck.

    • Wildwood was nice till SPI clear cut it all. Wildwood gas station burned down years ago. No place to get gas now cept Hayfork or Red bluff.

    • Caliphate? Are you just lumping everything that you don’t like into one entity and blaming everything on that? That is called paranoid schizophrenia, my friend.

  • Just after this exploded a Asian male with burns was dumped at red bluff ER by friends then he was flown to burn unit at UC Davis

    • Do u know if the asian guy will be ok? I know the old owners of the red house wonder if it was the house that caugjt fire. Is the house ruined? And do u think they will charge them with the gun and excessive amount of marijane

  • Last thing we need is more regulation, but seriously folks… what if we just outlawed the selling of cases of butane canisters. It’s a NO BRAINER! Obviously people are not using the product for what it’s intended for when they’re purchasing bulk items like that. When’s the last time a “normal person” who uses a butane lighter had to buy cases to keep it fueled. Cripes!!! Give me a break! One small ordinance like that could sure save a lot of lives, cut down on future burn victims, and burnt/ damaged properties. Might as well add whip-its too, it’s the same genre, get as high and lame as possible. Like we need to help more folks become brain dead. Jesus Christo!

    • You’re right, the last thing we need is more regulation. If the county was issuing permits for extraction at a higher rate, the garage butane extractors would be priced out of the market and we’d be able to make everything OSHA compliant.

  • Safety first, assholes.

  • What is wrong with just smokeing weed i mean people are takeing this THC thing way too far my God why can’t people just smoke weed and be happy instead of going thu all this truble to make soom stupid hash and blowing thar selfs up only thing i can figer is i guess they like to blow themselves up with every thing else aroud them.

  • Was it tge red house at tge end of the street?

  • The house didn’t burn fire was in. Shipping container in yard

  • What happened to tge asian that git burned will he be ok? And will they be brought up on charges or jus let go like most marinuana crimes that haopen in Cali

  • Yes it was the propwrty with the red house. Wonder if it was 1000 pounds of trim that the cops jus called processed marijuana. How do they not have suspects there has to be someones name on the property

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